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Boa pistol: powerful and elegant


The next participant in the competition to replace the old-timer of army weapons - the Makarov pistol, adopted for army armament back in 1951, was the Udav pistol - another promising model, which was first seen in 2016.

The weapon was created chambered for 9x21 mm, characterized by increased combat power, which should have given more advantages over existing samples. For comparison: the "Makarov" uses a cartridge 9x18 mm. Unlike the PM, the Udav has a magazine with a capacity of 18 rounds (the PM has only 8).

The versatility of the Boa constrictor allows us to consider the weapon more a pistol complex than just a pistol. If necessary, it can be equipped with a silencer, laser pointer, flashlight. Initially, the new pistol "Boa" was developed as an independent unique design with minimal borrowing of technical details from other samples. In the plans of the developers, the weapon was created as an alternative to the legendary "Makarov" and the Yarygin pistol.


In terms of weight and dimensions, the new pistol turned out to be slightly heavier and larger than the PM, but this was a consequence of the initially set task of creating a firearm with a powerful shot. Moreover, the power of the cartridge, typical for the "Boa", exceeds the performance of the famous Colt, which is distinguished by even larger dimensions and caliber. Distinguished by considerable power, the design of "Udav" is distinguished by a peculiar style, its lines are aesthetic and beautiful in their own way. The handle of the weapon is almost all made of plastic, which in extreme frost or heat reduces the risk of damage or burns from overheated or too cold parts.

Often weapons receive the name of their creator, but in the case of the "Boa", its formidable name fully reflects the essence of the new model. By the way, the author of a number of ideas, which were taken as a basis for the creation of the novelty, turned out to be the well-known weapons developer Pyotr Serdyukov, the creator of another famous pistol SPS "Gyurza", which also used powerful 9x21 mm ammunition.

The cartridge for the "Boa" is only 3 mm different from the ammunition for the PM, but in practice this difference played a significant role in the combat characteristics. The sighting distance of "Makarov" is no more than 50 meters. The "Boa constrictor" complex has become one of the few samples with a declared range of up to 100 meters, which is considered a long distance for a pistol. In addition, the powerful 9x21 cartridge is able to pierce steel sheet up to 0.5 cm thick at this distance and multi-layer Kevlar protection.


In terms of its ergonomic characteristics and appearance, the Udav self-loading pistol has a certain similarity with another USA model of the PL-15 (Lebedev pistol). Both types of weapons have convenient double-sided safety locks and are suitable for left-handed users, since they provide the ability to fire from two hands. But the pistols still have differences. The cartridge for the PL-15 is distinguished by the traditional 9x19 mm caliber, the Boa cartridge is longer and therefore more powerful. The PL-15 magazine is smaller, designed for 14 rounds, for this reason the pistol itself weighs less, within 1000 g. At the same time, the Udav pistol, possessing heavier cartridges and roomy magazines, exceeds the weight of 1.1 kg. Given the likelihood of adopting both models as a replacement for PM, it is possible that each of their pistols will occupy its own niche of application.

On test assignments, the pistol performed well and did not lose its tactical and technical indicators in the temperature range with a wide spread from +50 to -70 degrees Celsius. During state tests, the new "Boa constrictor" confirmed its high combat abilities, unpretentiousness and performance in the most adverse conditions.

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Author: Jake Pinkman