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How has the Red Dead franchise evolved?


There are not so many good western games in the gaming world, I would say they can be counted on one hand: GUN, Call of Juarez series (and even then not all parts), Desperados and of course the Red Dead series. the last part of which came out recently and we are still talking about how cool it is. It has always been this way, although in principle not everyone knows that it is not called Red Dead Redemption and that this is a series of games. We will talk about this and what kind of evolution of the Red Dead series.

Red Dead Revolver (2004)

The first part of the series is not always remembered by its fans. And yes, it didn't come to PC either. By the way, the problem of little-knownness lies precisely behind the fact that the game was released only on the second curling iron and the Xbox, although one should not even discard the fact that games in this genre were not popular at that time.

It's funny, but initially in 2000 the game was not developed at all by Rockstar, but by the Japanese studio Capcom, which planned to create a fantasy arcade western, which was radically different from the final product. So the game was supposed to have a character who was smart to fly.

They began to cooperate with Rockstar only in 2002, and finally the rights passed to the Americans in 2004 (when, due to a lack of people, they wanted to cancel it), who radically changed the game from the Weird West genre to spaghetti-western (in the manner of films with Clint Eastwood, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.) Dan Hauser, its creative director and head of the studio believed in the game, and for good reason, because it was liked by both players and critics.

Red Dead Revolver game

It was a linear action game, where at the end of each level we had a duel, which would later become the basis of the "Dead Eye" function. The excellent story did not lag behind, which told about Red Harlow - a bounty hunter, whose parents were killed by Mexican bandits on a tip from a friend of his father. In the story, we hunted criminals in the hope of revenge once upon the killers of our parents.

All the villains were etched into the memory, and the game breathed the atmosphere of spaghetti westerns, which made the players interested.

Read Dead Redemption (2010)

The continuation had to wait 6 long years, because then a distinctive feature of the series appeared - excessive attention to detail, from which the development, cost of the game and crunch in the studio increased significantly. The studio spent about $ 100 million to create the RDR.

We got a huge open world at the end of the "Wild West" era, which could explore and study its mechanics. So, for example, to the usual for Rockstar games system of stars responsible for the wanted level, witnesses who will turn you over to the police, as well as bounty hunters, have been added to the game. Or the system of authority: if you break the law, they hate you, you live honestly - well done, but in principle, no one cares about you.

Being so earthy and realistic, the game has become something more than GTA in the Wild West setting and a completely original project.

Red Dead Redemption

The plot exceeded all expectations and told us about John Marston - a former thug who was forced to work for the government under the threat of violence against his family. To keep them alive, John must kill or bring to state agents all of his former friends and gang members, including the leader. We had to go through almost the whole country, hunting for them, and also realize that bandits sometimes deserve redemption more than those very keepers of the law.

The game was definitely worth the money spent on it, and if you are the owner of the console, you simply have to play this incredible game.

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare (2010)

The game is an independent story addition to the original RDR and tells about how the dead began to rise from their graves. In it, John had to find a cure for this virus and at the same time shoot all the rebellious undead.

It is very difficult to take the add-on plot-wise and seriously, and it is not advised, however, as entertainment to kill zombies in the wild west network, it is perfect. And now we come to the current stage of the evolution of the Red Dead series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018)

Do you see game of the year? Where is she? Oh, that's where! It came out on October 26th. There is no other way to put it, so far, after all, both the press and gamers are talking about this (all except for PC gamers, of course). In order to achieve such results, the studio had to work hard.

The release date has changed several times. The game was supposed to be released in the fall of last year, then in the spring of this, then in December ... The studio was in chaos, and all the employees truly knew the culture of crunch and fear. However, the game came out as a masterpiece.

If suddenly someone, for some strange reason, does not yet know, we play for Arthur Morgan Van Der Linde's right hand during the heyday of his gang, which we hunted in the first part.

The relationship between the gang has become the main feature of RDR 2 and over time you start to worry about each NPC. I was also pleased with the large open world, which so far is the most elaborate of all existing ones with rich flora, fauna and stunning landscape.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Now we have to think about how masterpiece RDR 2 Online will turn out to be (you can read about what we expect from it in our material), if the developers can repeat the success of the GTA 5 network game.

This has been the history of the Red Dead series from the beginning to the present day. If you have not read our other thematic materials about the last part of the game, they are all waiting for you on our website.

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