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TOP 10 Sonic Games of All Time


Sonic is one of the cult characters not only in gaming, but also in pop culture as such. Since his first appearance in Sonic The Hedgehog, he has continued to storm gaming devices from time to time. For you to understand, Sonic is so iconic that upon request in Google Sonic The Hedgehog, you will find an interactive Sonic like an easter egg that you can tap on and he will start spinning. We have collected the TOP 10 Sonic games of all time.

10. Sonic Colors

This game was released in 2010 for Wii and Nintendo DS. Therefore, it is unlikely that many of you will be able to play it. However, she was a breath of air after a string of not very good Sonic games in 3D.

To begin with, I will say that the game has a trick - Sonic breaks the fourth wall in it. If you think it sounds cool and Deadpool style, then you are wrong. This is inspirational. Fortunately, the voice acting of the hedgehog itself is at the highest level. The story in this game is pretty standard [standard for a Sonic game]. Egman opens a theme park, begins a new chapter in life without evil, but in fact captures the inhabitants of the local planet and is going to build a deadly beam to conquer the Earth with its help.


The game takes not the plot, but a good game design of the levels, and switching between 2D and 3D, you get a special thrill when you play in three-dimensional space.

9. Sonic Unleashed

It was hard not to include this game here. It's pretty controversial. On the one hand, we have a strange gameplay for Sonic the werewolf, and on the other hand, the levels for the usual hedgehog became the basis of all subsequent games in the series.

When I played it, I had the feeling that the developers had outplayed the third Prince of Persia and thought that the concept from the Yubisoft game would fit perfectly into the setting of the Sonic platformer.


At first, the gameplay for a werewolf seems to be something cool and new, but at best the levels for him are just good, at worst - terrible and boring. These moments are like bad God of War.

But the usual gameplay of a healthy person was very good. You get an exhilarating sense of speed and there is little to no slowdown unless you are playing the Wii version. The graphics and locations were really nice.

It's probably worth saying that the game is related to the cartoon from Pixar, and it's pretty good.

8. Sonic Heroes

This game, released for the GameCube in 2003, was actually much better than most other Sonic games in terms of gameplay. The story begins almost like a sequel to Sonic Adventure 2, as it seems like the events take place shortly after. Although the chief designer Takashi Iizuka states that he did not want the project to be like this, but on the contrary, thought to return to a more simplified platform and make it so that the casual player, not familiar with Sonic, could play it safely.


We play for four teams, of three people each, for example, Sonic's team is: Sonic, Knuckles and Tehills, and the Shadow team: Shadow Sam, Rusch and E-123 Omega. They have their own original story levels and difficulty.

The game has excellent worlds, pleasant gameplay, although it feels like some locations are made more carefully and with inspiration than others. The first world is amazing, and only then you will rarely feel something similar.

7. Sonic CD

For the kids of the era when the CD player first came into circulation, the Sonic CD was like a diamond that you will never get, due to the fact that your console only accepted cartridges. Fortunately, it was released for the GameCube and PS2 in August 2005 in the Sonic Gems Collection. We'll get the port on iOS and Android phones later, thanks to Christian Whitehead. And even later, the phone version was ported to Xbox 360, PS3, and Windows Phone.


The levels in the game felt much longer, and it seemed that the developers thought through each of them for a long time during the design, although in general there were fewer of them compared to previous games. Also in it we first saw Rose. True, she was a typical damsel in distress, which was typical of that time, but she perfectly complemented the rest of the characters.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Probably, the main innovation of the sequel was Theiles and the ability to play together. Thanks to it, you could spend a whole day with a friend in the game. Tehils helped Sonic reach the high areas of the map.


More story and levels were brought into the game, however, in general, it was the same as before. But with the duties of the sequel Sonic The Hedgehog 2 coped.

5. Sonic Generation

This game was released with only one goal - to satisfy our sense of nostalgia, but at the same time please all Sonic fans, both modern and old. We got remakes of old soundtracks, updated cut scenes, reworked classic bosses. Basically, the game at times felt like the very first Sonic The Hedgehog and gives a warm feeling.


4. Sonic & Knuckles

This was the last great Sonic game to come out on Genesis. Almost every music track is brilliant, even Michael Jackson had a hand in making it, although you won't see his name in the credits. Knuckles himself brought a welcome change to the gameplay with his ability to slide and climb walls. It can even be called the best version of Sonic, since they have approximately the same speed.


3. Sonic Mania

This is what Sonic 4 was supposed to be before we got the PS3 Sonic 4, and I'm sure Sega would like to forget about the existence of a fourth game. I don't care about the fact that some of the old levels have been brought back to Sonic Mania, which sometimes makes the game feel like an old project in a new package, but the new stages make up for that. The new music is great and similar to what Sega did in the 90s. It was a worthy comeback that took the best of the original trilogy.


2. Sonic Adventure DX

And now we come to the sweetest. For me, Sonic Adventure DX is the most original and adequate 3D project in the entire series. Yes, the game has problems such as the voice acting curve, which is so bad that it is even good, or bugs. But the story itself turned out to be interesting, we were given a bunch of new characters with different abilities to play, and also given the opportunity to improve them by finding upgrades.


All levels are interesting, hubs in 2001, and even looked cool in the game about Sonic. And the cultivation of Chao is generally a cosmic element of the game, which is as addictive as running errands through the levels, and awakens in you the true parental instincts. The game is outdated in many ways, but still playable, and the gameplay for the 6 characters is different.

1. Sonic Adventure DX 2

Maybe nostalgia blinds my eyes, but this particular game is the best thing that happened to games about Sonic in principle. This time, the voice acting ranged from terrible to awesome, which was a big step up from the first part. The game was divided into two parts, where we played for Shadow and Sonic, so we watched the story from two sides. This was something new. Overall, every element of the first game has been improved and this is what allows the game to stand the test of time. I would say it was the then The legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.


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Author: Jake Pinkman