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How to use Mikogo with Skype


This article will show you how to use Mikogo with Skype

This article describes the sequence for connecting a subscriber to the "Mikogo" program.

The capabilities of "Skype" with "Mikogo" are significantly higher than the function of showing the desktop in the paid version of "Skype". Using these programs together allows remote administration and video conferencing.

This article will be understandable for both experienced users and beginners. The bottom line is that the joint use of these programs makes it possible for the first to provide computer help, and for the second to ask and receive this help. Figuratively speaking, if communication in "Skype" is a conversation "through glass", then, with the use of "Mikogo", it is communication "at one table".

We will not dwell on the description of the "Skype" program. She is quite famous.

About Mikogo

It belongs to the class of programs for webinars, presentations, remote access to the desktop and works in conjunction with its website. There are a lot of these programs. The choice of this particular program is conditioned by the following criteria:

  • It's completely free for non-commercial use,
  • The program has a USA-language interface,
  • A fairly simple program that does not require complex settings
  • Does not require preliminary installation for both subscribers,
  • There is a version of the executive program that can be run from any medium.

Getting the Mikogo program

You can download the program from the official site at:

Site will open:


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