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How to compare two files. Program

Text of the request: Can you please tell me if it is possible to somehow compare the two files by their content, even if they are not text? Thank. Asked - we answer!

One of the ways to compare non-text files with each other is to calculate the so-called checksum of each file and then compare. In fact, this is very easy to do. Based on this article, even the most ordinary user will not spend a lot of time on this procedure.

Loading the HashTab program

The first step is to download the free HashTab software . As always, we provide a link to the official website of the program developers:, as well as a direct link to the installer file for Windows (for MAC users, there is a special section on the site: /).

Installing the program

After downloading the program installer, run it (file " HashTab Setup.exe ") by clicking on it with the mouse. The program installer window will open (Fig. 1):

Fig. 1. Installing the program. Figure: 1. Installing the program.

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