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On vacation with cryptocurrency


As bitcoin hit the $ 20,000 mark, the newly minted millionaires spent their money on luxury goods. Among the most famous companies accepting bitcoin were not only Lamborghini and Overstock, but also tourist CheapAir and Virgin Galactic. This made me wonder how to use cryptocurrency to pay for vacation.

One of the most famous cryptocurrency-friendly sites was Expedia, but it decided to ditch digital money. Regardless, a number of hotels and airlines are ready to support coin owners looking for a great vacation. Bitcoin is the most common virtual coin, but some services are willing to accept competing Dogecoin, Litecoin and others.

Most travel companies do not accept Bitcoin directly , instead using trading platforms, of which Coinbase is the most popular. Such coins are also considered an investment for governments, so there is a possibility that many tourists will face additional tax deductions simply trying to buy a product or pay for a service.

There are a number of reasons why cryptocurrencies are converted to cash first, but the main one is volatility. Bitcoin can cost $ 16,000 in the morning and a few thousand less by the evening. When buying a ticket with bitcoins, the trading platform returns the airline's regular currency. Whether this can be called a real payment for services for bitcoins remains a controversial issue. Otherwise, it is no different than buying online or by credit card.

For those looking to pay for their travels in coins, there are options. Here are some of them.

Virgin Galactic

If the idea of taking a tour of outer space during the holidays does not leave you, then Bitcoin will help you get there. Virgin accepts cryptocurrency to pay for its commercial flights, the first of which is scheduled for later this year.


BTCTrip positions itself as a travel agency for the cryptocurrency community, inviting customers to book flights and book hotel rooms in exchange for one or another cryptocurrency.


The first online agency to launch Bitcoin ticketing in 2013. Thanks to it, holders of major digital wallets can take airline tickets from large companies anywhere in the world.

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