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Films and TV series from 1 to 9 January


There is absolutely nothing left until the New Year, and it is time to get acquainted with the program offered to us by the leaders of world and domestic cinema for the winter weekend. It is worth noting that this program is extremely meager and consists of only 5 full-length premieres. But the new seasons of the series in the first decade of January will be released immeasurably. But, first things first.

A short list of world and national cinema premieres

The list of films that will be released on the screens of our cinemas from January 1 to January 9 consists of a couple of domestic full-length films, one of which is a pre-Christmas cartoon, and three foreign films. Here is, in a nutshell, what USA providers offer us on the pre-Christmas weekend:

  • Т-34 - drama, military, adventure, in ch. Cast Alexander Petrov, Victor Dobronravov, Vincenz Kiefer, Irina Starshenbaum and others (USA).
  • The Snow Queen: Through the Looking Glass - cartoon, comedy, fantasy, adventure, family, voice acting: Lina Ivanova, Vladimir Zaitsev, Nikita Prozorovsky, Olga Zubkova and others (USA )
  • Doctor Who: The Solution - Fiction, Drama, Family, Comedy, Adventure, Ch. starring Jodie Whittaker, Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Bradley Walsh and others (England).
  • Mary Poppins returns - musical, family, fantasy, comedy, chap. starring Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Emily Mortimer, Ben Whishaw and others (USA).
  • Piercing - horror, thriller, in ch. starring Christopher Abbott, Mia Wasikowska, Laia Costa, Olivia Bond and others (USA).

The choice is small, but if you really want to, you can choose what to go to. In this short list, if you look, there are tapes for every taste. For those who are not satisfied with this list, please visit the TV screens.

A short list of new seasons of the best TV series in the world

This week and a half, without a doubt, will be a real treat for TV series fans! As many as 17 franchises will see their sequels in early January. Among them there are anime, science fiction, thrillers, and comedies. Workers in the film industry are well aware of the fact that after the New Year, people tend to relax at home by watching TV. Therefore, they piled a wave of proposals on the heads of viewers:

  • Luther . Season 5. 01.01 2019.
  • Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes . Season 3. 01.01 2019.
  • Grown up . Season 2. 02.01 2019.
  • Gotham . Season 5. 03.01 2019.
  • Blacklist. Season 6. 03.01 2019.
  • Kuku. Season 5. 04.01.2019.
  • Justice League Young. Season 3. 04.01 2019.
  • Smilf . Season 2. 04.01 2019.
  • Detective Conan. Season 27. 05.01 2019.
  • Heartland . Season 12. 06.01.2019.
  • Neighborly . Season 4. 06.01.2019.
  • Mob Psycho 100. Season 2. 07.01 2019.
  • Father Brown. Season 7. 07.01 2019.
  • Shietts Creek. Season 5. 08.01.2019.
  • Kim Assimilation. Season 3. 08.01.2019.
  • The silent witness. Season 22. 08.01.2019.
  • You are vice incarnate. Season 5. 09.01.2019.

Well, now that we have skimmed through the short lists of the proposed, it is worth analyzing all the premieres in more detail.

Post-New Year Movie Premieres Review

As already mentioned, there are only five of them. But among them there is a cartoon for family viewing, and a military action movie with elements of comedy, and science fiction and, even, a good horror thriller. The perfect set, no matter which side you look. Let's get acquainted with the proposed masterpieces more closely.


Director Alexey Sidorov.

The first day of the new year is a great day to raise the level of patriotism among the population. The President's New Year's Eve address to citizens, coupled with the super-patriotic film "T-34", will instill in the minds of our citizens pride in their country and the people who live in it.

This is what the organizers of this enchanting show think. But will it look so convincing to all USA citizens? We are used to finding fault with the Soviet Union and the regime in which people lived before its collapse in all our troubles. But, for some reason, we shoot films about these times and about those people who grew up, were brought up, worked and made their discoveries and exploits under this regime. And rightly so. And what is there to be proud of now, when even our domestic auto industry, as, in principle, all other productions are in full ...

And the movie will be interesting. The Fritz, on the eve of the Soviet offensive against Germany, decided to learn how to effectively resist our T-34 tanks. To do this, they recruit a crew of former prisoners and put it in a captured T-34-ku in order to specifically study all the capabilities of the vehicle, "equipped" with a professional crew. As you can see from the trailer, they shouldn't have thought of it. The crew on the combat vehicle manages to dump right from the range!

The Snow Queen: Through the Looking Glass

Directed by Alexey Tsitsilin and Robert Lens.

“The fashion for magic has passed. Now technical progress is in vogue! " - they say in the trailer for the cartoon. For teenagers from 6 years old, for whom this masterpiece is designed, this may sound genuine. But every adult understands that there is no place for technology in a universe where there is magic. Because they simply won't justify themselves.

Which, in principle, this cartoon will prove. In the world of magic, it is magic that will always come first! Even if some super-ambitious king wants to send all the wizards to one of the parallel worlds - the looking glass.

And again we have a substitution of concepts. At first, Baba-Yozhki with Kashchei become good with us. And now the Snow Queens are not so bad either. It is no wonder that Hitler around is beginning to be respected more and more every year. What are our children brought up on? Prove to them later that black is white and white is black ...

Doctor Who: The Decision

Directed by Wayne Yip.

Another Christmas issue of Doctor Who is coming out on New Year's screens in cinemas. This time the Doctor, Ryan, Graham and Yasmin will have to save the Earth from the ancient and most dangerous creature.

We think Doctor, who, by the way, shouldn't interfere over time, as she usually does over time. Otherwise, how then will humanity manage to survive this coming Christmas?

Mary Poppins is back. IMDb rating 7.6

Director Rob Marshall

It turns out that only Mary Poppins knows perfectly how to raise children and save them from all sorts of misfortunes. That is why it comes back from the other world (no, you didn’t think about “That World”, here it is, apparently, just one of the parallel worlds). The Banks family is now under protection!

It remains only to wonder, what about the rest of the hundreds of millions of families on Earth? They don't have their own Mary Poppins, for some reason. It's a shame. And it would be so great if every child in the family was raised by his own personal Mary Poppins, and not the traditional incompetent idiots - mom and dad ...

Piercing. IMDb 6.1 rating

Director Nicholas Pesce

A maniac is a maniac, to be unable to cope with idiotic desires and urges. For example, Reed frankly gets up when he imagines how he kills someone with an ice pick. And at one point, this mania takes over. He orders a call girl to finish off an unsuspecting prostitute.

But a real specialist in BDSM and sexual perversions, who will not be so easy to cope with, is on his head. Or rather, it’s not easy at all. And it is not yet clear which of them will carry off their feet alive, a maniac, or his strange victim?

New Year's Eve TV Shows

17 new seasons of standing series in just one and a half weeks! This doesn't happen often. But the TV companies are right. What else can people do on the post-New Year holidays? That's right, enjoy your favorite TV shows. And when else to start something new, if not on New Year's days?

And TV channels started showing new seasons of their series.


Season 5. January 1st, Tuesday.

Genres: thriller, drama, detective, crime.

BBC One TV channel (England). IMDb rating 8.5, KP 8.0.

The tale of how detective John Luther calculated and caught villains continues. Aggressive and unconventional methods of catching criminals boosted the TV series with a rating above 8 points, which has been confidently holding its positions for 5 seasons.

Well, be sure to see who Idris Elba will pinch this time. And it will be interesting also for the reason that BBC One traditionally promises to release all 7 episodes of the new season in one day.

Careful folks! Don't be so busy! Translation of the first episodes will arrive the next day!

Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes

Season 3. January 1st, Tuesday.

Genres: Drama, Comedy, Family, Detective, Adventure.

Netflix TV channel (USA). IMDb rating 7.8, KP 7.3.

The main competitor of the British television channel BBC One on January 1 will be the American Netflix, which also promises to release all 7 episodes of the new season of the series "Lemony Snicket: 33 Misfortunes" in one day. The people will be torn in two.

Although, the difference in time zones will allow some to watch both series one after the other. At least partially.

Three orphaned children under the tutelage of the disgusting Count Olaf are forced to confront a kind of "despot-guardian" for the third season. Only they know the terrible secret of this disgusting man. But when they try to bring her to those around them, everyone just shakes their heads affectionately. Will the guys be able to deal with their "family problems" on their own?

Grown up

Season 2. January 2, Wednesday.

Genre: Comedy.

Freeform TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 6.4.

The world of teenage college students is highlighted by Zoey Johnson, a young woman who has experienced firsthand that growing up doesn't always mean being happy about everything.

Those interested in American Pie-style adventures can rejoice. The second season of his "almost worthy" replacement came out. Moreover, on January 2, Freeform TV channel promises to release a couple of episodes of this teenage comedy series in a row at once.

Gotham City

Season 5. January 3rd, Thursday.

Genres: Science Fiction, Action, Thriller, Fantasy, Drama, Crime, Detective.

FOX TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 7.9, KP 7.7.

James Gordon continues to understand the dark life of Gotham, and gets bogged down in this slime deeper and deeper. The idiotic universe, where normal people die in batches without hope of return, and disgusting personalities and outright villains never die for good, no matter how they are killed, continues its triumphant march through the vastness of television.

And the future Batman is getting older every year. Only, he is somehow incomprehensible. Well, let's see what the creators are hanging on our ears this time. Although, it is already clear that there are far more villains and frostbitten individuals with some superpowers in the city than ordinary citizens. At least we're only shown thugs.

Normal residents, who are in their right mind and sober memory, in the light of what is constantly happening in this city - a hotbed of evil and dibilism, would pour out bundles of it, leaving all this "super-duper-rabble" to understand among themselves alone. But, unfortunately, people here are idiots, and there are only two policemen who never die and really do something in the entire multi-million city. What a bummer ...


Season 6. January 3rd, Thursday.

Genres: detective, thriller, drama, crime.

NBC TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 8.1, KP 7.7.

A former intelligence agent, defector, and now an expert on the offensive world, continues to work in tandem with Elizabeth Keane, solving crimes and conspiracies right and left. Who is interested in detective stories, where one of the leading investigators is either a mentalist, or a master of deduction, or has some other peculiar abilities, welcome to the new season of one of the most popular long-running TV series today.

Those who consider it very naive that in a few decades it is possible to get into the trust of so many dangerous and significant personalities and, moreover, to store information about every little thing in their brain like on a computer flash drive should search for something else to view.


Season 5. January 4th, Friday.

Genre: Comedy.

BBC Three TV channel (England). IMDb rating 7.3, KP 6.7.

Here "Kuku" is not the cry of a cuckoo. In this series, this is the name of a young man whom Rachel's girlfriend met on her trip to Thailand. What was the reaction of the poor mom and dad when their daughter brought this “creature” from a trip abroad to their family!

Believe it or not. To this day they cannot move away from their acquaintance with "Kuku". For 5 seasons, a genius, writer and thinker who unforgettably loves their daughter has been getting on their nerves ...

Young Justice

Season 3. January 4th, Friday.

Genres: cartoon, science fiction, action, fantasy, drama, romance, adventure.

Cartoon Network TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 8.7, KP 8.0.

Young outsiders with supernormal abilities return to television screens after a six-year hiatus. What prompted Cartoon Network figures to bring a moldy story back to life?

Probably the growing demand of the current generation for superheroes. Moreover, it does not matter what kind they are. Well, let's take a look. Apparently, the channel workers really have something to offer our children. And not only them ...

Smilf / Mother

Season 2. January 4th, Friday.

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance.

Showtime TV Channel (USA). IMDb rating 6.8, KP 6.5.

You thought you saw everything in life? Nothing like this. You have never seen such a mother. She is young, attractive and simply adorable in everything. But, unfortunately, she is a loner and she is not always lucky in life.

But our mother does not despair and tries with might and main. And her efforts result in such comical situations that those who have not seen them have lost a lot!

Detective Conan

Season 27. January 5, Saturday.

Genres: anime, cartoon, horror, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, action, melodrama, thriller, drama.

Nippon TV channel (Japan). IMDb rating 8.4, KP 7.2.

One of the longest-running anime franchises, which has been going on since the last century, or rather, since 1996.

Detective Shinichi Kudo, rejuvenated as a result of absurd poisoning, has been cracking detective affairs like nuts for 27 seasons and has not aged a bit. Will he be able to grow up a little this season? Unlikely. Who would dream of slaughtering the goose that lays the golden eggs?


Season 12. January 6, Sunday.

Genres: Family, Drama.

CBC TV Channel (Canada). IMDb rating 8.4.

A long-running saga chronicling the chronicles of the Heartlands over several generations. Judging by the high IMDb rating, the Americans liked this story very much. In our country, it is considered little-known, and therefore unclaimed.

But we hasten to please everyone who follows the main characters of the series. The next season is coming and the next dramatic twists and turns will not fall on the mortal heads of the Heartlands. But, having piled together, as is usually the case with them, they will again cope with everything successfully ...


Season 4. January 6, Sunday.

Genre: Comedy.

BBC Two TV channel (England). IMDb rating 7.3.

Eric and Beth, a couple in years, just wanted to live their lives peacefully and slowly. But the devil (most likely, it could not have done without him) convinced them to move to a street where the most restless neighbors live, from whom you can only run.

Where can you have a rest from the universal fuss here, when people constantly visit you, sometimes with some of your problems, or something else. It's time to hang yourself ...

Mob Psycho 100

Season 2. January 7, Monday.

Genres: anime, cartoon, fantasy, comedy, action.

Tokyo MX TV channel (Japan). Rating IMDb 8.1, KP 8.1.

Another manga that releases its next season in early January. And, by the way, "Mob Psycho 100" is not the name of some cyborg or virtual non-writing. "Mob" is also not "mobile", and not an abbreviation or abbreviation. This drove an eighth-grader boy with unique parapsychic abilities. He can bend spoons like Neo in The Matrix, he can lift and move things at a distance like a Jedi in Star Wars, and he can read other people's minds like Bobby Anderson in The Tomminokers.

Where can they live with such abilities? And he likes Tsubomi, the girl classmate so much. But is it possible to make a normal acquaintance when there is such a stir around you ...

Father Brown

Season 7. January 7, Monday.

Hanrah: drama, crime, detective.

BBC One TV channel (England). IMDb rating 7.7, KP 7.4.

A very colorful detective series in the spirit of Sherlock Holmes. Only here the cases are investigated not by a private detective, and not by a policeman from Scotland Yard, but by ... an ordinary priest.

All fans of TV shows in the style of Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple can pile up on this BBC One masterpiece in a crowd. It will be interesting. Even though it doesn't smell like Agatha Christie here.

But here it smells strongly of Gilbert Chesterton. At least some of the scenes are accurately based on his works.

Shietts Creek

Season 5. January 8, Tuesday.

Genre: Comedy.

CBC TV Channel (Canada). IMDb rating 8.1, KP 6.2.

When the business of the head of the family suffers a complete and unconditional collapse, the Rose family has to sell everything in order to plug the debt holes, and themselves move from a luxurious mansion to a rural community, which they acquired once for fun.

How will a family consisting of dandy Johnny, his wife, once a soap opera actress, and kids - a hipster son and a socialite daughter, manage to get along with the local population?

In the first place, everything was very bad. But by the 5th season, it began to settle down. Although, everything is the same as before, funny.

Kim Assimilation

Season 3. January 8, Tuesday.

Genre: Comedy.

CBC TV Channel (Canada). IMDb rating 7.7.

Another comedy. This time about how difficult it is for a Korean family to assimilate in a city like New York. Koreans have been trying their best for 3 seasons. And the assimilation is quite ... Ridiculous!

The Silent Witness

Season 22. January 8, Tuesday.

Genres: Drama, Crime, Detective.

BBC One TV channel (England). IMDb rating 7.8, KP 7.1.

Long Liver from BBC One is on its 22nd takeoff. Samantha Ryan continues to eviscerate people in front of a frightened public, thus helping in the convoluted murder cases.

And the people keep squinting with fear and disgust, and swallow the franchise in seasons. I wonder when Samantha has her pension? And will she continue her "evisceration" after her? After all, the entire slaughter department rests on it! Sometimes, you think, they would have carried him straight to the morgue. After all, the main specialist, without whom all employees could be fired to hell, works exactly here ...

You are the embodiment of vice

Season 5. January 8, Wednesday.

Genres: melodrama, comedy.

FXX TV channel (USA). IMDb rating 8.1, KP 7.5.

Sometimes you come across people who have viciousness in their blood. The FXX TV channel decided to observe, and what will happen if you find a super-wicked man and a super-wicked woman, and try to fall in love with them?

And it turned out so funny that the sitcom, even after 4 seasons, is in the rating above 7.4, although the lion's share of comedy series slides below 6.5 by this time.

The series is recommended for everyone who urgently needs to cheer up. It is precisely the mood, not to be confused with another “mood”. Although, as anyone! There is enough vulgarity here!

On this humorous note, we say goodbye. We hope that you will definitely find a worthy tape or franchise for the post-New Year holidays from the list of films and TV series provided by us.

In the meantime - all the best, pleasant New Year mood and, as usual, more cool films!

The Topic of Article: Films and TV series from 1 to 9 January.
Author: Jake Pinkman