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The Maddest Characters in Anime


We have an L, whose insight drives us insane. There is the cocky Edward Elric, ready to do anything for his brother's life; wallpaper Spike Spiegel, able to elegantly kick anyone's ass. They are anime characters that we love very much. And there are some terrible anime characters that we just can't stand. They evoke angry emotions and make you throw phrases such as: "Shut up for heaven's sake!", "Someone take him off the screen!" It is about these most enraged characters in anime that we will talk about.

Moment. This is not a top, but a list. We're just listing the bad anime characters, not picking the worst. We hate all of them equally, or at least just dislike them.

Soryu Asuka Langley [Evangelion]

Asuka. There is as much hope in this name as there is disappointment. It is worth clarifying here that we are talking about Asuka in 1995, since in the Evangelion reboot her character was made somewhat less enraged. But in the original '95 series, this red-haired German woman was remembered by everyone as the most disgusting anime character in the 90s. For many, it remains so today. Asuka is very selfish, arrogant and notorious to the point that she is ready to bend her line to the very end, even turning people against herself. Yes, we were shown where the roots of her problems grow, but when they try to help her overcome them, she continues to wipe her feet on those around her, not thinking about the feelings of others.


Amano Yukiteru [Mirai nikki]

Yuki is probably the most spineless character we've seen. He would only have to sit under the covers and feel sorry for himself, complaining about how the world is unfair to him. All he can do is cry and call Yuno for help. We do not want to judge anyone, but at the end of the series, at the snap of a finger, he turns from a downtrodden "mister disappointment" into a "pretentious pepper", whose behavior makes you wrap yourself in a blanket and wait until your head stops hurting from constant facepalms.


Shinji Ikari [Evangelion]

Again, we're talking about Shinji in 1995. Shinji is enraged by his inaction. Each time he finds a new moody reason not to get into Eve and goes into depression. And so, when he finally accepts fate with the phrase "do not run away" in the middle of the series, there is hope. And at the very end, he again turns into an incapable whiner, and when the whole world on its knees asks him for help, he refuses.


Mako Mankanshoku [Kill la Kill]

Yes, she is kind, and also ready to protect Ryuko, but how clingy and tactless she is. Mako, in fact, plays the main role of a comedic character, but goes too far with it. The situation is heating up, you are waiting for an epic, and then Mako gets into a conflict in his idiotic pose and begins to rub his thoughts into us. And yet, personally, I was wildly strained by her addiction to sleep and food in class. Fortunately, her attacks can be survived.


Tomo [Elfen lied]

No one here dares to say "he's just a child!" Remember that little asshole who killed Lucy's puppy? Need more to say? A typical petty bully who bullies the weak. I would also become a nutty yandere if someone did that to my dog. This boy was bad, and admit it, you liked how this bully paid off too.


Excalibur [Soul Eater]

The strongest weapon in the world that can destroy this world, in fact, turns out to be that same asshole. The eternally disgruntled bore with a sour face who talks about how cool he is. Excalibur resembles a couch critic who considers everyone around him to be idiots, and he himself is no different from these idiots. Well, "great Excalibur", I hope the border guards will deploy you at the US border, and you will never get into "California."


The same fat pervert guy [any anime where there is a fat pervert guy]

I could not choose one specific character, but you already understand what I mean. Often times in anime we have met some disgusting fat guy who harass the girls on the show. They are also called ugly bastards. But who cares, we just don't want to see them.


Kon [Bleach]

The plush lion is a pervert. That says it all. Well, he also replaces Ichigo inside his body when he turns into a guide of souls. However, this plush lion is no better than the same man mentioned earlier. He's probably the least annoying of all the characters on this list. But it is his lustful nature that completely spoils the whole comedic image.


Sido [Death Note]

Shido is just dumb and annoying. He appears literally out of nowhere and suddenly realizes that his death note is gone. Wow, what a surprise! It is of course clear that in the world of the Gods of death, time flows much slower than in the world of people. However, did it really come to him so late that his notebook was stolen? What was he doing there if his only purpose of existence was to write down the names of people in the death note? He comes to the ground and just drags after Ryuk, annoys our eyes, then helps international terrorists and flies away. We won't see him again. Bravo, thanks and good luck.


Sakura [Naruto]

It was difficult to choose in the first season which of the members of the whole Kakashi team infuriates the most. All three are good. However, it seems to me that Sakura is just a jack of all trades, showing us for two hundred episodes her perfected whining technique, as well as the secret jutsu of shouting "Saaaasku" in all existing keys. Most of all, her uselessness strains. She really can't do anything. Alas, Sakura was a victim of time and was just a girl who cries and worries about her friends. It's good that over time she outgrew this.


Umaru [Himouto! Umaru-chan]

Many people call "Two-Faced Sister Umaru" an excellent anime for brain-clearing. Well, if you are talking about a toilet brush, then it is. And all because of the main character. Umaru personifies everything bad from hikan culture: laziness, capriciousness, lack of morality, duplicity and irritation. Yes, I admit, at times anime can really make you laugh, but if you replace the main character with a garbage bag, nothing changes. Okay though, a garbage bag can't talk or annoy.


Here is a list of maddened characters in anime. Recall that all of the above is quite subjective.

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