Ubisoft Retires from Steam, Metro Exodus Collector's Edition and Resident Evil 2 Free Demo - Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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Ubisoft Retires from Steam, Metro Exodus Collector's Edition and Resident Evil 2 Free Demo - Gaming News Digest from Cadelta. Part two


Also read our in-game news about Activision's new leadership and its divorce from Bungie, and other recent events in the game world.

Metro Exodus Makers Unveil Artyom Edition Collector's Edition

As it usually happens, there are two news ... The good one is the collector's edition is really cool, the bad one - only 10 copies were released. Dmitry Glukhovsky himself presented its content.

According to the creators, all ten kits are handmade, which makes them so rare. The edition cannot be bought in stores, but it will be played among the lucky ones. One set immediately goes to 4A Games. The remaining nine will be handed out alternately according to different rules that appear on the game page.

The second set will be won by one of those who subscribe to the studio's newsletter by February 8th.

The Artyom Edition includes:

  • Lighter made from cartridge
  • Spartan badge engraved with the name of the winner
  • Gas mask with filter
  • Leather tablet with Aurora's travel map
  • Certificate of ownership of the kit signed by Dmitry Glukhovsky and the creator of 4A Games Andrey Prokhorov
  • And the gem of the publication is the working hours with a "gas-discharge" indicator

The studio also announced this week dedicated to its game, and will release more thematic materials.

4A Games to release a documentary about the creation of Metro

Without going far from the past news, let's continue. The film will be in three parts.

The first has already been released and tells the story of the studio, and how the idea for Metro Exodus was created. The film uses photo archives and previously unpublished materials.

The second part of the film will be released next week, and the game itself will be on February 15th.

Resident Evil 2 Free Demo

If you can’t wait to break into the updated Raccoon City and kill zombies, but you don’t have the strength to wait until January 25, then now you have the opportunity to do it. A snippet called 1 Shot Demo will be available from January 11th to January 31st on PC and consoles. In it, we are invited to run around the police station.

Your running is limited to 30 minutes, after which the game will end. If you die, the game will restart from the beginning, but, alas, you cannot return the minutes spent. You can stop the countdown by opening the inventory. After the demo is over, you will be shown a new trailer. Learn to be speedrunners to learn as much as possible in the game.


Activision has a new leadership and this is the head of the Call of Duty series

His name is Rob Kostic, who previously served as Executive Vice President and General Manager of Call of Duty for the past 10 years. Now he will be responsible for the company's development strategy, as well as oversee the development of games.

In general, Activision Blizzard has now undergone a major reformation of the executives who are not only at the helm of AAA projects, but also mobile games.


The changes also occurred due to the fact that the companies lost two valuable employees, Chief Financial Officer of Blizzard Entertainment Amrita Ahuja and Chief Financial Officer of Activision Blizzard Spencer Neumann. We'll see if their policies change in our favor or not.

Creators of Destiny and Halo leave Activision

And again, without departing from the previous news, let's continue. Bungie has announced that it is leaving its publisher, retaining the rights to Destiny. According to a statement on its website, the studio cites the reason for the departure is that the gaming industry has changed so much in recent years, and Bungie wants to develop further independently.

Activision thanked Bungie for 8 years of working together and promised to make the transfer process as smooth as possible.


Bungie is now launching new events for Destiny 2: Forsaken, as well as announcing several projects.

The Division 2 PC page has disappeared from Steam

Ubisoft has never bypassed Uncle Gabin's store, but it looks like they'll be parting soon. The premise is that the PC version of The Division 2 will be released on the Epic Games Store and Uplay, but not on Steam.


The collaboration between the two studios was announced by Epic Games itself, which announced that they intend to establish contacts between the two services so that Epic Games Store and Uplay users can freely communicate with each other. Epics also mentioned that other future Ubisoft projects will appear on their site, there is a possibility that they will also bypass Steam.

Red Dead Online Battle Royale

An update has been released for the game, which added another local variation of the battle royale with firearms, called "gun fever".

The battle is available for 32 players and has the classic rules of a battle royale - players fight in a safe zone that narrows. Weapons and supplies are scattered across the map. It is available for teams and for single player.


Recall that the game already has one royal battle, where players fight only with melee weapons and fists.

The Rockstars also share new information about their upcoming plans for the game, including the expansion of the storyline, the creation of dynamic events on the map, new competitions, races, as well as new weapons and costemization.

These were all the hottest gaming news this week. Stay tuned and read our last digest if you haven't already.

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