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TOP 11 Stupid Things in Assassin's Creed


No matter how elaborate the Assassin's Creed series is, it is full of absurd moments. Sometimes, they go beyond the "game conventions" and do not fit into what is happening. These are examples of both silly mechanics and in-game situations. In connection with the recent teaser for the sequel to this series, we suddenly decided to recall the stupidest moments of Assassin's Creed.

Down with the player's decisions

Let's start with the recent scandal related to the addition to AC Odyssey. The game perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of ancient Greece and the customs of its inhabitants, especially everything related to their sex life. We could have same-sex relationships, which many gamers enjoyed. However, in the second story expansion, we are forced to have a child with Darius's son / daughter, even if you have never entered into heterosexual relationships in the game. All of this negated all your acting out as if it didn't make any sense. Ubisoft, in turn, apologized and promised that this will not happen in the future.


Stealthy Assassins

This is one of the most common comments on the game. Despite the fact that Assassins are positioned as stealthy assassins, they are not at all like that. It's the same as in GTA, where the police will not stop you if you are holding an RPG in your hands. In Assassin's Creed, it turns out that the only man in the hood and with heavy weapons stands out in the crowd as much as the games that have not yet become an exclusive in the Epic Store. Is it even worth saying that when you sit on a bench between two people, you don't disguise yourself? Hell everyone knows that.


Master of Disguise

When we start playing as Conor, he still bears his real name Ratunhageitu. Our mentor calls him Conor, so as not to draw public attention to the fact that he is a Native American. But that doesn't stop him from showing that he is a true Native American in other ways. For example, decorate clothes and weapons with feathers, other Native American things and wear a damn tomahawk. You and Washington are actually starting a revolution there, you master of secrecy.


Decrease in wanted level

One of the dumbest things about the Assassin's Creed series is your wanted level. People tend to forget your crimes a little too quickly. You just killed a small regiment of soldiers in the middle of the block, not hesitating to do it in the most cruel, varied ways, and a huge crowd of people saw it. But if you remove one wanted poster from the wall or pay a local herald, everyone will instantly forget about your crimes. Hell, the corpses haven't been removed yet, and people don't care.


Stupid poster placement

Without departing from the previous topic. If you can still be put up with the fact that you are quickly forgotten, even though this is a stupid mechanic not woven into the narrative. But with poster placement in Assassin's Creed 2, Brotherhood and Revelation, it's hard not to laugh. Most of them are located on rooftops where no one walks. For whom do they weigh there and who even hung them there? Yes, game designers did it with the assumption that you will spend most of the time on rooftops, but seriously, it looks very silly.


Drunk and sick acrobat

It happens that you run along the streets of Jerusalem, and some NPC shouts after you: “Where is he running like that? Is he really sick? " Yes, of course, only insane people can run somewhere. You never know where and why am I running? But it is much worse when you, playing as Ezio, climb a building, and from below you hear: "He must be drunk!" Of course, I had just climbed the tallest spire of the main city cathedral, using acrobatics, and was brutally drunk. Seriously, if I was drunk and could move like the main characters in the game, then I would be damn happy. It is clear that the developers wanted to show public rejection of your running around, but this is not implemented so-so.


15th century super technologies

Firearms appeared pretty quickly in the series, and already in the second game, the local Leonardo da Vinci supplied us with a pistol on our wrist. Such a device, in principle, cannot work, but we focus on recharging it. It is fast, in contrast to the reloading of the 18th century pistol from the third part, which has to be reloaded for god knows how much. It's even scary to imagine how much nerve all the players spent waiting for Haytem to reload his unfortunate pistol.


Shouldn't it be the other way around, that a prototype pistol from the fifteenth century should take longer to charge? Not? Okay, game, you can see better.

Guard Crimes

Have you noticed that law enforcement crimes are not condemned as much as yours? If a guard suddenly goes crazy [for example, when you shoot him with a dart with fury] and starts chopping ordinary people to the right and left, the mobs just look at this massacre and say, "uh, nothing unusual." But as soon as you attack someone, panic rises, screams and everyone runs in different directions.


At the bottom

In Assassin's Creed IV, the opportunity to engage in serious scuba diving is available for the first time. Edward descends in the bell to the depths and holding his breath for several minutes, carelessly looking for underwater treasures. A very cool skill. But why, when we just dive under the water, for example, to hide from the angry crowd of guards, is it only enough for a few seconds? Hey Edward, I know you can, come on! This looks just ridiculous, given that we were clearly given to realize how long your character can not breathe underwater.


Inaccessible trees

In the first four parts of the game, your characters can easily climb any hill, be it the cathedral in Jerusalem or Constantinople, the Roman Colosseum or watchtowers. Alas, the tree remained inaccessible for our parkourists. Seriously? I just ran along the walls, but I can't jump on a branch hanging at the level of my head? Fortunately, this feature was added to Assassin's Creed III.


Unsinkable ship

During naval battles in Assassin's Creed IV, your Jackdaw ship is constantly destroyed during battles and needs to be repaired, but how does the team do it? After you win, your ship is repaired. That is, they want to tell us that after the boarding, the pirates took all the tools from the enemy ship and quickly repaired theirs. On the one hand, this is convenient, but from a logical point of view, it is not quite serious.


There are cons and stupid moments in Assassin's Creed, but this series is still close to us, and despite the holes, we will continue to play.

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Author: Jake Pinkman