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Top 20 best films in the style of Groundhog Day (about traps in time) according to KinoPoisk rating


The 1993 Groundhog Day movie was watched by everyone. But few people know that the idea of time loops is not new at all. Attempts to torture the main characters with hourly and daily repetitions were made before. And films on this topic are of interest not only to fans of science fiction. Therefore, we decided to find for you all the full meters on this topic and introduce you to them, arranging them according to their rating on KinoPoisk.

Let's make a reservation that only films where there is a time loop will be presented here, which the main character (or heroes) cannot get out of and get into at their behest (except for the ending, when the plot reaches its logical conclusion, which causes the exit from the loop ).

1. Groundhog Day (1993), KP 8.1

We will tell you a little about this film, since 90% of the world's population who have learned to read have already watched it. The weather presenter of one of the famous American TV channels leaves for the outback to look at the groundhog and shoot a video about how long we still have to wait for spring days. Further, the main character played by Bill Murray had to relive this "Groundhog Day" over and over again countless times until he decides what he was doing wrong in order to finally penetrate the next day.

The story came out amazing, and therefore all over the world this film is raised to the rank of "post-Christmas", as "Home Alone" - to the category of "Christmas".

2. Edge of the Future (2014), KP rating 7.94

Unlike Groundhog Day, this is not a comedy, but a fantastic action movie, and here “timebacks” happen through the fault of aliens with whom mankind is at war. But until the hero of Tom Cruise figure out what's what, he will have to go through the same day, and the same fight over and over again, until he understands how to turn off this hellish machine that can cause these time loops, and then part-time and help humanity break the hated enemy.

Everything is on top here. And stunning special effects, and the work of the operator, and the wonderful acting. Everyone did their best, and therefore the film turned out to be spectacular, exciting and, most importantly, interesting. That is why the hackneyed theme looks less bland against the background of all the above.

3. Mirror for a Hero (1987), CP rating 7.84

It turns out that the topic of "time loops" is not new for our USA cinematography either. The heroes of Sergei Koltakov and Ivan Bortnik, by an inexplicable will of fate, are thrown into the past for as much as 40 years, where endless repetitions of the same day happen to them, that is, May 8, 1949.

Arriving from the distant 87 years, Sergei and Andrei (that is the name of the main characters) do not understand life at all, although they do not feel it. It seems to them that this is their generation - it is hoo, and it is he who has a hard time. Well, in this picture they will learn on their own skin what "hard" means. Having “hang out” an infinite number of times in a country just recovering from the devastation caused by the war against fascism, they will take the “burdens” up to their throats.

4. Source code (2011), KP rating 7.76

Coming to his senses, Captain Cooster, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, suddenly realizes that he is not at all on a mission, but in the body of some kind of a slinger riding a train somewhere and for some reason. And from that moment on, he will have to return to the last 8 minutes of this person's life, repeating endlessly, over and over again, until he manages to find the one who blew up the train in which he is now traveling.

As it turned out, the catastrophe that is about to happen (sorry for the paradox) happened already, and, moreover, more than once. And each time it took away a huge number of human lives. Is there an option in which the train does not explode? The military, the developers of the "source code", believe that it cannot. They just want to find out who was the culprit in order to punish him and go through him to other terrorists - his henchmen, in order to prevent the same terrorist attacks in the future. But Coulter has a different opinion on this matter ...

5. Run Lola Run (1998) CP 7.54

Lola only has 20 minutes to save her boyfriend's life. He, as befits losers, being a courier for his evil boss, slipped a bag with his loot. As usual, for the sins of men, their women often have to pay. Which is what happened with Lola. She has only 20 minutes to have time to get a huge amount of money (1,000 marks) and deliver it to its destination. Otherwise, her boyfriend will say goodbye to life.

But that's okay. As it turns out, if it doesn't work out, you can start over. Therefore, Lola embarks on her crazy "race" in Berlin, stuffed with a huge number of unexpected plot twists, over and over again ... But to what extent will these "attempts" continue? And is a happy end possible here at all? ..

6. Triangle (2009), KP rating 6.82

I'm a good mom, not she! This is exactly what a good mother thinks, forced to kill a good mother - herself, or rather, her double over and over again. And all this in order to keep her baby alive ...

But let's not scare you so soon. It all started very nicely, with a boat trip called "Triangle". Only now the yacht crashes in an unexpectedly flown short storm, after which five surviving “vacationers” find themselves on a huge liner, on which there is not a single soul, and on which time loops constantly occur. And here, in order to restart the loop, you will have to kill the whole company again and again. But not always to her. Sometimes ... Another to her ... And sometimes herself ... It's hard to understand. We'll have to watch.

7. Time lapse (1997), KP rating 6.79

Karen's car just broke down. And Karen just wanted to hitchhike to the nearest phone. But how could she have thought that she would have to brake a car with a couple who (and both him and her) are not all right with their heads.

The man, who was excellently played by James Belushi, accuses his "sweetheart" of treason, after which dramatic events unfold right in front of Karen, in which she is drawn. A woman runs from the road to some structure behind barbed wire, in which some guy is experimenting with time. And from that time on, she will have to return to the past more than once to fix everything. But will she be able to change everything so that “all the sheep are safe”? So far, things are only getting worse and worse ...

8. Happy death day (2017), KP rating 6.78

Youth horror interpretation of Groundhog Day. Christopher Landon, the director of the film, completely agreed that the "old man's" version is suitable only for romantics in years and created a version in which the main character, firstly, is not a man, and secondly, not an old man, but thirdly , snot with oil about love here and there is no trace. Here, the heroine of Jessica Roth Trisha Gelbman is constantly killed at the end of the day by some guy in a mask, which makes her not die, but repeatedly return on the morning of the day of her death (and also her birthday).

But the main birthday gift is an endless set of lives, presented to her by some higher power. Now she will get to the bottom of what this guy in the mask is and why he constantly takes her life ... Or, she won't get to the bottom ...

9. Twelve Zero One Midnight (1993), CP rating 6.62

Despite the fact that this film masterpiece was filmed only for a TV show, it also won its fans. Here the plot and actions unfolding in the film are very similar to the moves invented for Groundhog Day, which was released the same year, only a little earlier. For example, the move with a puddle, in which Bill Murray was forced to step over and over again is very similar to how Jonathan Silversman, who played the main character in the movie "12:01", fell over and over again from a breaking chair, and so on. p>

But the plot in this case is somewhat different. Everything here is akin to the fresh film "Happy Day of Death", only it is not the main character who is killed here, but his girlfriend. And he got the destructive ability to go back in time and wake up at 12:01 at the same time of the same day every time because of an electric shock in a bar where he got drunk after killing his girlfriend. Was he able to save her from death and, in the end, get out of the ill-fated noose? Need to see ...

10. ARQ / Arch (2016), KP rating 6.39

Here, the creators wanted to bring a little variety by the fact that the time trap unfolds against the background of a global catastrophe hanging over the entire Earth. And there is a tool that will help to resist the end of the world, but only to get out of this loop.

And it seems like you can fix everything for the main character, because returning time after time to the recent past, you can start events along a different path. But that's just a bad luck: it turns out that not only he is subject to "timebacks", but some others from a group of specialists stuck in a secret laboratory. And this someone is not a good guy at all ...

11. Yesterday (2004), rating KP 6.36

The film will also be interesting because the creators of Groundhog Day have filed a lawsuit against the creators of Already Yesterday for plagiarism. And although they did not satisfy the claim in court, a normal person cannot help but notice that everything, down to the smallest detail, has been altered in a different way, but is always present in the double.

In Groundhog Day, the protagonist goes to Punxsutawney (Pennsylvania) to film a groundhog, in Already Yesterday - to the Canary Islands to film storks. This is all the difference. The rest of the details are also present only in a slightly different interpretation. Even the insurer Ned is there. And the problem also lies in the snobbery of the protagonist. And as soon as he decided to fall in love with ... In short, you will see for yourself.

12. Time Matrix (2017), KP 6.23

The film is good and looks like a kind of cross between Groundhog Day and Destination. Only one main character knows how monstrously everything will turn out in the end, and, each time returning on the same day, she tries to correct the events so that it would be good for both yours and ours. But in life this happens only in rare cases. Therefore, all the attempts of Zoe Deutsch, the performer of the role of the main character of the film, over and over again turn out to be unsuccessful and, moreover, lead to even more terrible consequences.

Hmm. It doesn't smell like comedy. Rather, the film resembles a kind of twisted and muddled fantasy thriller with elements of a detective story. After all, the actress is trying her best to find out what went wrong here and what to do to fix it.

But everything can be fixed only at a price ... But what to say. See for yourself!

13. Naked again (2000), CP rating 6.15

This is pure comedy. And even if the creators took the loop of time as a basis, in which the main character spins like a squirrel in a wheel, then you cannot compare him with Groundhog Day. The plot is completely different.

Here the guy wakes up every time with a prezik in the anus, naked and in the elevator, and tries his best to get to the wedding. And - his wedding! But the consequences of a violent bachelor party (or whatever was the eve of this terrible and ever-repeating morning) in no way allow him to be in time for the wedding on time, which is why his beloved refuses him over and over again.

The film is somewhat akin to the film "Run, Lola, Run!", only if everything is serious there, everything is completely frivolous. Those who like to laugh are strongly advised to watch this particular version of the film, and not the sequel with Marlon Wayans. That one is also good, but ...

14. Repeating Reality (2010), KP rating 6.09

Everything is mixed in this film. This is fantasy, thriller, crime thriller and even drama! But it is not worth dramatizing the situation ahead of time. The degree of drama of the picture can be judged only after the final credits go. After all, everything can go in a completely different direction at any moment.

And the tale here is about three adolescents, patients of one of the clinics, who were drawn into bloody showdowns that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Or, on the contrary, having? In any case, in order to fall out of this endless temporary trap, they will have to get to the bottom of the truth. And obviously not everyone will like the final alignment ...

15. Limb (2013), KP rating 6.04

In this case, the time loop unfolds against the backdrop of a terrible atmosphere. The whole family lives in a house in which a terrible maniac previously lived and mocked his victims. And everyone who, by chance, moved into this house, are now doomed to be victims of this maniac again and again for an infinite number of times. In this never-ending sequence of repetitions, will there be any clue as to how to interrupt this never-ending sequence of repeated events?

Fog, darkness, atmosphere of complete horror, doors to the dungeon, ghosts and unexpected plot twists - all this is a limb, the doors from which will open only once and only if ...

16. Detonator (2004), CP rating 5.96

Here the cause of the time loop was young people who were too smart with the knowledge they received. Their brainchild, invented in the garage, could reverse everything that people previously thought about "time" as such.

But starting to use this kind of "time machine" they did not even think that they would find themselves in the trap of endlessly repeating time intervals, from which there is no way out. Although, if you use your brains, there should be a way out. But you just have to sacrifice something for this. Or - by someone ...

17. Incident (2014), KP rating 5.93

The idea that a time loop can be limited not only in time but also in space deserves even more encouragement. How do you imagine the action taking place on only one staircase or only one piece of space. You drive along the road, and at some point you see that without turning anywhere, you have arrived there again.

Or you run up the stairs, and after you reach the 10th floor, you find yourself back on the first. And by the fact that at the end of the day the same day begins, one can guess by the newly renewed supply of food, water and other things, which again turn out to be whole and lying in the same places as before ...

In an hour and a half of screen time, the filmmakers were able to fit as many as three stories that at first glance seem to be completely unrelated. But in order for the meaning of what is happening to reach you, you will have to wait for the final part.

18. Loop (2016), KP rating 5.85

Hungarians have also contributed to the creation of films on the theme of Groundhog Day. Although the "Loop" was filmed in a perspective that is not quite standard for temporary loops. So until the end, and it is not clear how the main character, a goner and selfish drug courier, for just a few "timebacks" suddenly turns into a thinking and loving person.

A bit naive, but it's worth taking a look once. At least due to the fact that in this case all the doubles of the protagonist do not disappear with each repetition, but also remain in the same reality, as a result of which there are already how many main characters go around the film, sometimes even striving to strangle each other a little ...

19. Naked (2017), KP 5.63

Hollywood "rehash" of the film "Naked Again" by Swedish filmmakers. Marlon Wayans in the title role is already a guarantee of success, since many still have fresh memories of his "exploits" in the comedies "Without Feelings", "White Chicks" and "Naughty". But for those who watched the original, the film leaves a double impression. On the one hand, yes, everything was filmed more “civilized”, the hand of Hollywood is felt in everything. But that spirit and that atmosphere of authenticity is gone. Therefore, the rating of this film is much lower than the original.

Although those who like to look at the antics of Marlon, the hero of the once sensational "Do not threaten South Central", will be unforgivable to miss this film.

20. Synchronicity (2015), CP rating 5.36

This film is not entirely in the style of "time traps", but they want to finish our top 20. And not only because it goes next in the rating, but then, to once again remind our respected nerds of this. Before you invent something, dear nerds, think about what your invention may lead to in the future.

Well, if you've already thought of something, think a hundred times about who to share this with. Indeed, as practice shows, in 99% of cases, those to whom you want to tell about your discovery cannot be trusted in any case. And it is this film that fully reflects how not to act.

And we say goodbye to our next detailed review. Until then, enjoy your time and lots of cool movies!

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