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Strange Devices Showcased at CES 2020


CES 2020 has recently ended. Manufacturers of gadgets, household appliances and other electronic products have shown many new products. Among them were devices that cannot be called anything other than strange.

Smart mirror

At the forum, manufacturers showed many different smart products, including mirrors. One such, Lululab Lumine, is a skin care adjunct. He was taught to conduct a physiognomy analysis to identify and detect defects.


After this process, the device recommends various products that are capable of caring for the face skin. They are selected according to the identified problems. Lululab Lumine comes with a special helmet. The developers claim that it is capable of emitting light that has a beneficial effect on the skin.

PC case

Not everyone will be able to determine what the next exhibit is for.


In fact, this is an InWin Diet case for a personal computer. It was developed by a company from China. The device is assembled from plexiglass plates capable of mechanically protecting the filling of the product.

A special mechanism can lift the scales-plates up, which makes InWin Diey look like a butterfly. This is reflected in the name of the case. It can also be used for decoration.

Animal system

Go Dogo is due to enter the market this fall for the entertainment of pets. This is especially true when the animal is alone at home. At these moments, the program, which is connected to the Internet, does not let cats and dogs get bored.


To do this, it plays specially selected video content on the user's TV. It includes various exercises and training programs. At the same time, the system is able to determine the correctness of actions performed by an animal, for example, a dog.

If she exactly followed the specified command, then she is entitled to this treat.

Round smartphone

All existing smartphones are rectangular in shape. It never occurs to any user that they can be round.

However, nowadays there is a fashion for innovations of various kinds, so no one will mind if the developers propose a new form factor.

The creators of Cyrcle Phone took this path and showed a round smartphone at CES 2020. The appearance of this shape of the case was facilitated by the presence of some features of the Android OS, the latest versions of which easily fit into a similar format.


Work on this project began in 2015, then it was called Kickstarter. The developers assumed that the new device would be attached to the user's clothing and thereby free up space in his pockets or bag. The prototype has a touchscreen and 2G connectivity.

Now the possibilities of a round smartphone have stepped far forward. It features a large LCD display, LTE module, front and rear cameras, two headphone jacks.

It is not yet clear how comfortable the round body of the device is for everyday use. The creators of the product claim that it has a more sensual shape.

Now the developers see their main task in accustoming people to a new type of device. But first, they must adapt to this format a lot of third-party applications and programs that open so far only on rectangular screens of modern smartphones.

Project leaders hope that their brainchild will not remain a concept, they plan to begin mass production of the Cyrcle Phone later this year.

Smart Belt

The first product of Welt was the Welt Smart Belt Pro. It will help those who seek to monitor their physical activity and waistline. One of the models from this manufacturer is able to help the elderly by preventing them from falling.


She is able to track a person's gait and, if there are any deviations, send a warning to the user's smartphone or other interested person. The creators of the smart strap hope that this will happen before the fall.

The release of their new product in Welt is scheduled for April this year.

Car karaoke

Apparatus CarkitAI Roxie is able to transform a car interior into a karaoke booth. At the same time, its microphone is automatically synchronized with the smartphone of the driver or any of the passengers, and also connects to the car stereo.


After that, you just need to remove the vocals in the song selected by the performer in the smartphone. To do this, a special application comes into play, which allows you to feel like a singer or a singer.

It is hoped that the use of this device is only possible in an immobilized vehicle. How else to deal with road safety.

Application for those wishing to lose weight

Many people dream of seeing their figure with less adipose tissue or with increased muscle mass. It is now possible to do this with the EnvisionBody app, which motivates people to live a healthy lifestyle and eat right.


It is able to create an image of a physically more perfect person using a smartphone camera, augmented reality and software algorithms.

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