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What to see in the anime spring season? Spring 2019 Anime Part One


The spring anime season has just kicked off, and now there are new anime titles coming out, as well as the sequels we've been waiting for. Without further ado, here's the list of spring 2019 anime.

One Punch Man 2 / One Punch Man 2 - from April 9

The series is set in the fictional city of Z. It is constantly attacked by various monsters, otherworldly creatures and aliens. The Association of Heroes takes care of the protection of the population. One of its members is Saitama; he is the most powerful hero on the planet, who kills any enemy with one hit. However, for our bald superman, such power is not a joy, because he became wildly bored of defeating everyone with one-piece. To feel the joy of battle, he is always on the lookout for the most powerful opponents who will last longer than one hit.


At this time, in a certain prophecy it is said that soon the most terrible cataclysm will strike the Earth. The Association of Heroes is preparing for it and even begins to recruit notorious villains into its ranks. At this time, Saitama, who hides his true power and is considered a second-rate hero according to documents, is waiting for him to fight a worthy opponent. And there is one such enemy, and even more, he declared himself the most powerful hero of the planet, although in fact he does not care about her fate.

The second season is being made by another studio, so there are fears that it will be "merged", but let's not lose hope.

Kimetsu no Yaiba / Demon Cleaver Blade - from April 6

Tanjiro is the eldest son in the family. After the death of his father, he took over the care of his family. One day he goes to a nearby town to sell charcoal. He remains to spend the night in it, as according to rumors a humanoid demon is walking in the forest, tearing people apart. Therefore, returning home at a later time is not a good idea. Returning the next day, the guy discovers that the whole family has been killed. The only survivor is his sister Nezuko, partially turned into a demon.


Brother and sister set off on a journey to find the killer and a way to lift Nezuko's curse.

Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO / Yuno: The girl who sings love on the edge of this world - from April 2

Takuya Arima is a young student whose father was a historian and conducted various studies on the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds. One day, the father disappears without leaving a trace. During the summer holidays, Takuya unexpectedly receives a parcel from him with a letter, which says that with the help of the device he received, it is possible to open portals to parallel worlds. Takuya does not take the contents of the message seriously, but soon realizes that this is true, and a certain criminal group is hunting for the device. As a result, he must find out the true essence of this device.


Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin / Midnight Occult Servants - April 8th

Arata Miyako joins the District Division of the Regional Midnight Communications Department. Each of the 23 districts of Tokyo has a department that deals with the control and resolution of situations related to the paranormal and the occult. Arata also has a special power - he can understand inhuman speech. On the first day of his work, he encounters the mythological creature Youkai, who takes our hero for the legendary exorcist of the Heian era, Abe no Seimei.


Shoumetsu Toshi / The Vanished City - from April 7

In one of the Japanese megalopolises, where life is always raging, the entire population suddenly disappears, which shocks the world community.

A guy named Takuyu works as a courier for a research company. He meets the girl Yuki - the only survivor from that very city. Yuuki believes that the disappearance of people has something to do with the message from her father, who also disappeared without a trace. The couple decide to go to the ghost town and find out the mystery of the disappearance of the townspeople.


But everything is not as simple as it seems, because in their investigation they will have to face the conspiracies of a secret organization, as well as the ghosts of long-dead people.

Gunjou no Magmel / Magmel of the Blue Sea - from April 7

Suddenly, a whole continent appears from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. It contains a huge number of new species of plants and animals, which is the impetus for the beginning of a new era of discoverers and naturalists. People from all over the world are starting to flock to explore the island. As a matter of fact, we are waiting for an uncomplicated filly adventure from the category of "go with beer".


Bungou Stray Dogs 3rd Season - April 12th

Ready to dive into the sequel to the detective adventures of the classics of literature? Atsushi Nakajima was kicked out of the orphanage, leaving him without any chance of survival. However, he was lucky [if I may say so] to stumble upon the suicide Osamu Dezai, who works with his partner Doppo Kunikida in an unusual detective agency. All of its members have superpowers and are engaged in matters that even the military and the police do not undertake.


Sarazanmai - from April 11

Now there will be a hard flight of fantasy. Three high school students meet a strange creature that looks like a mythological water kappa and calls itself Keppi. He tells them that he is the heir to the throne and transforms the boys into their own kind. Now, in order to regain their former appearance, they must connect "in a certain way" and take away from one zombie sirikodama [a mythological organ that feeds energy]. Meanwhile, the local police are starting their own adventure. Hopefully they won't connect "in some way" at least.


Fairy Gone / The Lost Fairies - April 8

The anime is set in a setting where fairies can live in the body of animals and give them special power. Humanity, which, of course, cannot miss such an opportunity, began to use it in the war. So the soldiers began to transplant the organs of such animals. These people could use the powers of the fairy. But the war ended long ago and no one needs soldiers with such forces. Some are still working for the government, while others have become criminals.


Although the war ended nine years ago, humanity still cannot get away from its horrors. Some decide to take revenge on the government that unleashed the war and commit terrorist attacks. Thus, the main character of the series named Maria becomes a recruit in "Dorott" - an organization that is engaged in the suppression of crimes associated with the powers of fairies.

Most likely, we will not just have a cool story, but a selected portion of the action.

Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 / Attack on Titan Season 3 Part Two - Starting April 28

"And in the basement is - go read the manga nasty casual". This is exactly the leitmotif of the previous seasons of Attack on Titan, and now the sequel has finally arrived, where they will give us the answer what exactly is in the basement.


In general, peace has come again inside the walls, people have come to power who will really fight for their people, and not get rich for their taxes. The reconnaissance detachment is preparing for a new sortie behind the "Rose" wall, straight to Shiganshina. Thanks to Hange, the development of new weapons to kill giants with almost no human participation is in full swing, and the soldiers have returned to the long-lost hope of saving all of humanity. But there the detachment awaits a new danger, which can completely destroy Erwin's plans to save the walls. After all, they will be opposed not only by mindless titans, but also by a completely ingenious opponent.

Kenja no Mago / Sage's grandson - from April 10

Let the thunder roar and let the new isekai fall on our sinful land! Sheena was an ordinary office worker whose life was gray and boring. One day he dies, but his soul does not fall into oblivion or oblivion. He is born in a distant other world, where magic rules, but most importantly, Sheena remembers her past life. There he was raised by the sage Merlin, who eventually sends him to the school of magic. God, this plot has already absorbed too much, we need to stop.


Fruits Basket - from April 5

This is a story about a girl named Tora Honda who is very unlucky. Her mother dies, and the girl is left alone in this world, and even without a home, which is being taken away. She goes to live in a forest in a tent, but it turns out that this is a private territory and Torah invaded the land of the mysterious Soma family. However, she is not kicked out, but they offer to stay with them, to which the girl agrees. But can this be called a gift of fate? No, because Torah does not yet know that the Soma family is cursed: each of its members turns into one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac when a person of the opposite sex hugs him.


Carole & Tuesday / Carol & Tuesday - April 10th

A new work by Shinichiro Watanabe, who gave us Cowboy Bebop. For five years now, humanity has been actively migrating to Mars. On the colonized red planet, humans have become regular consumers, served by artificial intelligence. There, on Mars, in the center of Alba City, a girl named Carol survives. She works hard every day and dreams of making music.


In the provincial Martian town of Herschel City, another girl from the wealthy Tewsday family lives and also wants to become a musician. However, they do not understand it, because all the music is also produced by AI, and why such a dream? Tuesday feels very lonely. And so, fate brings two girls together. They both begin their musical journey.

We will continue to list, the new anime of spring 2019 in the second part of the material

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