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Best Indie Games 2019


The best AAA games of this year compete at The Game Awards. But we will not forget about smaller projects. Here are the best indie games 2019 according to our resource. Places in the top are conditional, all indie games in it are the best of the best this year.

11. Indivisible

It would seem that making a good RPG platformer is a difficult task, but this is exactly what Indivisible did. Developers at Lab Zero Games have proven they know how to make one of the most colorful and creative RPGs this year.


And although the game's plot is a little trivial from the very beginning, it quickly goes beyond the usual tropes and turns into a unique story thanks to the development of Ajna. Overall, it makes you wonder after studying. This is a game about the importance of cohesion, about how Ajna and her friends get closer.

10. Telling Lies

Human curiosity is a very powerful thing and it is it that makes you delve into the lives of strangers in Telling Lies. We play as a girl who, using access to a secret database, can monitor the lives of other people. We dry call records, watch videos taken from hidden cameras, phones, or read records. Why are we doing this, who is our heroine and who are all those people we follow - all this is a mystery and only our curiosity makes us continue and fully discover the plot.


To some extent, the game could be called unique, but this concept of a voyeur and a detective has been used more than once in games. Moreover, the game is similar to its predecessor Her Story, but with a large budget, cool acting and a twisted plot. But that doesn't take away from the fact that Telling Lies is one of the best indie games of 2019.

9. Hypnospace Outlaw

Like the previous project, Hypnospace Outlaw gameplay takes place on the computer. You work as a cyber police officer in the heyday of the internet - in the 90s. We visit various sites and resources to find forbidden or pirated content, using various utilities downloaded from the same Internet. And yes, we can also bring viruses to our virtual computer.


The game perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 90s, when the Internet for many remained an idealistic dream, it was not available to everyone, and there were tutorials on TV explaining what http //: is and why it should be introduced.

8. Katana Zero

Many people compared Katana Zero to Hotline Miami, but if Hotline is the top dawn, then Katana Zero is a side stroller that works according to the same rules, but is fundamentally different. Hotline Miami is more casual in your playthrough, with Katana Zero forcing you to find the best option to defeat your opponent. And besides, we can rewind everything if we make a wrong decision.


In parallel with this, the hero tries to overcome the problems of his shattered psyche and visits a psychotherapist, with whom he has a rather lively conversation. It is the same psychotherapist who gives us murder missions.

Also an important plus of the game - it looks visually simply amazing, sounds and plays the same.

7. Blasphemous

Inheriting the already classic tradition of adapting souls-like mechanics in different genres, the depressive Blasphemous was born. This game is about suffering in which we travel through the world of sinners seeking redemption.


The souls-like mechanics in the game are slightly shifted towards exploring the environment built on the principle of metroidvania. The plot is presented through the environment, and you don't understand anything until you start delving into the world and its rich, complex lore. The game seemed to crawl out of the image of hell from Dante in his "Divine Comedy".

6. Afterparty

In Afterparty, we need to thump and a lot. But not for fun, but for the sake of salvation from hell. Although behind this whole funny concept lies a rather interesting human story, which is served to us not without humor. It all starts with Milo's boyfriend and Lola's girlfriend being sorted out at a student party and dying, going to hell.


And surprisingly, it turns out to be not such a bad place, but quite fun and like a night drinking Los Angeles. Although there is no laughing matter in hell, there can be serial killers in the noisy crowd of drinking demons.

The influence of the past Oxenfree project with all its dialogues, choices and style is fully felt. And all this is served so perfectly, subtly and to the point that it looks graceful. Like the whole game in principle.

5. My friend pedro

My friend pedro is a cool game. It's entertaining, fast-paced and with a hint of insanity in a talking banana that encourages you to kill.


You are free to use all the delights of acrobatics and time dilation to kill your opponents. To shoot so that the bullet ricochets into the head of an enemy or to kill opponents with two pistols in a roll is your right. This is a fun and killing game. It couldn't be better.

4.Disco Elysium

This game has already been dubbed almost the most original RPG of the decade. It's up to you to judge, but Disco Elysium itself is indeed a very unusual game that looks like a sensible board game with a good game master.


This game is about conversations and skill tests. It happens that in Disco Elysium you can talk to someone for hours, and all these dialogues are written in high-class, literary English. She is also distinguished by the visual style and the main character. Unlike many RPGs, where our GG is a brave man, ready for a feat, here we are a lost alcoholic who wakes up naked after a hangover, has lost his memory and can die from dressing - that's how bad he is. You can go through the game in different ways, and not just as a bad or good cop, but for example, even realizing that you don't want to be a cop.

Therefore, yes, Disco Elysium is truly a cult game, which is now only the test of time. The only pity is that if you do not have a high level of knowledge of English, it will be difficult for you to play it. However, it is an acclaimed indie masterpiece at The Game Awards, so I think it is worth seeing anyway.

3. Baba Is You


But where you don't need harsh English, but only a basic level, it is in the Baba Is You puzzle. I rightfully call it the most original puzzle of the year. You play as a lamb and must correctly form sentences from words [and words look like cubes], moving them around the screen to complete the level. Each sentence is a rule, and the rules can be changed. Moreover, the level of creativity reaches the point of absurdity. How about instead of climbing over the wall, rearrange the words in Baba Is You to Wall is You and take the flag as a wall that will take you to the next level.

2. Ape out


Taking control of a huge gorilla, we get out of imprisonment in the zoo, arranging a slaughter on our way. That's the whole plot. But the way we do it is different. It is in-game situations that make the game memorable. But perhaps the main merit of Ape out is the adaptive soundtrack that sets the rhythm for you. As you kill more and more, the music becomes more aggressive and pushes you to commit more murders.

1.Untitled Goose Game


If this top still had a place, I would gladly put Untitled Goose Game on the first place among the best indie games of 2019. Not only did Goose become a meme from this game, but the game itself is well done. It is pleasant and interesting to commit small mischief by an evil goose. Running, gagging and scaring the little brat is priceless. It's a pity that it came out so short.

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Author: Jake Pinkman