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Inside # 10.08: Apple Watch 5; OnePlus 7T; Redmi Note 8


The news block from the world of insiders this time opens information about a new gadget from Apple. We will also talk about the specifications of the flagship OnePlus device and the camera capabilities of Redmi Note 8.

The first photos of Apple watches appeared on the web

The most promising, in terms of sales, division of the American company has become the department of wearable devices. In the third quarter of this year, revenue from the sale of its products increased by more than 48% compared to the same period last year. Much of the credit goes to one product, the Apple Watch.

At this time, all fans of this product are eagerly awaiting the release of its new model. It is already known that Apple Watch Series 5 will be announced on September 10 during the mass release of all Apple new products. Experts assume that the appearance of the device will remain much the same. He is predicted to have an AMOLED display, which are supplied by the longtime American partner - Japan Display.

However, there is information that there will be multiple watch specifications. In particular, our portal has already talked about the company's plans to pack the novelty in ceramic and titanium cases. This material was previously used in the development of versions 2 and 3 of the devices, but the 4th reincarnation of the Apple Watch did without it.

An insider posted a picture of Apple Watch Series 5 on his Instagram page yesterday.


The photo clearly shows the clock display. On it you can see the model number A2157, as well as information that the device is running WatchOS 6.

Interestingly, this number has previously appeared in the application that Apple submitted to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

It is known that this watch can be controlled by means of gestures, special navigation is provided, which was also reflected in the patent application. It was accompanied by a number of illustrations on this matter. It is easy to understand from them that the user has the ability to view messages and answer calls. To do this, he just needs to touch his wrist.


WatchOS 6 software will help Apple Watch Series 5 have an app store, among which there is room for: a calculator; audiobooks and voice memos. They can now be launched directly from the device.

New dials will also appear, the autonomy of the gadget will increase. A new feature will be introduced that allows the user to view fitness data over a longer period of time.

The technical characteristics of the OnePlus flagship have become known

An OnLeaks insider posted several photos of the OnePlus 7T gadget on his page. A video told about the specifications of the device, which also appeared with the help of this specialist.

The main difference between the described model and the basic product is that it has a round main camera module. It also has three sensors, not two. The front camera is located at the top of the bezel in a teardrop-shaped cutout.


According to the source of all data, the smartphone will be equipped with an Optic AMOLED screen, the size of which is indicated diagonally.

Specified as 6.5 inches with Full HD + resolution. There is also information about the dimensions of the device - 161.2 x 74.5 x 8.3 mm. On the case, the power button is located on the right, and the volume key is on the left. In the area of the bottom end there is a USB Type-C port, a tray for SIM cards and a speaker. There is an additional microphone on the top.

The OnePlus 7T hardware will be based on the OnePlus 7T processor, which will be assisted by 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory. It is expected to be equipped with a sub-screen fingerprint scanner and Face Unlock functionality to ensure user safety.


Nothing is known about the pricing of the device yet, the announcement is scheduled for September 26th.

Redmi will be the first to receive a 64MP camera

The first mobile device in history to receive a 64-megapixel camera will be the Redmi Note 8 smartphone. Such a sensor will be placed on its rear panel.

In this regard, the president of Redmi, Liu Weibing, spoke a little about the camera that the gadget will be equipped with. In his explanations, he emphasized that in the future it makes no sense for developers to increase the number of photo modules installed on smartphones.


When communicating his thoughts, the official used a mathematical approach. He explained that the new Redmi Note 8 camera will be capable of taking photos with a resolution of 9248 x 6936 pixels, which is 34% more than the most advanced 48-megapixel counterpart currently in use.

A similar image can be obtained by adding six separate images with a resolution of 3082 x 3468 pixels each. Such counting leads to the idea that when the image approaches, its detailing will remain at a high level. Therefore, there will be no need to use a telephoto camera. So far, it is only a guess what engineers and experts think about it.


Redmi Note 8 and Note 8 Pro will receive three versions each. Their variations will depend on the combination of memory sizes. It is also known that smartphones will start selling in three color options. The core of their hardware will be an eight-core Helio G90T processor with a clock frequency of 2.05 GHz.

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