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40 of the best TV series from HBO. Part 1


So our beloved and beloved super series Game of Thrones, stretched over 6 years and 7 seasons, has ended. Our esteemed Hollywood masters spoiled the ending, of course, without Martin, but oh well. Let's discuss all the pros and cons of the heaviest fantasy series of all times and peoples in a separate "Super Spoiler".

In the meantime, another question has been organized on our agenda: what kind of office is thisHBO, and what series does thisHBO have besides Game of Thrones ".

HBO: who they are and where did they come from

Let us tell you that HBO, which stands for "Home Box Office", is a unified and perfectly streamlined television and cable network headquartered in North America, one of the main television channels not only in the United States, but throughout the world, since its "branches »He has in many countries.

Our branchHBO is the well-known service "Amediateka", not later than 2017, which became, concurrently, "Home Of HBO".

The channel is money-based, it is classified as WarnerMedia, and therefore it has the opportunity to attract the most expensive artists, directors and screenwriters to work on its projects. And if, for example, the same Netflix focuses on participation in the projects of famous actors, and sometimes they simply don’t give a damn about the plot, the people, they say, gobble up, the actors will pull everything on themselves, then HBO has directing and semantic content everything is at the highest level. That is why their serials come out the most powerful, high-budget and high-quality.

Well, now that we have sorted it out, in fact, let's start reviewing the best TV seriesHBO. And in first place, with a rating of KinoPoisk over 9 points, of course, is the recently completed project ...

1. Game of Thrones (2011-2019) 9.01

Filmed according to the cycle of novels by George Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire", "Game of Thrones" immediately interested the viewer. A very carefully written world of a parallel universe, where life seemed to freeze in the Middle Ages, and where magic wakes up from time to time, simply absorbed the attention of everyone and everything

It is worth mentioning that Martin himself was directly involved in the project, created adapted scripts and even auditioned for directing. But fans did not let Martin "finish" the series. No joke, he has been writing a cycle, roughly consisting of 7 books, for 25 years and cannot finish writing it. Some of the admirers have already died without waiting for the end of the story. So the writer had to leave the project in order to finish work on the last two books of the saga.

Precisely because Martin left the project, the ending of the series turned out to be, to put it mildly, idiotic. No, the very completion of the lines of the main characters is not disputed. But how they got it all ...

In general, the book tells about the struggle for the throne of the heiress to the throne of Westeros (one of the major continents of the world of "Ice and Fire") Daenerys Targaryen. Well, against the background of this, secondary quarrels and intrigues take place, which are very interesting to read and watch.

2. Chernobyl (2019) 8.77

The events of the night of April 26, 1986, when at 01:23:47 Moscow time the reactor of the 4th power unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, are inscribed in history with bloody murals. This was the first tragedy of this magnitude, and people have not yet had the experience of eliminating such emergencies.

When eliminating the consequences, people worked in ordinary OZK and gas masks, not even realizing that they in no way save from penetrating radiation. And they died in dozens.

Let's just say that the series is really true. We can say that this is a documentary, slightly altered to fit the artistic stylistics of presenting facts. Americans rarely manage not to dance on the bones of those killed in the USSR, but this time all the facts are as accurate as ever. If there are some assumptions and liberties somewhere, then they do not apply to the main events and take place only so that people can see everything in an artistic presentation.

A very worthwhile project. There would be more of those so that people know how sweat and blood, sometimes, is achieved our general well-being.

3. True Detective (2014 -...) 8.71

When the first season of "True Detective" was released, which, by the way, was not originally aimed at a sequel, critics said that its success was due only to the presence in the project of such indisputable world-class stars as Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. 10 episodes of the season had their logical conclusion and the people did not dare to hope for the continuation, since such stars for participation in the second season will be asked for three times more than for the first.

But the project, nevertheless, had a continuation. His showrunners decided to release separate detective stories under the eloquent name, which are by no means connected with each other and have in common only that they are all filmed exceptionally soundly and with great actors in the lead roles. So, in the second season, Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and Vince Wong starred. In the third - Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorf and Carmen Ejogo.

Each season weighs more than ten times spent on it, that's for sure. Each story is just addictive. A masterpiece, without any.

4. The Sopranos (1999-2007) 8.68

The story of Tony Soprano, especially - translated from "Goblin" by Puchkov, was not watched only by the lazy or the blind. Starting with a visit to a psychiatrist, later the story unfolded both in breadth and length, so that until now, over the past 12 years, nothing more sensible and better quality on the topic of organized crime has not been filmed.


History teaches us that while you live a normal life of an ordinary person, work, raise children, pay taxes regularly, you will never achieve anything efficient in your life. Well, perhaps, only a few are knocked out of the common swamp. But if you get involved with organized crime, you can live happily ever after. But all this time you will be walking along the edge, and not everyone's nerves can stand to live on a constant palette all their, as practice shows, short life.

But back to your usual calm and measured life of a common man in the street will no longer be going. And therefore - better think a hundred times. After all, only a few live here to a calm old age. And then, as if they were not removed as too many knowledgeable ...

5. Brothers in Arms (mini-series) (2001) 8.63

Before the eyes of the viewer who decided to watch this masterpiece, produced by Spielberg and Hanks themselves, the entire combat path of Company E from the 2nd battalion of the parachute regiment of one of the US airborne divisions will pass.


As you already understood, the story will be about the Second World War, about the participation of the Allied forces in its early end. Yes, they had to go through less than the Soviet troops, but they still managed to fight. And what is the only landing in Normandy!

Each episode is a story about another milestone on the road to victory and is told by another storyteller from among the same company. Anyone who likes good-quality war films - that, having chosen this series for viewing, will not fail!

6. Wiretapping (2002-2008) 8.45

Another masterpiece, but this time about the work of special services, which manage to uncover criminal plans related to drug trafficking through wiretapping.


But do not think that all five seasons of the series, the characters will sit in the van and listen to the talking room of criminals. "The Wire" is not only a series about cops and FBI agents, it is, first of all, a series about people.

Who are these criminals? What compels them to become such? On account of this, few people dig globally. Here, without any beauty and retouching, it is shown in plain text how the street makes drug addicts out of people, and how it pushes them to commit crimes.

One of the best detective series with a sequel. Those who did not watch it lost a lot. After all, it was on it that the famous Rolland from Gillead - Idris Elba climbed.

7. Handsome (2004-2011) 8.30

The story of the rise to fame of Vincent Chase, the prototype of which was the famous Hollywood actor - Mark Wahlberg, by the way, who acted as one of the executive producers, could fit only in 8 seasons and no less.


A very truthful story came out so true precisely because all the incidents and vicissitudes were actually taken from the life of the actor himself and his friends.

Yes, the road to fame turned out to be not easy, but very interesting. So much so that it will look interesting in the next 50 years.

8. Rome (2005-2007) 8.25

The most expensive TV project ever created not only by HBO, but by TV channels in general. No, in total, of course, Game of Thrones weighs heavier, but considering that the IP had 7 seasons of 10 episodes (except for the 7th, there are 6 episodes), and in Rome there are only two seasons and a total of 22 series, and both of these seasons combined have pulled in more than $ 100 million, then, you know. Everyone can count.

And the tale in the series is about the "assholes" who have lost their lives, who remained in Rome, while Julius Caesar conquers new lands for the empire. And so it was already cool for them to live without the emperor, that even if he would continue to fight somewhere near the devil on the little streets for pleasure. Therefore, all these "assholes", having conspired, began to plan intrigues against their master.

And how they will succeed or not, and there is a tale in this large-scale and colorful, without brakes, series.

9. Silicon Valley (2014 -...) 8.19

The first comedy project on our list of the best HBO series. We are talking about young talents, from which startups climb one after another. Well, about dancing around these outstanding startups and young talents.


An entrepreneur on his own mind opens up a kind of haven in his mansion for ideas and young and talented programmers and just scientists who gush with these ideas.

As it turned out, this base turns out, in some places, very funny cases.

10. Pacific Ocean Miniseries (2010) 8.18

For some, this will now be a wonder, but the Second World War was called "world war" because almost all countries of the world were involved in it, one way or another, and military operations were conducted on most of our surface, as it seemed before , an immense planet.


Battles were fought in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Atlantic, and, of course, the Pacific Ocean. It is about the main battles in the Pacific regions that the tale will go in this military series. Filmed, like everything that HBO does, high quality, expensive, spectacular and on a grand scale.

The main battles through the eyes of the rank and file. First-hand, one might say. It will be interesting.


This concludes our first roundup of the best HBO series. Expect more in the near future. We promise that not a single series from our kind of top will be rated below 7, and therefore any project selected from the list can be considered a masterpiece.

In the meantime, we are saying goodbye and wish you all happy watching and even more cool films and TV series!

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