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Latest Insider News on ASUS ZenFone 6 and Nubia X


This Insider Newsletter highlights photos of the new ASUS ZenFone and Nubia X.

ASUS ZenFone Latest News

It became known about ASUS experiments on the design of their future new products. Photos of future smartphones of the company, taken by insiders, were posted in the public domain.


You can see a hole in the device on the left. It is located at the top left. On its rear panel, in the upper central part, the main camera is located, consisting of two sensors, oriented in a vertical plane. In addition, the standard 3.5mm headphone jack becomes visible almost immediately.


Instead of a "monobrow", the second device has a drop-shaped nuance, which is successfully positioned in the upper right corner of the front panel. He also has a camera with two sensors that are shifted to the right. There is a fingerprint scanner located on the back cover. There is an inscription indicating that the device has protection against water and dust. It was not possible to establish more precise information about the applicable standard.


The third smartphone from ASUS has an original solution in the form of a structurally executed “drop” for the selfie module. It was placed at the top of the screen.

The main camera of the smartphone consists of three sensors and has an LED flash.


Insiders did not report any additional information. The option of her dosed intake is not excluded.

Despite this, there are great chances of using all of the above features in the development of serial models. Experts are inclined to argue that these devices are nothing more than the future updated ASUS ZenFone 6.

Video about the new Nubia X

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