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Top 10 Android Games of 2017


Modern mobile games are almost in no way inferior to console ones - they have excellent graphics, well-developed physics and a well-thought-out plot. Take a look at Google Play and you'll find thousands of fun apps for every taste.

They are suitable for both single and group play. We present to your attention the best Android games of 2017.

Best Sports Game: Madden NFL Football

With the 2017 update, a story mode has been added to the game. Other innovations include weekend tournaments and a player rating system. The reasons Madden NFL Football has gained popularity among football fans is because of the quality graphics and gameplay, which cannot be done without smart decisions.

Best Family and Party Game: Just Dance Now

Nothing can bring people together like dancing. And let not everyone know how to dance, Just Dance Now will teach you: you just need to display an image from your smartphone on a large screen and repeat the dancer's movements. The game contains over 200 tracks, among them there are classical, modern, and folk compositions.

The application itself is free to download, but you will have to pay to download the songs. You can also get unlimited for an hour for just $ 1 - a great option to have fun at the party.

Best Casino Game: World Series of Poker

This is the official app of the WSOP, the prestigious international series of poker tournaments held in Las Vegas. You can play both alone against artificial intelligence and with online opponents. Detailed statistics will show how your poker skills are progressing, and a virtual slot machine will help you earn extra chips for the next round.

Best Strategy: Battle of Polytopia

Explore new lands, expand possessions, use new technologies and enslave hostile tribes - but do not forget that you only have 30 turns for everything. The map is generated anew for each game, so the same strategy will not be enough.

Best Quiz: Trivia Crack Kingdoms

The application allows you to subscribe to certain categories of questions, create your own, and then hold tournaments with friends on Facebook or play with random opponents. The gameplay allows you to participate in several competitions at the same time.

Best Racing Game: Real Racing 3

Despite its age, Real Racing 3 is still one of the most popular racing simulators. Lots of modes and stunningly accurate car models will give you the chance to feel like a real racer.

Best Adventure Game: Broken Age

The game that revolutionized the adventure genre is now available on mobile devices. Broken Age is the story of two teenagers who dared to challenge the traditions of their peoples. Deep in the bowels of the starship, Shay attempts to rid herself of her overly caring mother AI, while Vella is chosen to fall prey to a mysterious monster. At first, it seems that the characters are not connected with each other, but the ending of the first action convinces of the opposite.

Best Puzzle: Monument Valley 2

In the second part, the design remains minimalistic, and the players have a new opportunity - to control the second character. The game has retained a warm atmosphere, but has become shorter and a little easier - it cannot be called a difficult puzzle, it is more of an anti-stress with nice graphics and a soundtrack.

Best Card Game: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone is a fun, free-to-play game set in the Warcraft universe with a touch of ingenuity. There is no clear plot in it, the gameplay is participation in battles in various modes and an increase in your rating. Paid mode "Arena" matches the player with an opponent with the same balance of wins / losses.

Best Action: Super Mario Run

Nintendo's entry to mobile has been more than successful. The game has four modes. The main world tour is similar to the classic Mario game. Remix 10 is a set of short levels. Rally with Toads is a mode in which you can compete online with other players. Rally achievements will unlock elements for the fourth mode - creating your own kingdom.

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