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China vs. Monster Hunter World


Monster Hunter World is a new game that was banned by the Chinese censorship just a few days after it went on sale.

The company that created it, Tencent, said there were "a huge mass of complaints" following the restriction, but did not detail what they were about.

Earlier this year, company representatives said that over a million players had already pre-ordered the game well before its release on August 8th.

I don't know what Monster Hunter World is?

In Monster Hunter World , the main goal for the player is to chase, fight and kill many fantastic beasts in their native habitat. These beasts have nothing to do with horror monsters, but they are strong as rivals, so it is quite difficult for players to compete with them. By defeating beasts, you get the raw materials you need to create more powerful weapons and sturdier armor, and they will be needed in battle with even more dangerous creatures.

This game was originally developed by the Japanese company Capcom and was the final version of a long series. Capcom had an approach to the gaming world as a vast ecosystem, which made the virtual world alive and unpredictable.

In Europe, this game has been given an age limit of 16 due to moderate blood counts and low levels of profanity.

Capcom said it had sold 8.3 million copies of the game by July, despite being available only to PlayStation 4 and XBox One users. Monster Hunter World was named the best selling game in Capcom history this March.

It's all about the name, but it's not accurate

Tencent said it has already tweaked the title to be able to pass the Chinese market censorship, and local regulators have authorized the release of this version for sale in March.

Tencent has now offered all pre-order customers a full refund if they submit a request by a specific date.

Those who intend to continue playing the game have been warned that there is no guarantee that the game will continue to function fully after updates to this company's WeGame platform.

China likes to ban

Dozens of video games have been banned in China in the past, usually for excessive violence, drug use, or sex in the game. Plots and some titles also became the reason for censorship restrictions.

Tencent shares dropped 3.4% in one day on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

The South China Morning Mail reported that the ban on Monster Hunter World will come into effect once the local market has stopped issuing gaming licenses, and the Chinese authorities have not approved any new titles for the game since late March. p>

Great battle with mobile games

The company has already released two mobile survival games for the Chinese audience, but has not yet been allowed to launch the sale of in-game items for real money.

Tencent also ran into trouble last year when their previous game, Honor of Kings, was criticized by state media for being addictive.

In one of the articles, the game was compared to "poison".

The company has responded by imposing limits on the amount of time players under 18 can spend a day playing.

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