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Top 20 Best Science Fiction Films of 2018. Part 2


While not all of the films in the next 10 are masterpieces, some can make you laugh and think at the same time, like "Sorry to bother you." But naive endings of such blockbusters as "Bird Box" would be better if the eyes did not see and the ears did not hear. Because of them, overnight, the whole meaning is lost, which, by the way, did not exist, and ...

In general, everything is in order and we will continue from where we left off, that is, from the 11th place.

11. Quiet place. 6.74

The film does not tell how the earthlings have sunk to the point of falling under the power of strange creatures sensitive to sound vibrations. This is a simple story about a difficult survival in a world of monsters that hear any unusual vibrations in the air, and then arrive at their destination to devour the one who makes these extraordinary sounds.

And if in this world it is impossible to even fart without danger to life, then how does the main character want to manage to give birth to a child, and then also raise a baby? Interesting? We invite you to watch. It will be informative, naive and ... Ridiculous. For some.

12. Bird box. 6.64


Next comes a film in which yelling at the top of your lungs, as well as farting, is not forbidden. But you can't look. Like this? Yes, like that. As soon as you open your eyes outside the room, something will fall into your field of vision, from which you will urgently start looking for a method of suicide. And, moreover, the more sophisticated, the better.

And the main characters will either have to dig underground passages in order to visit each other and go to the store, or raft down the turbulent river in search of a naively protected community. The heroine of Sandra Bullock chose the latter. I wonder if you made a mistake or not?

13. Overlord. 6.53


An allied army is landing on the west coast. The landing group was given clear instructions: to neutralize the radio frequency jammer on the church tower. But it's not that simple. First, a fierce attack by ground anti-aircraft guns, and then a punitive sweep, leave only a few people from the detachment. But that's not all.

Having gathered in a bunch, the Americans, nevertheless, continue to fulfill the task, for which they penetrate the church. But what they have to face within its walls cannot be compared with anything before.

As it turned out, the Germans set up a laboratory for the production of super soldiers here. And it's good that the serum is only in an experimental version, otherwise the Third Reich now dominated bi throughout the Earth ...

14. Black Panther. 6.52


Somewhere in Africa, there is a hidden and advanced country in all respects called Wakanda. And when its ruler becomes a victim of a terrorist attack during another mess, the hidden people face the question of choosing a new ruler. And the ruler is chosen in this country, advanced in all respects, as in all countries advanced in all respects - according to the method of a duel. Whoever piled on whom is the ruler.

That is, we went in our development, and all came to the same, to the ancient rule of the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals, who is physically stronger, that rules.

Everything in this film borders on nonsense. And if not for the special effects and the connection with the Avengers, Black Panther would rot (by the way, do white people happen?) In the trash.

15. Chronicles of predatory cities. 6.46


The city has stood for centuries, it stands, and suddenly it runs out of resources. And the resource miners went from this city for resources. And these resource miners outside the city got neck-deep from local villagers. And again, new resource producers went for resources. And again they raked in full. Then he took the city, and stood on wheels. And he went to crush the villagers so that they would not be familiar. But he managed to suppress a few. Those villagers that are far away managed to put their villages on wheels and, well, get away from the city in all directions.

Hmm. Such a fairy tale sounds like complete nonsense. But this did not stop the filmmakers from staging a fantastic picture based on this nonsense story. It turned out colorful, impressive and truly delusional. Like everyone else in Hollywood.

But for fun to look at once will go unambiguously. If only then, to once again make sure that nonsense has no limits.

16. I'm sorry to trouble you. 6.35


A tale about a phantasmagoric world in which all the negative aspects of capitalism are increased in hypertrophies. In this world, everyone benefits from everyone as best they can.

And the story is shown from the perspective of a simple black brother who goes to get a job as a simple manager in a call center and, taking off unusually quickly up the career ladder, discovers that in today's society those who are fortunate enough to be taller will stop at nothing for the sake of profit over those who are lucky enough to be below.

Here, in order for people to do as much as possible in a working day, they can easily be offered to genetically modify into a human horse. And it won't necessarily be an offer that you can easily refuse. The wonders of capitalism, what else to say!

17. Once upon a time there was Deadpool. 6.27


Let's not be scattered over the retelling of what has already been said. Let's just explain that this is the same "Deadpool 2", only in a baby package. There is less gore and gut, but the meaning is the same. Cut out all the bloody and foul language, left everything white and fluffy.

Thus, the film from the "18+" rating moved to the "16+" rating. Isn't there a reason to collect money on repeated views?

18. Zoe. 6.21

If in the "Form of Water" an ordinary earthly woman, without a twinge of conscience and biological foundations, falls in love with an underwater creature and gives herself to her, in the literal sense of the word, both soul and body, why not create the same rehash, but already with an artificial person, endowed with AI?

The problems here, of course, are more global, and therefore the film looks more dignified and disgusting than in the film "Guilherma del Tora". Plus, it also makes you think. Not that the naive and sickly bestiality of the generally recognized master.

19. Rampage. 6.17


As usual, satellites that have spent their time are falling on our heads from orbit. But some of them sometimes come across orbital laboratories that have worked out their time.

In this particular film, the wreckage of a laboratory fell on the heads of the residents of the long-suffering state of the United States, which contained experimental substances to create all the same biologically strong and hardy warriors. This stuff was sniffed by one local white monkey and one local wolf. As for the crocodile, he actually ate one of the capsules. And he became, overnight, a real killer submarine and surface boat, which, along with the hypertrophied monkey and wolf, rushes to the headquarters of the company, which runs the experiments.

It is not hard to guess that this headquarters is located in the center of a large city on the top floor of the tallest skyscraper. And, it is just as easy to guess that during this hellish run, the hefty animals from the city will not leave a stone unturned.

The plot is idiotic, and invented only to show all the action with the fighting of giant animals and how they crumble buildings and all other infrastructure to the right and left, and the military is trying to crumble them.

It is completely unclear why the Dwayne Johnson Rock with its physical data was needed here? Considering that as an actor he is useless, then he should be invited to roles in which he can reveal himself as a fighter or a strong man, a master of massacre and endurance.

But here ... Rock is a doctor of biology! As one well-known horse would say, do not make my horseshoes laugh!

20. Jurassic World 2.16


Once again, both wildlife rescuers and “gamblers” come to the island. It turns out that on the island of Jurassic Park, a volcano will soon explode (yes, it will explode, as in Dante's Peak in 1997) and nothing will be left from the local giant prehistoric reptiles, which have bred ad libitum.

And, as if out of the ground, suddenly there is an ambitious scientist, obsessed with the desire to save at least several species. And together with him, a person who wants to warm their hands on these animals, that is, for example, to resell them on the black market, goes to the island under the guise of a good uncle.

But everything, as usual, goes to hell when third forces come into play in the person of some loser, who, in this case, suddenly begins to simply be brutally lucky. Of course. The island is still brutal.


Who cares, further down the list go:

  1. Bleach (6.1);
  2. The Maze Runner: The Death Cure (6.0);
  3. Anon (6.0);
  4. Reproduction (6.0) (you can read more about the film in our "Super Spoiler");
  5. The mystery of the clock house (5.9).

On this, perhaps, and finish. Ahead of us is the summing up of the results of the year in the genre of "fantasy", but for now - just everything, and more excellent films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman