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What an interesting movie to watch on Saturday night: In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)


Today we will relax to the new fantastic detective thriller from Netflix studio "In the Shadow of the Moon", which premiered on the streaming service on September 21, 2019. Anyone who is puzzled over the problem of what an interesting movie to watch on the weekend can safely choose it and here's why.

The film is not abstruse, not tense, without tricky heaps and a huge number of characters, so the picture looks easy. And its interesting, original and unpredictable plot will be appreciated not only by fans of science fiction, but also by fans of dramas and detective stories.

How it all began

The year is 1988. Recent Police Academy graduate Thomas Lockhart serves as a patrol officer for the Philadelphia Police Department. His wife is about to give birth, but just in the evening, when she went into labor, the city was shocked by a series of mysterious murders. For some people, it would seem, out of nowhere, blood begins to flow from all possible places on the head - from the ears, nose, mouth, eyes.


An eerie sight. And upon closer examination it turns out that this is not blood at all. This is brain tissue. What is the reason why people’s brains begin to ooze from all holes? That was the question that Thomas asked. And having discovered in each victim (there were three of them - the driver of the bus on the flight, the pianist who spoke just in front of the public and the cook of one of the local eateries) mysterious prick marks on the neck, he bites into this matter with his teeth like a crocodile in a victim, despite that he is not even close to a detective yet.

Together with their partner, they go on the trail of a mysterious black stranger in a sweatshirt, suspected of being involved in all these three murders, and is guilty of the fourth - the murder of a girl from a nightclub, with whom Thomas managed to exchange a few words before the way her brains poured out through her eyes, mouth and ears.

Tom and his partner are pursuing a mysterious woman, but she turns out to be very sophisticated in the art of hand-to-hand combat, which is why it is physically impossible to take her with her bare hands without opening fire from a standard weapon.

And although Tom manages to catch up with the woman, engage in a fight with her and even inject her with the injection device she lost, she easily overcomes him.


But, as a result of an absurd accident, it falls on the track just at the moment the train arrives and is literally smeared out.

What's the intrigue?

The intrigue is that before she dies, the woman manages to talk to the main character, and she says things that make it clear to Tom that she is either not from this time, or not at all from this world. She calls him by name, being aware that his wife is giving birth at this time, etc. In general, one gets the impression that she knows him from somewhere. Moreover, he knows very well.

But the intrigue does not end there. After 9 years, the murders are repeated, moreover, the suspect looks very much like the same woman who died 9 years ago under the wheels of a subway locomotive. Tom is already a detective, and this time he is seriously determined to figure everything out.

But this, as we will see later, will take more than one 9-year cycle.

Why is the movie called In the Shadow of the Moon?

A question for filling. Anyone who decides to watch the movie "In the Shadow of the Moon", first of all, wants to know why it is called that way. Well, we answer. According to one scientist, once every 9 years, a kind of balance is established between the Earth and the Moon, during which a channel is opened, with the help of which it is possible to move in time.


Not without the help of a special technique, of course, but, nevertheless ...

What's good about the movie and what's bad about it?

The film is good in that it is not oversaturated with computer graphics for the most I do not want, which is why the picture looks easy, and extraneous visual effects do not distract from the main plot. Watching the trailer.

As you can see, this is a typical example of how an excellent film can be made for relatively little money.

The script would be good and the actors are sane, which is exactly what is present here.

The only thing that was not very pleasant was that the filmmakers skimped on the make-up artist, which is why the main character, 20-year-old Thomas Lockhard, hardly differs from 47-year-old Thomas Lockhard. Unless they glued the beard, extended their hair, tousled it and pulled on a greasy cap.

Well, muddled with "lunar-earth" troubles also looks a little ridiculous. Anyone will find this nonsense. But the writers needed to find a cheap version of what the girl could use to jump in time. So they can be forgiven for that too.

We have no more complaints about the creators of In the Shadow of the Moon.


Anyone who wants to watch the film "In the Shadow of the Moon" free of charge and without any registrations, we advise you to follow the following link:

Watch "In the Shadow of the Moon" online

We just wish the rest of you a good mood and more cool films and TV series!

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