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UK company builds a cryptocurrency mining bike


Recently, quite original methods have been used to extract cryptocurrency. Thus, the British company 50cycles presented a bike for mining virtual money.

More kilometers - more money

The more distance traveled, the more virtual money a bike rider gets. Moreover, the developer of the device is not an innovative startup that is trying to "leave" on a fashionable topic - the company has been operating since 2003, and the specificity of its production is the creation of advanced bicycles. The electric bike was named Toba, and the operating principle of the mining platform itself is quite simple: after a certain number of kilometers, a certain amount of virtual currency is generated. The more the bike is used, the more electronic money is credited to the account.

There is a limitation though. This mining method is not suitable for all types of cryptocurrencies. Bicycle owners will have the opportunity to earn only internal virtual coins of the manufacturer - LoyalCoin. For 1600 kilometers covered, the cyclist will receive domestic coins equivalent to $ 26.

The British manufacturer has several goals. First of all, it is about taking care of consumers and spreading the idea of a healthy lifestyle: lovers of healthy cycling receive a financial bonus, albeit a virtual one. Also, mass campaigning for choosing bicycles instead of cars acts as a kind of action in defense of the environment. And the main, but perhaps the implicit task of the manufacturer is an unusual marketing strategy for promoting his product. By the way, similar ideas were previously initiated in USA. So, one of the Moscow sports clubs planned to introduce simulators, using which gym clients could earn some cryptocurrency. But the initiative did not spread.

The most creative ways to make virtual money

After the interest in bitcoins swept the whole world, in the practice of mining, several cases were recorded when it was possible to generate cryptocurrency using very unusual methods. For example, one of the "miners" of electronic coins said that he manages to mine currency using his car, connecting to an outlet at a gas station from Tesla. According to him, he has a mining farm in his trunk.

Hackers get cryptocurrency by spreading a virus in brimmobile applications. When a program or game is launched, cybercriminals receive their cryptocoins, and the users of the device get the game currency. At the scientific institute in The Hague, scientists were able to mine virtual currency using the energy of the human body. During the experiment using a special suit, volunteers generated 127,210 milliwatts of electricity for 9 days, which brought about 17,000 virtual units.

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Author: Jake Pinkman