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What to see from the movies on Saturday night. Murder Mystery (2019)


This time Saturday night we will chill out to a comedy starring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans, Gemma Arthertoln and Terence Stamp. And although the latter was killed at the very beginning, the Hollywood veteran, in any case, deserves a mention in the credits among the very first.

And now our "eloquent" short description and review of Murder Mysterious movie.

Short synopsis

NYPD Sergeant Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) has failed his detective exams for the third time. But he is lying to his wife that he passed it successfully, and that now his salary has grown impressively.


His wife, Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Anniston), works as a hairdresser and has been waiting for the promised "honey" trip to Europe from her husband for 15 years. And so, on the eve of their 15th anniversary, she cannot stand it and speaks out about this, to which the one who prepared her a $ 50 subscription to Amazon as a gift decides to lie that he allegedly prepared a surprise for them - a tour to Old light, which I wanted to tell her only in the morning.

In general, the couple gets on a plane, where they accidentally meet the son of one of the world's coolest billionaires (Luke Evans). He invites them to spend time with him (or, to be more precise, with his father) on the yacht, and they graciously accept his offer.

Still, to steam for several hours on the bus in order to gawk at some kind of ham factory, where is there any rest. But for other tours, the fake detective Spitz, apparently, did not have enough money. And then - an evening on a yacht, where you can eat shrimp in plates for free!

And everything would be fine, but only the head of the family - Malcolm Queens (Terence Stamp), was stabbed by someone almost in front of everyone at the time of signing the will. The light flickered for just a second, and a moment later, the Chinese knife of the devil-some dynasty (heirloom) was in daddy's chest.

Oddly enough, all suspicions fall precisely on a couple of alien Americans. How will they get out of this situation?

As it turned out, with humor, fervor and the most, that neither is, zeal.

Briefly about the pros

Films from the streaming service Netflix contain the most unexpected "cast" of actors. But the Sandler-Aniston duet is generally something with something. It would seem, well, what do they have in common? Sandler is always stupidly smiling, if not half-dumb, then squinting like that. Aniston is always fit and collected. Not to say that she may not be funny, but she always keeps within limits.


But here, in our opinion, the duo still worked together. It turns out that both Sandler can play quite tolerably without his stupid smirks, and Aniston is able to "curb" the comedic role, and without resorting to the role of "average simpleton" and naive idiot.

They played easily, naturally and with taste, as the doctor (in this case, the director) ordered. And therefore it turned out quite well for itself.

Another good thing about the film is that there are no boring and cliched jokes "below the belt". All the jokes and twists in the film are not funny, but funny - that's for sure.

Briefly about the cons

Any lover of the detective genre will exclaim that, firstly, the detective is not enough, and, secondly, it’s all kind of crooked-oblique and sucked out of the finger.


Yes, there is a bit of that. But don't be so picky. This is, first of all, a film for rest and relaxation. In fact, the comedy comes first here, and then the detective. If you look, there are corpses and murders, that is, all the beginnings of a thriller. But, nevertheless, first of all, it is a comedy tape.

Those who want purely detective stories or thrillers - there are plenty of them on the Internet. But to miss this masterpiece is also to lose a lot.


In general, the film looks easy and with the greatest pleasure. During the viewing, we never once had the thought of taking a nap, distraction or switching to something else. No psychological pressure, no annoying twists and turns. In total, in our opinion, in moderation. Of course, humor is not enough, but it is better to let it be than brute force.


In general, watch the movie. He will undoubtedly please everyone. And on this we say goodbye to you until the next Saturday viewing. If you don't know what to watch from the movies on the weekend, we are always happy to help with advice. In the meantime, we wish you a pleasant viewing, good mood and more cool films and TV series!

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