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Top 10 Top Games - How Did They Get On Steam?


Gabe Newell became a true icon of PC gaming, as by creating Steam, he gave gamers a platform on which to play hundreds of quality and interesting games. Having decided to support independent developers, Valve launched an early access system through which the player could publish any projects for free, thereby opening a Pandora's box.

We, risking our mental health, rummaged in the Steam flea market and picked up for you the TOP 10 of the strangest games that will drive you crazy or make you convulse with laughter. If anything, we have warned.


To some readers, the name of David O'Reilly may seem familiar, because after all he was one of the main authors of the animated series "Adventure Times" and this strange, unlike anything else game is also his doing. For 50 hours, you are invited to look at the mountain soaring in space and, perhaps, that's all. From the control, there is only the ability to bring the camera closer to the mountain using the mouse. When you play Mountain, you will probably be able to learn Zen and then become Buddhist monks, so we advise you to be careful.

Goat Simulator

This is a sad, even lyrical story about how the goat decided to take revenge on the human race and began to create lawlessness. The goat destroys the surrounding city, butts civilians, flies on a jet-pack and does other things usual for goats. How about changing the direction of the railroad track and making the train crash over onto unsuspecting workers? The game is the real king of the Open World sandbox genre, where there is GTA V. Download Goat Simulator is recommended for those people who: a) love animals; b) love to break everything around; c) have a specific sense of humor.

Dinner Date

The protagonist of the game is an unlucky guy named Julian Luxemburg, who is still waiting for his girlfriend to come to his date. The player will be able to watch an exciting plot for 15 minutes: we watch Julian eating toast, soup, intriguingly pouring wine, talking about the mistakes of his youth and how his beloved treats him. Amazing. The finale of the game is absolutely brilliant: the hero comes to the window, thoughtfully lights a cigarette and, as a result, does not wait for the girl's arrival. This is a drama, half of the minibus cried with Julian.

I am Bread

All fans of the great Goat Simulator have the opportunity to play another exciting project. You play as an ordinary and unremarkable toast of bread, from which you need to make a royal sandwich and deliver it to the toaster. Cover yourself with butter, jam, stick chips, mushrooms or cheese to a piece of bread, create your dream sandwich! Most importantly, beware of the floor. Download I am Bread if you want to master the difficult art of making butters.

Plug and Play

This is one of those games where it is not clear: the developers either wanted to convey deep meaning to gamers through metaphorical images, or they simply got a lot of smoke and showed the world their drug addict brainchild. In Plug and Play, you need to play as people with heads, plugs and sockets, along the way solving puzzles and participating in strange dialogues. The developers say that with their project they wanted to explore the nature of the sexuality of anthropomorphic creatures. Sounds good, yes. The deep meaning is also emphasized by the children's choir, which sounds at one of the moments of the game. In general, it is recommended for all fans of the arthouse.

Uganda know de Way

Finally, something really good came out in Steam: the game that you, your neighbor and even your cat dreamed of ... A game about Knuckles Uganda! What could be better? We can already assume that in the future there will be a game about almost every meme, and we are especially waiting for the appearance of a project in the battle royale genre, where instead of characters there will be memes heroes. This game will change the world. Uganda know de Way is still not a battle royale, but definitely a royal doodle, where you need to jump across anime characters in Uganda. Sounds great and plays even better.

Potato Thriller

We present to your attention a new exciting horror, after which even Amnesia will seem like a horror story for the little ones. In Potato Thriller, you have to hide from a terrible and low-poly potato maniac. Lots of screamers, an atmosphere of suspense and the opportunity to talk to a hot dog - that's what makes this game great and deserves the title of "Editor's Choice". In incentive ratings range from "10 OUT of 10" to "PT for the poor and the traveler", but we assure you that after completing this game you will definitely not be indifferent.

Soda Drinker Pro

If you have passed the goat and bread simulator, and no longer know what to do with your life further, then you should not be upset, because the main masterpiece ahead is the soda simulator! For 118 psychedelic levels, you just need to walk around the area, enjoy the great graphics and drink liters of soda. If you love baking soda so much that you can't imagine your life without it, then you will definitely like this game.

Navalny 20! 8: The Rise of Evil

Are you tired of waiting for a game that will prove that USA developers have not forgotten how to make good projects? Then check out Navalny 20! 8: The Rise of Evil. The most relevant game today, which has absorbed all the political realities of modern USA. In the role of an activist of Navalny's campaign headquarters, the players must collect signatures from three hundred thousand voters, study the villas of wealthy officials, hyip a little bit on the program with Dudy and eventually fight the current president of the USA Federation.

Shower with your Dad Simulator 2015

That's enough jokes. It's time to move on to a really decent game, a real work of art that is multifaceted and great in every aspect. The name of the game contains the essence of the gameplay: controlling a little boy, you need to help him find his father and take shower procedures with him. Oh, if the Witcher 3 hadn't been released in 2015, then this simulator would have rightfully taken all the Game of the Year awards. Why are there years, at least centuries.

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