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More than three weeks of the new year have passed, and the public has received virtually no news from Apple. The most famous electronics manufacturer in the world seemed to be hiding before the presentation of something interesting and global.

We will not wait for the announcements of this company, but will discuss the little information that is already available.

iPhone 11 will have a triple camera

At the moment, it is known that the 2019 iPhones have not yet taken their final shape and appearance. They are still being improved.

In the first decade of January, images of a device with a triple camera block appeared on the network. Most of the respondents did not like this product.

Later, insiders published a photo of another gadget. He has a small "bangs" and thin frames. The size of the "bangs" has been reduced, most likely due to the use of modern display technologies and as a result of moving the earpiece higher.


A closer look at the rear panel of the device reveals some design changes compared to its predecessors.

The camera block is made according to the horizontal plane principle. The same scheme was once used in the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus. The difference lies in the fact that in the new device this block is centered, which was not the case before.

You can also notice the presence of a ring-shaped LED flash and equipping the device with a Lightning connector rather than a USB-C port.

From the foregoing, we can assume that Yabloko decided this year to apply a dual scheme in the production of the iPhone. Most likely, we have witnessed an experiment with the future iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max. It is possible that after the release of a trial batch, in case of unsatisfactory sales, one of the options will be abandoned.

iPod Touch 7 is on the way

Admirers of this product have recently learned about the release of its new version. This was made possible thanks to the efforts of the Japanese retail chain Macotakara, which traced the supply chain of the American giant.

At the same time, no data has been published about the characteristics of the new device. We only know that this iPod Touch will be inexpensive.


Recall that the sixth version of this gadget was released in 2015, it was sold at a price of 17,000 rubles (199 US dollars). The lineup included several devices, but the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle soon ceased to exist.

Apple products are constantly growing in price. This is especially true for the iPhone. Therefore, purchasing an iPod Touch 7 can be beneficial in two ways. On the one hand, the user receives a product of a well-known brand, on the other hand, it is cheaper than other Apple devices and has some of their functionality.

Of course, one cannot expect that the new iPod Touch will be packed with the most advanced functionality of the company, such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. But even the very fact of updating the gadget will benefit him. Provided that the product remains within the same price range. This question will be a priority when choosing this device.

Macotakara also announced that the upcoming iPhone will have a USB-C port, ditching the Lightning connector.

IPhone will master instant camera launch

At this time, getting the iPhone camera to work is easy enough. To do this, you just need to make a swipe from right to left. But first you need to unlock and turn on the device display. This takes a little time, but at the right moment, it may not be enough to capture something interesting.

This situation can arise unexpectedly. But it is possible. Apparently, the company's specialists also thought about this. This is evidenced by a patent that Apple received not so long ago.


It talks about the ability to launch the iPhone camera automatically when the device is in the user's hands in a certain position. It is characterized by the phrase “like he wants to start filming.”

It is not yet clear what this position will be characterized by and how the device will determine that its owner wants to photograph something. The patent talks about the proximity sensor, which is likely to play a key role in resolving this issue.

The main thing is that the constant launch of the application does not annoy device users. After all, this is a technique that may not always understand what is wanted from it.

The important thing here is that we are only discussing a patent, work on which may end without having begun.

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Author: Jake Pinkman