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Strange and not for everyone: Control overview


Control could be called, if not the most anticipated game of the summer, then certainly the most mystical. And that's exactly how she came out. You will often feel lost, but this is how the game was intended. She tries to confuse and intrigue you from the first minutes. How? This question will be answered by a review on Control.

Finding Brother

We play as Jesse Fayden, she arrives at the Federal Bureau of Control in search of her brother, whom, in her opinion, the FBK was kidnapped while he was on a secret mission to protect the world from the paranormal.

By her arrival, the FBC headquarters, called the "Oldest House", is under the control of a mysterious entity named Hiss. She subdues the minds of all employees of the office. The former director of this office, Zachariah Trench, dies, and Jess picks up his weapon that can endlessly restore cartridges. It also gives her the status of the new head of the bureau, about which she is calm, as if this happens here every day, the remnants of the surviving staff inform. She has to rebuild the Bureau.


Everything is curious and curious

If we talk about the game, then it is worth focusing on two main components: the plot and the gameplay. The first will disappoint many people who have come to Control expecting AAA straightforwardness. The plot in Control is presented in a non-standard way and in fragments, so in the end it will leave more questions than answers.

Remedy tried to mix Quantum Break and Max Payne motives in their new project. But the mysticism here is not as straightforward as in the last game of the studio, and noir is not as appropriate as in Max Payne. Jess, of course, is not a cardboard character, but she does not reach the level of Max.


The plot itself, presented to us through dialogues with characters, begins as a promising mystical adventure, and in the end becomes more a drama than a psychological thriller, which the developers constantly presented the game with. And the heroine's internal monologues, which would add seriousness, rather interfere with the perception of what is happening, because they are often comical.

At some point during the game, Jesse remarks that while she must be terrified of the Old House, she actually finds an ominous sense of mystery appealing.

I would call the Old House itself the real star of the game. Its winding labyrinths, which sometimes try to play with space and break it, ever-changing rooms, gray massive walls, pressing on the player and causing a feeling of claustrophobia, are mesmerizing. Of course, they may seem monotonous to someone, but it is impossible to imagine a more suitable setting for such a game.


This brutal array highlights all the terrible bureaucracy that permeates the bureau. And it would seem that interesting in the study of such an environment, but Remedy was able to do it. The house expands, deepens and grows, constantly throwing surprises at you in the form of new rooms or rooms, which are full of different notes or audio recordings that reveal lore. Secret files, research fragments, taped interviews and other information materials detail the building's history, the competing interests of its top managers, and speculations about what Hiss is and what he wants.

A fairly large layer of the plot is hidden in this particular literature. These items and scraps tell the story of a bureaucracy, twisted by its obsessions, which the game conveys so beautifully through the House's ever-twisted brutalist architecture. But, alas, there are so many of them and godlessly that reading them ceases to be interesting literally in two hours.


Quantum Break

If the story is not so straightforward, then what you will definitely enjoy in the game is the gameplay. He's exactly what it should be in a third-person action game. Our pistol has several modes and an infinite number of cartridges. You will use two of the five modes at most - the default pistol and the shotgun, as these are the most useful weapons.


If in some games the features are boring or require too much effort from the player, in the creation from Remedy the opposite is true. The gameplay constantly feels peppy and dynamic, especially when you start using Jess's super powers. For example, you can throw objects at people. In some other game, you would have to look for an item, think if it will cause damage, and then aim at the enemy.

Everything is simpler here. As soon as you aim, Jess herself takes the first object that comes across and hurls with all her dope at the enemy. What if there are no objects in the room? She will simply tear off a piece of the wall and throw it at the enemy. Yes, the game has a collapsing environment and you can turn any room into a mess. And this is wonderful - the physics of objects is at the highest level, and grabbing a cabinet with documents, they will scatter throughout the room. Combining this with flying or other perks, you just get explosive fast gameplay without a single stop.


You noticed a group of enemies, sat down for cover, and getting closer to them, you simply take a piece of the parapet behind which you were hiding and send it to the dummies. They open fire, you take cover behind a shield just made from the floor, jump into the air and start pouring a shower of bullets on Hiss, and during reloading you throw at the enemy everything that comes to hand. Having landed on the ground, collect the healers that fell from the enemies while a new crowd is running at you. And the main thing is that the picture does not sag at this time and looks very juicy and beautiful, although in some cases you notice a drop in FPS at quieter stages of the game.

Leveling does not cause much interest - the usual skill tree that appears after you find special places for carrying out strange rituals, which also serve as save points. Let's just say that it is more interesting to use forces than to pump. And you can download them by performing side effects, just make you do it and no one will grind the experience, for which a separate bow to the developers.


RTX or not RTX

And of course, it's worth mentioning the vaunted ray tracing, which was not mentioned except perhaps by the mute. The game looks impressive without it, but with RTX enabled, you can see an impressive difference. Reflective surfaces really look like that, once again proving that light and shadow can work wonders, turn surrealism into reality

. This is how Polygon described RTX:

“Walking past the clear glass and seeing my surroundings perfectly reflected behind me was overwhelming and I kept finding new areas that made me stop and stare at the visuals. Control remains an impressive game on consoles and modest PC hardware, but it is also one of the best ray tracing examples Nvidia could count on.


Should we take everything under Control?

Summing up the review of Control, we can say that the game has dizzying gameplay, diluted with great visuals and one of the best combat systems that we have seen this year. The gameplay is more than enjoyable and each new shootout awakens in you the desire to crush and break, using different combinations of power. But the plot is not so cool. In the game, the ending is just fire, and it will take you by surprise, but the path to that end is unlikely to be interesting to everyone. After completing the game, you will tell yourself that you have understood, that you have not understood anything.

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Author: Jake Pinkman