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Huawei unveils new Honor 20 smartphone family


Huawei has pleased with the next novelties, although the brand is now going through difficult times due to tense relations with the American authorities. The new flagship of the company is the Honor 20 smartphone along with the premium version 20 Pro, which differ only in the configurations of the photo modules and the amount of memory.

Great expectations

Among its fellow tribesmen, the Honor 20 family has both individual features and some similarities with the brand's previous smartphones. The parameters of the four-module camera brought the new Honor 20 to the third place in the ranking of DxOMark mobile cameras, a service that professionally tests the quality of images obtained, including with the help of cameras of mobile devices.

The body of the new flagship family is distinguished by the visual effect of "dynamic holography". Some features of its production are known. At the final stage of the assembly of the body layers in the course of a complex technological process, a careful quality control is carried out. As a result, only every fifth sample passes the final selection.


External parameters

The new Honor smartphone has a larger size and screen size when compared to the previous Honor 10. Huawei has continued the tradition by releasing new smartphones in bright iridescent colors from classic black to light blue. The thin-bezel screen occupies about 92% of the front panel of the device.

The camera layout is similar to the flagship Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. The main photomodules are in the same vertical row, while the auxiliary lens and the flash are located at a close distance from them. The selfie camera fits into a small circular recess of the screen, and the developers have built a fingerprint sensor directly into the device's launch button.


Technical stuffing

Along with other devices in 2018, including the Mate 20, Mate 20 Pro, Honor View 20, P30, and P30 Pro, the Honor 20 smartphone received the same HiSilicon Kirin 980 chipset. The operating system is Android 9, supplemented by the Magic firmware UI 2. The device is powered by a 3750 mAh battery. The amount of RAM and internal memory is 6 and 128 GB. The device supports NFC technology.


The premium version 20 Pro features a slightly more powerful battery (4000 mAh) and more storage: 8 and 256 GB. Like the younger model, the 20 Pro does not support wireless charging. In terms of cameras, Honor 20 Pro stands out with a slightly increased optical aperture of the main photomodule against the background of its "little brother".

Camera Features

What distinguishes the system of photomodules, thanks to which the Honor 20 smartphone was in the leading place in terms of the quality of the images obtained. The main camera includes four modules. The main one is the 48 MP Sony IMX586 has increased light sensitivity and electronic stabilization. It is followed by a 16 MP wide-angle lens with a viewing angle of 117 degrees, the third sensor is designed to take pictures from a minimum distance (up to 4 cm), and, finally, the fourth 2 MP module adjusts the frame depth.


Intelligent technology complements the camera system. Among them, support for optimal stabilization in night mode, which outputs sharper images with vivid colors in low light. Another intelligent algorithm, AI Ultra Clarity, ensures the quality of photos by composing the final image from the clearest parts. First, the 48MP lens captures several consecutive frames of the same image, then intelligent technology itself selects the clearest details from all images and combines them into a final 48MP "super shot", surpassing the quality of conventional photos with similar resolution.

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