God of War Without Kratos, Nintendo Killed Mario Battle Royale, Battlefield V's Finger Pistol - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two (Topic)

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God of War Without Kratos, Nintendo Killed Mario Battle Royale, Battlefield V's Finger Pistol - This week's game news digest from Cadelta. Part two


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God of War could have been without Kratos

Corey Barlog, Creative Head of GoW Development, recently talked about the creation of their latest game. As it happens, development was uneven and the project could be completely different.

It turned out that Kratos was going to be cut out of history in principle. In the last trilogy, he was an anti-hero that was difficult to get feelings for. For this reason, most developers were sure that he was boring and would infuriate players.

Proponents of these changes believed that the game was primarily based on mythology than on the hero, but Corey Barlog convinced everyone by saying that the story of a person fighting against his urges could be interesting.


Against the background of all these controversies, a new character, Atreus, the son of Kratos, was included in the story. Funny, but introducing him into this action was also not the best solution. According to Barlog, the watchmen at Sony Santa Monica feared it would turn the game into one big escort mission.

At the development stage, many were in favor of removing Atreus from the game, since the developers and animators did not have the resources and time to correctly introduce him into the game. Barlog even prepared a reserve description of the game for the management, and the boy was not mentioned in it at all.

Nintendo killed the Super Mario Bros battle royale

Last week we wrote that an enthusiastic blogger InfernoPlus created a battle royale for Super Mario Bros. It only existed for ten days, since the copyright holder took over it.

Five days after pressure from Big N, InfernoPlus removed all audio, sprites and titles from the game so that the game had nothing to do with Super Mario Bros. Alas, the redesign did not yield any results and Nintendo's lawyers still complained that the game infringed on copyright. As a result, it had to be removed. Now, if you click on the link that the game was previously launched, the inscription will flaunt there:

“Sorry, but your battle royale is in another castle. Despite my best efforts, the lawyers of Uncle Ninindi (author's distortion - WorldOfTopics) assure that the game violates copyright. The details were not given to me, but apparently the general design of the levels and mechanics are very similar to the original game.


I can't do anything with the game, as it threatens me with legal proceedings. I will most likely share the brief life of the game on my You-Tube. Sorry, guys. It was fun.

Infringio rests here. She was too beautiful for this world. ”

In the ten days of its life, InfernoPlus managed to get the game damaged more than once. Wish it helped.

Finger Cannon - The New Easter Egg in Battlefield V

The creators of Battlefield are very fond of custom Easter eggs. For example, in Battlefield 1, the developers hid a megalodon in the game that attacks people. In the last game, it became possible to shoot with fingers.

For this, you need to do a number of specific actions. You need to find a box with a shovel and a light signal. When it glows green, the shovel will indicate in which direction to move. After following there, you need to find a zone for strengthening and excavate it. The coveted pistol finger awaits you in the pit.

This weapon of death deals ten points of damage and has several unique reload animations. When firing, your character makes the appropriate sounds, and on the screen inscriptions of exclamations appear in the style of comic clouds. After death, the weapon is lost.

The Creators of Dead by Daylight Are Making a Mobile Strategy Game of Thrones

Of course, we all want to see some cool RPG of the CD PR level for this franchise, but for now we will see a strategy for mobile Game of Thrones with the subtitle Beyond the Wall from the creators of Dead by Daylight.

The authors call their game a collectible strategic RPG. The action will unfold decades before the start of the events of the original "Game of Thrones". We will lead the Night Watch and take command of its employees.


We will be able to recruit people from all over the world. Thanks to the chardrve, our hero will be able to see important moments in history and will collect under the command of different characters from "A Song of Ice and Fire". The gameplay consists of the battle of the units that we will control, the use of tactics and special techniques.

The game will be released on Android and IOS this year.

Reality show based on Myst

If we were to make the top games for which we want to see the film adaptation, Myst probably would not have entered there, if this top was at 30 positions. However, the producers of The Matrix from the Village Roadshow Entertainment Group intend to create reality shows based on this series of quests, as well as cover other media formats.

The original creators Rand and Robin Millers are involved in the project. They aim to create full-blown content for the show.

Recall that the first game of this series was released back in 1993, and sold 6 million copies. It was once the best-selling PC game until it was supplanted by The Sims in 2002.


Nowadays it is in vogue to film your projects in the hope of reviving the genre of films based on games. As we already wrote, Ubisoft is now filming a series based on Skull and Bones, Deep Silver is working on the adaptation of Saints Row, and Sony has created its own film production department based on its intellectual property.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo Oppose 25% Duties on Chinese Goods

At the moment, American President Donald Trump started a trade war with China and proposed to introduce a 25% duty on a number of Chinese goods, including on the console. This will hit the video game market hard.

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sent a collective letter of appeal to the US Trade Government, indicating that if the duty were imposed, consumers would pay $ 840 million more than otherwise.

According to them, 96% of all consoles imported to America are made in China. Due to the fact that special components are used for production, it is very difficult to change the manufacturer. And if they do, the value of the consoles will increase so much that the duty of 25% will stand on the sidelines and nervously smoke.


Also, platform holders claim that consoles maintain a certain balance in the market, and its violation will lead to higher prices for many other electronic goods and harm software developers.

It is not yet known whether the duties will come into effect and whether they will really affect the gaming market so much.

This was all the news for the weekend. Stay tuned.

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