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ZTE has released the new Axon 9 Pro


ZTE has introduced a new product - the Axon 9 Pro smartphone, which has received a number of technical innovations. The flagship with a large screen and an 8mm body in a deep deep blue hue has advanced functionality for high-quality photography results.

Image and sound

The manufacturer has always paid close attention to the sound processing quality of its smartphones, but when creating a new flagship, it decided not to stop there. Axon 9 Pro received an image processing engine called Axon Vision, with the help of which the image is cleared of unnecessary noise, as well as distortion of the outlines of objects. Additionally, a special setting provides an increase in the frame rate. According to the company, this technology raises the frame rates from 24 to 60 frames per second when watching video content.

Axon 9 Pro

In addition to HDR10 support, the new ZTE Axon 9 Pro has an automatic RGB sensor. Its mechanism independently adjusts the optimal brightness and color balance for a more comfortable use of the phone in different lighting conditions.

Audio quality is provided by a pair of audio chips, whose job is to process audio playback to provide acceptable sound quality even at high volumes. The two output speakers support Dolby Atmos technology.

The front camera with two sensors (20 and 12 MP) and support for artificial intelligence has a variety of settings and optical image stabilization. The camera is shooting with a viewing angle of 130 degrees. For selfie lovers, the ZTE smartphone is capable of reproducing studio quality photos by simulating professional lighting.

Technical stuffing

The flagship is powered by a powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, which is one of the latest Qualcomm products. Operating system - Android 8.1. ZTE's new Axon 9 Pro smartphone is equipped with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. Optionally, you can use memory cards that increase the capacity up to 2 TB.

The 4000mAh battery is capable of recharging within an hour using Quick Charge. QI wireless charging is also available. It is distinguished by compatibility not only with branded sites, but also with a large number of third-party offers. The new ZTE Axon 9 Pro smartphone has a maximum moisture protection level of ip68, thanks to which the device will not suffer from accidental splashing into water.

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