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Top 10 Free PC Games Without Intrusive Micropayments


Probably it's no secret that being a gamer in 2018 is a rather expensive hobby. Today, even in Steam, which is famous for its low prices, the price for many new items is not less than 1000 rubles. But what to do if there is no extra money, and the soul requires new games? The answer is very simple - just pay attention to Free to Play games. And do not let the free distribution model confuse you, many of them are not inferior in quality to blockbusters for 4000 rubles. Don't believe me? Check out our selection of the best free PC games.

Team Fortress 2

The best recommendation for playing Team Fortress 2 is the fact that the game is developed by Valve. This studio needs no introduction and has established itself as a trendsetter in multiplayer shooters. You just need to remember the immortal Counter Strike or the multiplayer mode of the Half-Life series.

So what's so special about Team Fortress 2? Well, aside from countless hats to hang on characters, this Free 2 Play shooter is just a flawless mechanic where teamwork is cultivated. The gameplay for each of the 9 characters is radically different, so you have to try hard to get bored with the game. The author of this text, for example, even after 200 hours gladly returns to the battlefields of Team Fortress 2. Plus, without spending a cent on in-game purchases.

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And another Valve project in our selection of the best free PC games. Of course, Gabe Newwell's company can be endlessly criticized for shifting its focus from singles to shareware. But Valve should be given credit, even in the free segment they release flawless and simply the best multiplayer projects.

So, about DOTA 2. The game is famous not only for its audience, where crowds of schoolchildren will definitely make a couple of compliments to your mom, but also for its excellent, balanced gameplay. More than a hundred different characters with their own set of skills will make sure that any 15-minute "skating rink" is unique. Also, playing DOTA 2 is a great investment in the future. How about competing in the world championships for the $ 20 million prize?

Download DOTA 2

Worlds of Tanks

A unique MMO that has chained to the screens even those who avoid games like fire and consider them "silly toys for schoolchildren." So what is the reason for this popularity? First of all, the setting of tank battles, as well as the elaborate ballistics of projectiles and the physics of vehicles. Separately, it should be noted that is meticulous about the reliability of combat vehicles and involves technical and military consultants in the development.

The gameplay of World of Tanks is quite simple: there are only 2 teams of 15 players each, who, competing in tactics, speed and accuracy, must win in one of 6 game modes. In addition to the classic wall-to-wall battles, there are options with defense and assault on the base. Despite its 10-year history, World of Tanks is actively being supplied with large-scale updates. The latter, for example, added photorealistic graphics, just remember to take care of upgrading your computer in advance.

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League of Legends

If for some reason DOTA 2 didn't suit your taste, then you can always pay attention to another free game called "LOL" in the gaming community. In many ways, it is similar to "Dota", the concept is almost identical: we choose one of the characters and in the company of loyal comrades we smash the enemy base to pieces. But, of course, there are some nuances, for example, the rune system.

The question of which is better DOTA 2 or LOL is one of the most dramatic on the gaming forums. We advise you not to ask it if you do not want to arrange another bloody war between fans of MOBA games. We recommend trying both free games and drawing conclusions from personal experience. And yes, League of Legends will also allow you to get rich in world tournaments, if you can, of course, deal with Koreans honing their skills 24/7.

Download League of Legends


Don't like games with an isometric camera and want to be in the thick of the battle, so that the blood boils from the action, and the opponents in the voice chat begged for mercy? Then you should definitely not pass by Warframe. This dynamic free-to-play PC shooter is like Diablo with a third-person perspective. The amount of loot and action per square meter exceeds all reasonable limits.

Warframe has a class system where you have more than 20 heroes to choose from, dressed in suits called a warframe. If necessary, they can always be improved, but even after reaching the maximum level, the game will have something to do. Two dozen game modes and almost inexhaustible possibilities for crafting items run the risk of delaying for many months.

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So where in the top of the best free PC games without Blizzard's masterpieces. Whatever Blizzard is mistaken for, as with Valve, you can expect a top-notch product. This also applies to Heartstone, which became one of the pioneers in card games and has been at the forefront of the genre for 4 years now.

One of the goals of the game is to collect the strongest and most diverse deck of cards with which you can leave any opponents in the "fools". The gameplay will be familiar to all gamers who have tried in The Witcher 3 to go through several matches in "Gwent". As you might guess, despite the seeming simplicity of the gameplay, Heartstone is quickly addicting, and the presence of heroes from the Warcraft universe will make the oldfags wipe away a stingy tear of sudden nostalgia.

Download Heartstone

StarCraft 2

StarCraft 2 has the very minimum of claims, it's a great game. Blizzard's policy of releasing the game in parts was really embarrassing: Wings Of Liberty came out in 2010, then the next part in 2013, and the completion of the trilogy in the face of Legacy of the Void was released in 2015. The developers, despite the huge amount of new content, were accused of trying to cash in on fans.

But that all changed in 2017 when the game switched to a shareware distribution model. No comments, "Blizzard" made a grand gift to all its fans, allowing free download of one of the best strategies in history. Even if the multiplayer mode may seem unnecessarily difficult out of habit, you can always go through 3 spectacular solo companies, each of which provides at least 10 hours of gameplay.

Download Starcraft 2


Of all the activities in "The Witcher 3", you loved most of all to rush around the world playing a game, inviting everyone you meet to spend time at the school in Gwent? Then we have extremely positive news for you. The Poles, realizing how good their card game turned out to be, decided to release it as a standalone release.

Of course, the mechanics have been improved, the number of all available cards has increased markedly, a gradation of characters by color and rarity has appeared, but otherwise it's the same insanely addicting Gwent. If you have already gone through the trilogy "The Witcher" more than once, but do not want to say goodbye to your favorite characters, then the free game Gwent will help brighten up a few boring evenings.

Download Gwent

The Elder Scrolls Online

In this article, we deliberately deprived of attention free MMORPGs, since almost all of them are similar to each other like drops of water. But there are exceptions to this rule, and The Elder Scrolls Online is the best example of this. If you are a fan of the TES series, then the mere mention that absolutely all provinces of Tamriel are represented in the game should be a worthy reason to download the game.

Otherwise, it's the same TES, albeit with an emphasis on multiplayer mode. However, no one forces you to find comrades, join clans, go to instances and do other things familiar to online RPGs. The provinces of Tamriel can be easily explored on their own and, presenting themselves as the chosen ones, once again save the world from the coming apocalypse. Although TESO has a premium account, all content can be accessed without donation, which allows you to add the game to the selection of the best free games on PC.

Download The Elder Scrolls Online

Don't want to waste time registering and downloading several tens of gigabytes to start playing? Then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the browser game And don't be confused by its cheap looks, thanks to the simple yet polished game mechanics is a free and dangerous drug. No, seriously, once you start the game, you risk waking up in 5 hours with red eyes and a wild desire to press the hypnotizing "Play" key.

Even a small child will figure out the rules of the game in a matter of minutes: you start as a small cage, and then, eating other characters and nutrients, you become more and more until you turn into a real Godzila for other players. The cell division system and the traps placed on the map deserve a separate mention, which makes the seemingly simple gameplay extremely tactical.

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