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Unusual gadgets of the past year


People have always shown interest in unusual things. Anyone who offers a product that is different from the rest has the prospect of its quick implementation. This rule applies to all products. Therefore, their developers are trying to come up with something new and interesting that amazes the user's imagination. Over the past year, there has been a lot of interesting and unusual things in the world of gadgets.

Folding device from Samsung

The device, created using Infinity Flex Display technology, which allows it to be folded or unfolded, was reviewed and described in detail last year. According to available information, it will be called Galaxy X. The announcement is expected early this year.

Nobody knows the exact technical data of this device and its design yet. In December 2018, a prototype of this product was presented. Based on it, you can judge the future novelty from Samsung.


Most likely, the smartphone will be equipped with a 7.3-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2152 x 1536. Then, when folded, it will have an aspect ratio of 4.2: 3.

Experts believe that flexible display technology is promising and interesting. The future belongs to her. True, for its progress, a lot of improvements are required to make the production of such gadgets cheaper. At the moment, there are few people willing to purchase such devices for $ 1,500.

Dual screen smartphone

Over the past year, ZTE has tried to reincarnate a smartphone display, changing the mind about it on a global scale. The Axon M they created has two screens.


Its concept is comparable to that of the Nintendo DS. The second display of the device complements the main one, when opened, increasing its area. The advantages of this approach are obvious - you can double the screen size whenever you want. This allows, for example, more comfortable viewing of images or video files.

However, there are more disadvantages. Both displays are folded outward. This increases the risk of damage to them if the smartphone is accidentally dropped. In addition, when unfolded, a black strip between the displays is always visible. It can be irritating for some.

All this, for $ 700, is a dubious pleasure for the average user. You can find more interesting smartphones that have an adequate price.

Holographic device from RED

It's impossible to forget about this device. It can be considered a symbol of technological failure.

RED develops and sells video cameras that are expensive and of excellent quality. Therefore, when the information came that this company was planning to create a smartphone with a holographic display, many fans of the brand were wary. Will it work?

For the device, costing $ 1,300, orders were soon accepted like a pig in a poke - without explaining the principles of the holographic display. Then, its announcement was postponed altogether.

After the publication of several insiders, it became clear that there is simply no holographic display. Otherwise, it was the most ordinary smartphone, but too expensive.

Notebook with two displays

Asus' Precog does have two displays. One serves as a normal monitor, and the other acts as a keyboard and touchpad.


The manufacturer bets on AI. The device saves battery power, is able to prompt in many programs, follows the user's hands, helping him to normally use the unusual touch keyboard.

It can also be expanded into three positions. In addition to the traditional one, there are “book” and “tent” options. The latter is useful when watching movies.

At the moment it is not known about the date of the start of sales of the laptop.

Suitcase with autopilot

This suitcase is called Ovis, it knows how to follow its owner. To do this, they adapted the wheels and equipped it with an autopilot.

Ovis is equipped with a wide angle camera and laser radar. This allows him to easily navigate in the surrounding space, identify obstacles and go around them. Neural networks help to recognize the host.


This suitcase was also equipped with a GPS beacon, so it is difficult to steal it. If he lags behind the owner, the latter will receive an SMS notification to his smartphone.

The device is priced at $ 400.

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Author: Jake Pinkman