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French project introduced smart lenses for augmented reality


The technical world has been supplemented by another invention associated with the development of modern developments. They are stand-alone smart lenses with integrated augmented reality technology. The authorship of the novelty belongs to a French project based on the leading university IMT Atlantique.

The development has become one of the stages of a large-scale and ambitious project for the invention of optical devices of the latest generation with augmented reality. These lenses will allow you to use a computer-to-human interface, add other options and analyze cognitive loads.

The creators of the project claim that smart contact lenses are able to fully work with additional tools, including wireless radio transmitters, LED displays, sensors for fixing eyes. At the same time, the key function of improving vision remains unchanged.

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Contact lenses are powered by a flexible microaccumulator. The creators of the novelty admitted that the most time-consuming task they had to face was the question of how to reduce the size of the power source required for the lenses to work. The engineers managed to solve the problem by inventing a compact battery that powers the integrated electronics for several hours. Thanks to this, all visual information is played back and then transmitted wirelessly.

An official press release claims that the use of flexible elements of electronics based on graphene will add even more useful options to smart lenses for the eyes. They can be tools for additional vision, embedded computing devices and communication systems. The authors of the project predict a great future for their development and the possibility of application in various fields, among which, of course, medicine, including surgery, is in the first place. The lenses can also be used while driving, as well as in the entertainment industry.

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The novelty has already interested one of the departments of the US Department of Defense (DARPA) dealing with promising scientific projects. His interests are mainly related to improving the visual capabilities of army units. In addition, French autonomous smart lenses have attracted the attention of the global giant Microsoft, which is already ready to invest in the project. And this is quite expected, because the corporation has a contract with the army to create special augmented reality headsets.

The project engineers claim that almost all the main development components are ready. After their integration into the lenses, a series of tests of the device will begin, presumably in 2020.

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Author: Jake Pinkman