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What is fabbing? How to get rid of it?


Today everyone has a smartphone, even schoolchildren. A cell phone makes life easier: it allows you to always be in touch, download your favorite music from the Internet, watch interesting videos, etc.

But the constant distraction by gadgets is an alarming sign. A person becomes addicted to a smartphone. This habit is called fabbing .

Fabbing in the team

With constant "gatherings" in social networks or during correspondence in messengers, the real interlocutor fades into the background. He is practically ignored. And if such a situation occurs at a family dinner or in the company of friends, then the person who is distracted by the phone will make everyone angry.

Who is fabbed

Most often, young people are on the phone. Young people not only listen to music, but also simply leaf through Internet pages. And communication through social networks is mainly chosen by teenagers. Here they are "kings", they can freely express their thoughts, they are not afraid of anyone. But face-to-face communication is difficult, since you have to look the other person in the eye. And sometimes it is difficult to tell the truth in your eyes.

Why phone addiction occurs

The main reason is the fear of missing out on something important. Suddenly, a friend will post a new photo, and you will not have time to like it first.

Self-control is important. With the help of a smartphone, the boundless expanses of the Internet are opened. And sometimes there is not always enough willpower to turn off the gadget and do something useful. And if your interlocutor is on the phone all the time, then it is difficult for you to resist the temptation.

And yet, in women, addiction occurs faster than in men. And this is most likely due to the fact that a man perceives his gadget as a technique, and a woman uses a smartphone to communicate both in instant messengers and in social networks.

What awaits the fabber and his victim?

Dependence on a gadget negatively affects both the fabber itself and its victim.

There is a risk of impairing your eyesight (you have to look at the screen all the time), and the constant fear of missing a message in the mail or in instant messengers will certainly cause depression. There will be problems with friends. Fabber will be flipping through the news feed all the time, answering friends' questions dryly. Friends will soon stop inviting such a person to parties.

If a loved one is often distracted by the phone, then the interlocutor becomes jealous. There is a feeling of uselessness. Anger and resentment will not keep you waiting either. The interlocutor is visited by a feeling of awkwardness, disrespect for himself.

How to overcome addiction?

  • Dependency reduction

Are you going to the store for bread? Leave your mobile at home. Nothing urgent will happen on social media in this half hour.

In a circle of friends, do not pull your phone out of your pocket or bag unless absolutely necessary. And if you suddenly need to write a message to someone very urgently, apologize, explain the urgency of the case. Once the message has been sent, put your phone back in your bag.

  • Do not keep your mobile in sight

Are you going to have dinner? Don't take your "friend" into the kitchen. Do not surf the Internet before going to bed, otherwise you will not get enough sleep again. Leave your phone on the table (in your bag, in your outerwear pocket). Only answer calls.

  • Self Control

Check your mail in the morning and evening. The news feed on social networks also needs to be checked less often. At work, messengers are distracting, you can even get a comment from your boss. Then it's better to turn off the sound. No one will bother you, and in the evening sit quietly on the Internet.

  • Games

Is everyone staring at the screen with friends? So that you don't stand out from the crowd, suggest a game. Let everyone put their gadgets on the table. There will certainly be someone who will not stand it and grab his cell phone. Create a task for him: buy pizza for everyone, order tea, or just pay the entire bill.

  • Cheap phone

If you don't need to be in instant messengers all the time, switch to a simple phone for a while. You won't be able to surf the Internet with such a device.

  • Important questions only

Ask friends and colleagues to write to you only on business. This way you don't have to check your messages every half hour.

  • Unload your mobile

Some applications send push messages to the phone. It is better to uninstall such programs. Block for a while those sites to which you are constantly distracted. Do not connect to WI-FI in public places (transport, cafes).

  • Do something useful

Are you waiting for your bus? You don't have to while away the time with your smartphone. Observe nature, people passing by. You can still read the announcements.

  • Rest where there is no connection

When were you in the woods with your friends? It is unlikely that this was recently. If the weather is fine, pack your backpack and go hiking. In the forest, in the mountains, the connection is usually bad, so you won't be able to look into the social network.

  • Don't fill the void with the Internet

There are many interesting things in the world. Take up dancing, sign up for a master class, watch your favorite movie. If your life is full of pleasant surprises, then there will simply be no time for fabbing.

For any adult, a cell phone should become a means of communication, not a toy. You won't be able to completely abandon the gadget, but try not to devote too much time to it. Be healthy!

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Author: Jake Pinkman