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Deltarune Review - First Look at New Game From Toby Fox


Once a great nation of gamers flourished, it was in trouble, turmoil, but everything was fine. And then one day a wizard of computer code released a game so wonderful that it even more held all gamers in the world together. And high marks, fan arts and covers of Megolovania fell from all sides. And the wizard inscribed himself in the memorial of the great gamedov like Toby Fox by creating the game Undertale, and went into hibernation ...

But recently he woke up and unexpectedly rolled out a sequel to us in the form of a demo version of his new game Deltaerune. And today we will do a preview on Deltarune.

Once upon a time

More recently, Toby began to intrigue us on Twitter, and then, he just took this one and: "Guys, I created a beta there, download it for health." And so we got the long-awaited continuation, so far in the form of the first level of the game. But already a pretty good impression is being formed on it. In it, Toby showed us a character editor, a small intro, and a piece of the game, which we will call the first chapter.


In general, Deltarune has gone further than its predecessor and is trying to be a little more isometric RPG, only in the signature Undertale wrapper, but let's start in order.

Create your own body

Toby Fox himself, when he announced the beta, said that the game is even more of a poll. He had to introduce questions about the time of character creation, which for untrained players may seem as strange as possible. We are asked the question whether we are here, and in response, a familiar heart appears, which is our soul. Then we create a body for ourselves, choosing a head, torso and legs from several possible options.

Next, we answer some questions such as: What is your favorite food (I really got "pain" as an answer)? Blood type? What gift would you give yourself? And did we honestly answer ... All this is happening with strange music on a strange background. When everything ends (Surprise!), They thank us and inform us that we have created a defective body and cannot play with it, because no one in the world chooses how it will be born. Thank you.



The game is 60% likely to be a spin-off, but it can also be a prequel (we'll probably find out later) to the original, when people and monsters lived together. This is what we see in the intro. We get to know our heroine Chris, the daughter of our friend Toriel. We wake up when our mother is us and we go to school.

On the way, we will now and then meet already familiar characters. Undyne appears as a police officer, Alphys is our teacher, and my mother says that Azriel, who is in college, will have to come to us this weekend.

Deltarune game

In the classroom, our conversations are interrupted by a new character - the bully Susie, who came to class. We are assigned to her in a pair to create a scientific project. And besides, they send with her for chalk. After a small scuffle between the heroes in the corridor, we go after the chalk in the technical room and through it we suddenly find ourselves in another dimension. Our appearance changes and we start our journey.

Soon we meet the Dark Prince, who tells the legend of Rune Delt. That once light and darkness were in harmony, and then it was broken, a column of light burst out of the earth, and the rest of the world became the kingdom of darkness. And only three heroes who came from another world will be able to shut up the column of light ...


And in fact these heroes Suzie and I are. The third in our company is the prince himself, who introduces himself as Ralsel (by the way, the cutest character). Here's a mix in the game.


In general, the game does not differ from the previous one in terms of control, except that now we can run, and the HP bar has become larger and with numbers. The inventory remained in the same place, but it was not for nothing that I mentioned the RPG component at the beginning. The combat system has undergone changes. We now see all three characters during combat.

Yes, we are fighting three characters at the same time, each of which represents its own specific class. Chris can be compared to the war class, Suzie to the great barbarian, and Ralzel to the magician. We attack in turn, but in one move, that is, we prescribe attacks, and we strike all together. By the way, now you don't even have to hit, but put a block while the enemy is walking. The field with the heart has not disappeared and appears when we are defending ourselves. Each character has its own skills, as well as equipment that can be found in the future.

Deltarune game

There is also an opportunity to avoid killing, and taught by the bitter experience of the past part, only he used it. It became easier to use it, for example, having calmed the enemy down, you had to wait for another attack to let him go. Now one character can knock out pacification, and release the other in one turn

In general, the gameplay pleases and the fights, although they have become different, are no worse.

Game appearance

What we especially love Toby for is the visuals and the music. Everything, as in Undertale, is excellent and very pleasing to the eyes and ears. Signature soundtracks remained in place. And our review of Deltarun has no complaints about them yet. Unless you want to see, something more in the future.

Deltarune review


So far, the game looks very promising, and besides, it leaves a huge question mark at the end of the first part, that's serious, it's simple, it's huge and the chapter is worth going through for this. But all the same, there are a couple of questions to the game such as: what is it all the same? - remains. For I don’t know why, but I can’t perceive the already familiar characters in a different role, if this is a spin-off. Again, this is only one chapter. Here's a review on Deltarune.

In any case, so far, the game pulls 5 out of 5. Metatrons.

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