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How did sex in The Witcher evolve from “sleeping with everyone” to being in a serious relationship?


When I first played the original The Witcher in 2015, it was dated by modern standards. Compared to The Witcher 3, the first game is a relic of the past, with less detailed character models, not the best interface, and an interesting but strange combat system. Also, compared to the third part, there was specific sex. PC Gamer grinds bones for sex in The Witcher.

From Rivia. Geralt of Rivia

I would call Geralt James Bond from the fantasy world. Very often, in between battles, he does not mind spending time with this or that woman. The witcher makes no effort to please the ladies. After sex with each woman in the game, we receive a special card that depicts our partner at the moment when she undresses.

My biggest failure in The Witcher was that I could not collect all these cards because I could not protect Spring Hood in bed [more precisely, in the hayloft]. She died during an escort quest in one of the first locations. If I could save her, she would invite Geralt to a picnic at an old mill nearby. But, alas, poor Vesna was killed by the Barghests, and my Geralt could not get to know her better.


The affairs in the first Witcher are mostly short and mercantile, as in the case of Spring, although she is one of the lucky ones who was awarded a name, not a simple noun. In the game, most of Geralt's sex partners want something from him before they agree to see his third sword. Some "peasant" or "gossip" and a couple of other girls just want gifts, for example, flowers or a ring. Sex workers, of course, want money. There are also plot characters with more serious requests. Princess Adda wants katoblepas steak, and the Night Queen is just glad you didn't kill her.

For my part, it's hard not to start trying to collect all these cards. And while at their core, they turn every woman into some kind of collectible, but as a player I can't deny that like any other game where there are collectibles, I really like digging into the wiki to make sure that I complete every quest properly, and I will receive the coveted card. I don't want to repeat the mistake I made with Spring, so I made sure that when it came time to meet another woman named Rosalind Punker, I would complete the quest to sleep with her.


The Witcher can have a serious affair with Shani or Triss Merigold. Since they are important characters in the plot, the two of them even have small 3D videos that are shown to us before we are given a new card. Despite the importance of Triss and Shani, they still feel more like collectibles than characters.


The abrupt transition between The Witcher and The Witcher 3, with its handsome character models, voice acting and bed scene dynamics, isn't the only major change. The Witcher has evolved, and the women in the game have gone from vending machines that dispense pin-ups as rewards to full-fledged characters with backstories, love scenes, and romantic dramas.


In The Witcher 2, developers have taken a strong but cautious step towards the romantic epic of The Wild Hunt. Geralt's affairs are still mostly focused on agreements, like do it and get it. So, in Act 2 I was thanked for saving the succubus, it seems, in the only currency that succubus have.


The real novel in Killer of Kings is about Triss. There is even one naughty sex scene in an underground bath in the game. In the second game, an attempt is made to put Geralt's relationship with the red-haired sorceress above the rest, although it's hard to believe the meaning of this relationship when you can twist intrigues behind her back. And then, all these intrigues do not mean anything.

The Witcher 3's sex and sexual motivations are much more mature than in past games. Mature, not only in the sense that there is much more nudity, but also because they are more emotionally mature. This does not mean that Geralt refused to cheat. Not at all. He can still enjoy the company of women in brothels. Even his reunion with Shani in Hearts of Stone allows you to sleep with her in the boat. Despite this, the Wild Hunt's approach to sex is almost entirely female-oriented, with whom Geralt has a lot in common. He knows Shani, Keira, Triss and Yennefer well - even outside the bedroom.


Sex in The Witcher 3 has become hotter, but it rethinks Geralt's sexual relations, adding to them, sorry for the tautology, meaningfulness. Even characters that Geralt only meets once, Yutta Ahn Dimun or Madame Sasha - they all have motivations.

For example, Madame Sasha, with whom we had a single connection. After meeting at the Gwent tournament and conspiring to steal the prize money, it turns out that Sasha is Nilfgaard's spy. Gold is her ticket home, and Geralt is her handy tool for purchasing it. After a successful robbery, Sasha invites Geralt upstairs. By morning, the only thing left of her is a note with the truth.


In the first The Witcher, Geralt's mistresses are just decorations. They have only one purpose - to be used ... Morenna is given to Geralt after he gives her a wolf skin. The Queen of the Night jumps into bed with the one who thought to kill her or not, after he decided not to. Geralt meets Rosalind Pankiera, trying to stand up for Lutiac, taking his lute, and ultimately enjoys sex with her after a short conversation.


It's all a matter of proportions. In The Wild Hunt, Geralt still has many casual sexual encounters, along with his relationship with Yennefer or Triss. Unlike the first game, each of these women has a target that the player can see. They almost always fight next to Geralt and have some meaning for the plot, and not like in the first game they are waiting for a gift to sleep with the witcher. The Wild Hunt, which makes Geralt's partners equal or close to him, is the most important romantic change as the series matures.


I love the simplicity and conciseness of the romantic cards in the first game, and I won't deny that. But I see such a big increase in Geralt's sexual encounters in Wild Hunt. Without changing the character of Geralt at all - he is still an absolutely fantasy James Bond - "The Wild Hunt" tells stories about people. They are warriors, spies, gang leaders and sorcerers with their own problems who accidentally intersect with Geralt at moments convenient for debauchery. Well, let's face it, Wild Hunt looks sexy thanks to its big budget and new technology. Everyone wins.

But even so, these sexual encounters have drawbacks. Read more about them in the material about sex in games.

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