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7 non-obvious alternate endings in games


All of you probably know about the alternative ending in Far Cry 4, when waiting for Pagan Min in the dining room, you can avoid all the violence that you would create in the game. Alternative endings in games differ from secret ones in that the latter are more difficult to find and are often comical or non-canon. We will talk about such alternative endings that make you look at the game from a different angle, but few people know about their presence, since they are less obvious.


It's funny, but in many games, to get an alternate ending, you just need to stand and do nothing. Therefore, I will divide today's games into two groups. The first is where you need to stand and the second is where you need to do something.


Half Life

For me, the alternate ending of Half Life [to my shame] was something of the most subtle in the entire game. And I opened it only because I was distracted by a message on my phone and began to be inactive. As you probably know, at the end of the original Half Life we ride in a monorail carriage with the G-man. He tells us how great we are and how great we did in Zen's dimension. His superiors are very pleased with us and offer a job. Also, a mysterious recruiter hints that refusal will lead to a painful death and opens a portal into which you need to enter. It would seem that there is no choice, but it is. You can just stand and stare at G-Man in Freeman's style, after which he will close the portal and send you back to Zen to be torn apart by a monster. Freedom of choice.



Singularity has several alternative endings where you are presented with a choice. But the most interesting one is where everything is decided for you. And so, Borisov and Demichev are standing in front of you. Each of them persuades you to kill the other. This will give you either a good or a bad ending. Nobody forbids shooting two annoying old men at once. You don't have to kill them at all, and the skurt beater will turn around, throwing herself under the beam of the singularity.


And the ending: stop and do nothing. Before you have time to react, Demichev will pick up a revolver lying under your feet and shoot you, after which he will do the same with Borisov. Alas, we will not know what happened next.


Many were at one time disappointed by the ending of Firewatch with its ambiguity. Throughout the game, we are talking on our device with the mysterious Delilah, whom I named the local Dien from Twin Peaks. At the end of the game, we just get into the helicopter and fly away without meeting her, although it would seem we should have. But guess how you can prevent such an outcome? That's right, my brave gamer, when a rescue helicopter arrives to take you out of the fire, just stand still. In a few seconds, his pilot, realizing that something is wrong with you, will fly away, because people should not multiply without the instinct of self-preservation.


As a result, we will not meet Delala either and will simply die, but what a realism.

Take Action

Well, now let's move on to games where you have to do more than just stand.

Mass Effect 2

The alternative ending of Mass Effect 2, although not canon, is very impressive. As you probably know, by the end of the game we need to save as much of the team as possible and it is logical that you tried to save everyone. But if you lose absolutely the whole team except the Joker pilot, then a banal, simple, but significant thing will happen. When Shepard jumps into the Normandy in the final cutscene, there will be no one to give him a hand and he will fall, crashing to death.


After that, the Joker reports on the current situation. At the base, the Ghost says that this is not a big loss for humanity and he is confident that they will win without Shepard's team. The Joker leaves and symbolically stands in front of nine coffins.


Not that Inside itself had a pretty clear ending, but its alternate version is even more mysterious. If throughout the game we will destroy special spheres, we will be able to open the previously locked door in the bunker under the cornfield. Behind it you will find some strange control devices, as well as a power cable. If you pull it out, then the light in the bunker will turn off, and our main character will fall, as if he had disconnected from our control. Such a fault in the fourth wall.



I love Fallout for its variability in the passage. It was a surprise for me that I never completed the game for the real ending, but only for the alternative one. The first Fallout ends with the fact that after the army of the Creator is overthrown, at the entrance to the shelter we are met by the caretaker. He says that he cannot let us in, for we have changed too much in the wasteland. People, considering us a hero, will want to go and investigate it, but he cannot allow that. Then he turns around and leaves. However, if at the very beginning of the game you choose the Bloodbath ability [which I did no matter how many times I play the game], which makes the already brutal Fallout even more meaty, the Vault Dweller will take out a pistol and shoot the vault caretaker.


Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

In the sequel to Prince of Persia, we will be constantly pursued by the timekeeper Dahak, whose duty is to kill us. And all because we had to die, but were saved thanks to the machinations of time. In the final fight with Kayilina, if we kill her with the scorpion sword, Dahaka appears and takes her body with him. But if we find in the game all nine pedestals that increase health, we will get a sword of water, with which we can kill Dahak himself at the end, and with Kayilina we will sail into the sunset straight to the events of the third game. This ending is canon.



The recent DMC also has an alternative ending, which is also not obvious. At the very beginning, when we meet the demon Morrison, the situation is pretty dire. The heroes have to retreat, as he is very strong. Losing to him is perceived as something normal, which pushes the plot. But you can still try to piss him off. If successful, you will get an ending where something like: “Oh, how good it is that everything happened this way, otherwise we would all die here! Such a disaster was avoided, phew. ”


This was our top alternative endings in games.

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