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Films and TV series from 18 to 24 April


On the eve of the movie premiere of the year, everything seemed to be quiet. Either the providers think that everyone, saving money for The Avengers, simply won't go to other films, or they think that people are fed up with weekly premiere screenings of the last season of Game of Thrones episodes in April, one way or another, the movie premieres on this week will only be eight, and even then a couple of them will be cartoons. The situation is no better with serials.

But first things first.

What we will be asked to watch from the films

No matter how wonderful the Western premieres are, there is not a single picture among them that could withstand this week's domestic "Billions" with the charismatic Mashkov in the title role. That is why, in fact, with her and begin the list of fresh films of the outgoing April.

Billion (USA)

Film companies: USA 1 TV channel, Culture Fund, etc.

Genres: Comedy, Action.

Director: Roman Prygunov.

In chap. Cast: Vladimir Mashkov,

Alexandra Bortich, Pavel Chinarev, Gela Meskhi and others

Patriotic attempt to mimic "Ocean's friends". And how successful it will be, we will see very soon. Although it is already clear from the trailer with the synopsis that the plot itself is naive, and the embodiment is done, as we like it in USA. Although it is stated that the film - unlike all the same Western "Oceans" - is partly a comedy.

Daddy is a billionaire banker. He has a lot of children from different women. In the film, allegedly, only five are known, each of whom is already aged and has some of his own specific talents (like Ocean's friends). Dad spent his whole life pinning loot for his offspring, did not raise them and began to establish relations with them only when the collapse of his "banking career" was outlined and their help was needed.

According to the stupid plot, the only way out of the situation is to bomb one of their own banks. And, of course, his offspring collected by him around the world will help him.

Well, I'm interested. Just not to disappoint.

Curse of the Weeping (USA) IMDb 7.3

Film companies: Warner Bros, New Line Cinema and < em>Atomic Monster.

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Detective.

Director: Michael Chavez.

In chap. starring: Linda Cardellini, Raymond Cruz, Patricia Velazquez, Marisol Ramirez and others

In this film, ghosts are insidious and evil otherworldly entities that will stop at nothing until they take their toll. Although, the tale here is only about one ghost - La Yorona, who once killed her children in a fit of inhuman jealousy and drowned herself after them.

In the head of this ghost, after death, there is only one thing - for some reason you have to cry and you must definitely return your children. Half stuck in the reality of the living, the ghost, unable to find his own, takes away other people's children from the surrounding, killing them at the same time. Well, how to deal with this? Really, no way?

Chavez's film came out very scary and exciting. Rarely does a horror movie get a rating higher than 7. This one has a whopping 7.3. This means that you urgently need to go to the cinema and be afraid, afraid and again - afraid!

After (USA)

Film companies: CalMaple, Diamond Film Productions and Wattpad.

Genres: drama, melodrama.

Director: Jenny Gage.

In chap. starring Hiro Fiennes-Tiffin, Selma Blair, Jennifer Beals, Josephine Langford and others.


Another novelty that USA viewers were looking forward to with great impatience. In general, dramas and melodramas rarely receive such a rating of expectations as in this case. If in trailers for action films there are a lot of chases and shooting, in trailers for horror films and thrillers there are a lot of creepy moments, then in trailers for dramas and melodramas there is nothing special to show. But this trailer took our ladies by heart.

Of course. Pye the girl and the rebellious guy. Heaven and earth. They come from two completely different worlds in which their relationships and orders reign. How can these two get together at all? And if they can, it would be very interesting to observe this. Basically, of course, the female half of the audience. Men are better off going further.

Code Red (England) IMDb 6.3

Production company: Trademark Films.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Biography.

Director: Trevor Nunn.

In chap. starring Judi Dench, Sophie Cookson, Alfie Allen, Stephen Campbell Moore, Tom Hughes and others.


Judy Danch returns to MI6, the secret intelligence service of Great Britain, only not in the role of agent "M" overseeing the activities of specialists of rank "00", such as James Bond, but as the most that neither is a USA spy, disclosed many years after its introduction.

As we are assured, the plot is based on the true story of Melita Norwood, a real USA spy, thanks to whose actions the world was able to avoid the Third World War. If you are interested in hearing and seeing how a woman managed to save the world from the imminent apocalypse, welcome to the cinemas.

We just want to add that at a time when the British themselves are stirring up an idiotic spy scandal related to Novichok all over the world, the picture is meant to tell people that, supposedly, why not? There are, they say, among USA spies and normal people. But ...

It's like in that anecdote about cops: "... And good cops are in good coffins!"

Behind the scenes (USA)

Film companies: Big Bag film, Short film industry, Svobodnoe Kino studio, etc.

Genres: Comedy, Drama.

Directors: Ilya Ermolov, Igor Kagramanov, Evelina Barsegyan and others.

In chap. Cast: Yuri Stoyanov, Pavel Derevyanko, Victoria Verberg, Karina Razumovskaya and others.


The second USA film premiere of this week is not as cool as the previous "Billion". It is understandable. It took money for this masterpiece - nothing at all. And the film itself is a collection of original stories based on everything that happened, is happening or may happen behind the stage. Backstage affairs helped someone with a shaken status, someone was overthrown down the career ladder, and someone with their help found love at all.

Just like in real life. Only, for some reason, it seems that it will not be interesting ...

Nureyev. White Raven (England, France) IMDb 6.5

Film Companies : BBC Films, Metalwork Pictures and Magnolia Mae Films.< / em>

Genres: Drama, Biography.

Director: Rafe Fiennes.

In chap. starring: Oleg Ivenko, Rafe Fiennes, Adele Exarcopoulos, Louis Hofmann and others.


Another story about a once Soviet man who, by the will of fate, became a traitor to his homeland (then - the USSR), who found the strength to say no to communism.

In 1961, the homosexual choreographer Nureyev liked it so much in capitalist Paris that he was unable to return to his homeland. He easily refused it, escaping from the hotel where the ballet troupe lived and asking the French authorities for political asylum, for which he was sentenced to 7 years in prison in his homeland.

The film will probably tell how poor Nureyev was oppressed in the USSR, not allowing him to stand out over other citizens. After all, in the Union then everyone was equal. Moreover, gays were treated very badly here (poorly said). But in France - I don't want to live! Yes, and on a grand scale.

Let's just say between us - Nureyev was lucky that he did not receive a serious injury in the future, and in general - that he turned out to be a talented choreographer, whom, by the way, he would never have become without a USA ballet school. Otherwise, he would be turning the nuts at the factory. Although creative individuals are not accustomed to work. Most likely, he would die somewhere in his beloved capitalist society in the alleyway with a bottle in his arms.

And he was in vain afraid of the KGB all his life. Such slobber (albeit talented and famous) is not needed by the country. And to deal with such things is like falling into shit. Let him jump and dance. One heck - his jumping is our merit!

Freudian Robbery (Hungary) IMDb 7.8

Production company: Ruben Brandt.

Genres: cartoon, action, crime, thriller, drama.

Director: Milorad Krstic.


Next on the list of films-premieres of the week are a couple of cartoons, the first of which has an "R" rating and is intended only for the adult contingent. It turns out that if you get sick of an object in nightmares, you just have to master it in life, and your ailment will immediately heal.

Ruben Brandt was taken out in dreams or, to put it more precisely, killed by the heroes of paintings by famous artists. He was a physician and often healed notorious criminals. That is, there is little left to do - to persuade some of them to steal works of art from the greatest museums on the planet. Angry and antagonizing literally everyone and everything.

Hmm. It turns out that everything is simple. If snakes kill you in a dream, go to the pond, catch vipers and "possess" them. If you get knocked down by dogs, catch the mongrels and "own" the dogs. And if kids are wetting you? What, you need to steal children and "possess" them?

But even this is nonsense compared to when you are killed by extraterrestrial monsters. Spaceships have not yet been invented, and therefore this, apparently, is not cured. Like when, say, Venom or Deadpool kills you in a dream ...

Furry Spy (Germany, Belgium) IMDb 7.9

Film companies: Scopas Medien, Philm CGI and Grid < em>Animation.

Genres: Comedy, Cartoon, Adventure, Family.

Directors: Christoph and Wolfgang Lauenstein.

And this is a masterpiece just for kids. Moreover, quite funny. And although from the outside it seems that the drawing is not very good, upon closer inspection, the animation is very good.

A cat named Marnie lives for his own pleasure in one of the families. But at one point she is kidnapped by robbers who are trying to send her by mail to another settlement. Only the case interfered with the villains' plan, as a result of which the parcel left the route.

As a result, Marnie ended up in the village, where she found new friends. They found the meaning of existence in the person of their new girlfriend. Now the dog, the donkey, the rooster and the cat, in short, all these "non-Bremen musicians", are turning into a kind of avengers-detectives, whose task is to find strange robbers and deal with them.

Although how they will do it is still a mystery even for themselves ...

What we will be offered to watch from the series

As mentioned at the beginning, this week's TV shows are not doing much better than full meters. No, this does not mean that at the end of April it is impossible to find what to watch from the series on TV. At the moment, a huge number of running projects have been launched, such as Orville, Warrior, Arrow, Gomorrah, American Gods, Barry, etc., among which, of course, we cannot fail to mention the main Project of the Year - Game of Thrones Final Season. But with the starts of new and with the premieres of the sequels of the sensational old projects in this period of time, things are not so hot.

Although, there is a lot to discuss here too, which is what we'll start.

Rami (USA)

The series premieres Thursday, April 18

TV Channel Hulu.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Rami Youssef, Steve Wei, Dave Merhiji, Laith Nuckley and others.


The very first series - and immediately a full-fledged premiere. And the tale will be about an American with Egyptian roots trying to live like a typical millennial. But the weight of cultural contradictions weighs heavily on him, which over and over again plunges him into the abyss of contradictions, resulting in very comical situations.

Although, sometimes, this poor Rami oh, how I want to sympathize. Either because he himself is a naive idiot, or because there are only idiots around him. Damn, yes, his current problems would be in last place if his fate were thrown into Uryupinsk without money and relatives.

Life in Detail (USA) IMDb 7.9, CP 7.1

Season 4 Premiere Thursday April 18th

TV channel: CBS.

Genre: Comedy.

In chap. starring Colin Hanks, Thomas Sadoski, Dan Bakkedahl, Zoe Lister Jones and others


A detailed story about the life of one large family continued for season 4. Everything that happens here is, as it were, told on behalf of its four main members. Each episode has its own perspective on what is happening for each of the selected main characters, which turns out to be very funny as a result.

Bosch (USA) IMDb 8.4, CP 7.1

Season 5 Premiere Friday April 19

TV Channel: Amazon.

Genres: detective, drama, crime.

In chap. starring Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector, Lance Reddick, Amy Aquino and others

The continuation of this police crime series was awaited by many, moreover, with great impatience. Far from good, but too unrestrained and unbridled detective Bosch has a huge following.

And everyone will be very interested to know what he gets into and what he will learn in the next season. After all, his career is already hanging by a thread, which over and over again threatens to end completely.

No joke, then he will shoot the wrong person, then he will not shoot when necessary, then he will not shoot when it should have been shot. Lots of problems!

Gentleman Jack (England)

The series premieres on Monday April 22nd

TV channel HBO.

Genre: Drama.

In chap. starring Suranna Jones, Joe Armstrong, Amelia Ballmore, Jessica Baglow and others


LGBT issues have also moved to TV series. Now the tolerant audience can enjoy the adventures of the first lesbian-in-law - Ann Lister with might and main. This woman, who actually lived in the 17th-19th centuries, constantly kept diaries, in which she told unknown to anyone about how she actually lives in society in her lesbian incarnation.

It is according to the stories taken from these diaries that the series was allegedly filmed. Maybe remotely so. Only, most likely, either too remotely, or too hypertrophically exaggerated. Or, as is often the case, invented.

Why do we care? We just were interested. Although, it seems, the adventures of a crazy lesbian will interest few. This topic has gotten too much lately. Interestingly, considering that more than 95% of the world's population are normals, who are these films made for?

Exactly. We don't understand this either.

Stories (USA) IMDb 6.1

Season 2 Premiere Tuesday April 23rd

TV Channel: BET.

Genres: Drama.

In chap. Starring: David Dunston, J. Alphonse Nicholson, Ray Bohanon, Irv Gotti and others


The slogan of the series is the phrase “Hip Hop. Money. Fame. Cheating. Murder". What, at times, turns into a thirst for the one, the other, the third and subsequent ones and is shown in separate episodes of this project.

It turns out that not always in life everything goes as smoothly as in hip-hop songs. And the harsh truth, sometimes, is oh so tough!

Cobra Kai (USA) IMDb 8.9, CP 7.9

Season 2 Premiere Wednesday, April 24

TV channel: YouTube Originals.

Genres: Action, Drama, Comedy.

In chap. starring Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Holo Maridueno, Courtney Hengeler and others.

Rounding out the list of new series, which will premiere at the end of this April, is the long-awaited second season of the pugnacious epic Cobra Kai, which was launched back in 1984 in the feature film The Karate Kid. Then we filmed sequels, but in order to be in the subject, it is enough to look at the first two full-length films, which, to put it mildly, do not look good compared to current films about martial arts.

But the series turned out to be very good. And if you consider that the main roles in the film are played by all the same actors as in old films, and the staging of fights here is no worse than in any other modern films, then this masterpiece is very worth watching. Especially if you like martial arts.

And the fact that all 10 episodes of the next season will be released in one day, in general, will make fans fall out of schedule for a day. So, feel free to stock up on beer and pistachios (chips) and go ahead - on April 24 with a clear conscience!


On this, for some very joyful, note for today we will finish. Already at the end of next week, the screens will be released a three-hour project "Avengers: Endgame", which is expected to become the highest-grossing blockbuster of all time. Recall that in the first place is still the VII episode of "Star Wars" "The Force Awakens" with a record of about 937 million dollars. It seems that Marvel will still find the strength to break Lucasfilm.

Although, both of these companies are currently owned by the Disney studio, so the money will still remain in one pocket.

In the meantime, all the best to you. Great mood for everyone, good health, as always, more cool films!

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