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Top 20 best TV series about robots and artificial intelligence: 1 part


Since we have covered the full footage, in which robots and AI appear in the foreground, why not list the best TV shows on this topic. No sooner said than done. We present to your attention the first part of our top 20 best TV series about robots, rated by KinoPoisk.

In our list of TV shows, we did not include franchises in which robots and artificial intelligence appear in one episode out of twenty, that is, those where they are in third and fourth roles. Also, we warn you that in our top you should not look for cartoons or documentaries about robots, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our material is dedicated only to cinematic, art series, not in any way related to either animation or anime, or documentary.

And now that we have figured out everything, perhaps we can start. And the first on our list, of course, is the most sensational science fiction series of all times and peoples ...

1. Doctor Who (2005 - ...) 8.73

Let's not say that robots and artificial intelligence are in the first place in the most fantastic franchise. But, and not at the last. Rather, somewhere in the second or third, since the series about the eternal enemies of the Doctor - Cybermen and Daleks are the most spectacular and interesting.

Created by Kaled Davros, an inhabitant of the planet Skaro, robots for a long time could exist only within the confines of one city, and they could not even think about going beyond the limits of the local solar system. But their excessive belligerence and thirst for revenge on the Doctor made a miracle. Now these cunning robotic creatures roam the entire universe, which makes the Doctor bump into them every now and then, and in different time ranges.

The same can be said about cybermen. These cyborgs are believed to have quite human brains. Only the body is robotic. But this does not prevent their brains from constantly intriguing with all intelligent entities that inhabit our universe. The population of our planet did not escape the war with cybermen. And although a collision with them happened in the distant future, this did not prevent some of them from leaking through all sorts of temporary "corridors" to make brains for the Doctor and humanity at any time of any era. And it's also good that the Doctor keeps up with everywhere!

Someone may think of cool enemies, similar to robots, and Crying Angels, whose nature has not been fully disclosed. Often, the Great Mind, which is not much different from the original AI, stood in the way of the doctor. So, we can state with full responsibility that the endless Doctor Who franchise is certainly worthy of being in our top robot series.

2. Stargate SG-1 (1997-2007) 8.11

No matter how indignant, they say, Goa'ulda always go in the first place in the Stargate, the series in which the Replicators took part look both more interesting and spectacular.

Yes, of course, the Goa'ulds - hostile symbionts that inhabit the bodies of people and completely take control of their bodies, deserve the first place in the list of antagonists of the Stargate universe. As well as the aggressive religious faction of the ascended alterans - the Orai.


But the series, in which the Replicators appear, was much more interesting to watch. Especially when they "evolved" in their technical evolution to nanotechnology and could take forms of human bodies, indistinguishable from real people.

Even in the series "Stargate: Atlantis" (2004-2009) 8.12, in which, as you know, the main antagonists were Rafe, there was a place for these evil man-made creatures. And they were far from last in the list of reasons why earthlings "made legs" from the Pegasus galaxy.

And thank God that everything ended well.

3. World of the Wild West (2016 - ...) 08.08

This is a series in which robots really come first. The franchise is a kind of sequel to the 1973 feature film "Western World", directed by M. Crichton according to his own script.

Subsequently, three years later, the second film was shot, continuing the story of the first - "World of the Future" (1976), and then the television series "Beyond Westworld", completing the first film.

In 2016, JJ Abrams and Jonathan Nolan decided to resurrect the world of the future "Western World", and, judging by the rating, they did it pretty well. Over one hundred million dollars have already been invested in the series. And this, apparently, is not the limit.

Therefore, it will be very interesting to watch how the moneybags, arriving at a special amusement park, created like the settlements of the Wild West of the 1800s, kill the "robotic" population there.

Watching the rebellious robotic population of the park kill, right and left, the rich men who have come in large numbers for entertainment - and even more interesting!

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994) 8.07

Could not overshadow the theme of robots and cyborgs in the most famous space science fiction series "Star Trek". And if in the original series of the late 60s robots appear only in passing in several episodes, then already in The Next Generation they are almost the central highlight of the program.


The race of cyborgs called "Borg" is still that stick in the wheel, which can be fought more or less only with the help of the command of the legendary, lost in the 4th quadrant, "Voyager". And even then, apparently, not completely. So, Borg and in the series "Voyager" (1995-2001) 8.02 remain in the first places. They are partially encountered in the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (1993-1999) 7.71.

Yes, and the crew of the crew itself includes the famous and non-standard robot of the alien civilization Date. We promise it will be interesting.

5. I am not a robot (2017-2018) 8.00

Koreans are masters of not only producing Samsung smartphones and RAM modules. They are also masters of creating high-quality long-playing soap operas, which we usually call “dramas”.


Yes, this franchise is also a drama in which snot is smeared between a very interesting couple. He is a successful young man with a terrible allergy to touching any other human body. Yes, indeed, a very strange disease. Apparently, only Koreans can have this. She is the most natural humanoid robot genoid (that is, an android endowed with a female appearance) Angie-3, like two drops of water licked with one of the local girls - Cho Jia.

Only, in the end, it is not clear which of the girls really is who. At least - not clear for our main character.

The film looks very much like a rehash of our Soviet "Electronics". And although the plot, of course, is far from domestic, the main plot line with the substitution of a robot for a person and vice versa can still be traced. But the girls will be very interested.

6. Lexx: The Dark Zone (1996) 7.95

And here the spaceship itself acts as an intelligent robot, on board of which the heroes of the series suddenly appear.

The ship not only resembles some kind of intelligent living creature - an insect (remotely - a dragonfly without wings), but also a ship equipped with the most powerful type of weapon in the entire universe. And, of course, in strange and idiotic hands, this weapon may be the last thing the population of the galaxy will see. Therefore, this weapon is under a kind of patronage of the ship's artificial intelligence, and only he can judge how it can be used and who can be trusted to control it.

Yes, just isn't it a mistake to trust such a power of AI, which, moreover, over time also turned into a sentimental-romantic piece of iron out of mind. Subsequently, a year later, the series acquired a sequel: Lexx (1997 - 2002), only completely different faces appear in it.

Something remotely Lexx looks like "Stargate: Universe" (2009-2011) 7.87, where a lot of people also ended up on the abandoned ship of the ancients. Only that ship had less power, and he himself was not endowed with such an outstanding artificial intelligence. Although ... It is not clear what he was endowed with there, since the project was frozen immediately after the release of the 2nd season.

7. Battlestar Galaktika (2004-2009) 7.94

In this series, as well as in the previous one, robots are in the very first place. Well, perhaps, a little away from the people whom they decided to exterminate completely and irrevocably.

Here robots are called "Cylon". The Cylons set themselves the task of completely exterminating humanity, which for many years so successfully and shamelessly exploited them. The fact that humanity itself created them does not in any way move them. Now we ourselves have a mustache. We can create and repair ourselves, and whatever you want. So why, excuse me, do we need this humanity - a race of parasites who profit from someone else's labor?

Well, how come they all people and in all the worlds to bring down bundles. On the very first day of the uprising, the human space fleet was destroyed by more than 90 percent. There is only one more or less complete cruiser "Galaxy", which, having gathered around itself the ships of the survivors, is trying to dump away from the robots.

The pilot episodes of Battlestar Galaktika were released back in 2003. On KinoPoisk, they have a rating of 7.76 and, for some reason, are published separately from the main series. They are collected in a full-length television fiction, so everyone who is going to watch the series should watch it first, otherwise everything will not be clear. Then the spin-offs were filmed: "Battlestar Galactica: Blade" (2007) 7.19 and "Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome" (2012) 6.65, which also tell about the confrontation between humans and Cylon.

In general, the series was shot on a very large scale and interesting. Space battles are beyond praise!

8. In sight (2011-2016) 7.97

Everything here revolves around a mysterious artificial intelligence called "Machine", invented by the mysterious and cunning in all spheres of development (except martial arts) millionaire Finch.

His interesting and smart machine is so advanced that it can calculate everything and everyone for miles of everything and everything, making one hundred percent conclusions about what will happen in the near future. In particular, guided by the data that it easily collects from the global network, cameras, microphones, social networks, instant messengers, etc., the Machine is capable of predicting murders, like gaps in the Minority Report. But, everything has its "but".

Finch does not have, as already mentioned, the necessary physical data to prevent these murders. Therefore, he urgently needed to find someone who would meet all the criteria of a specialist who can cope with everything and everyone.

Such a specialist turns out to be the former CIA agent Reese, listed among the killed, who is currently out of tune with the psyche and wants to commit suicide. But Finch and his Machine re-awaken in the retired specialist a thirst for life. And, as they awaken, this is a must see!

9. The Adventures of Electronics (1979) 7.93

This Soviet film was not seen only by a person who did not live in the post-Soviet space.

The essence of the film is that one of the brilliant engineers and inventors of the Soviet era constructed a humanoid robot - Electronics, endowed with a self-learning AI, based on a photograph found in the magazine.


This photo captured one of the simple students of an ordinary high school in Moscow, Sergei Syroezhkin, with whom the robot who escaped from its creator meets. By agreement, Syroezhkin and the robot Elektronik change places. Now Elektronik goes to school, and Syroezhkin at this time rides a moped and beats his thumbs.

Only the lafa was not eternal. When the robot started to live for him and at home with his mom and dad, the poor kid, vegetating in the garage, nevertheless found the strength to say: "Enough"! Only it was, as usual, too late.

10. Knight Rider (1982 - 1986) 7.77

This series tells the story of former police officer Michael Knight and his AI-powered KITT car. Both of them work for a kind of organization called the Foundation for Law and Order.


Considering that the main character, who, by the way, is played by David Hasselhoff, is endowed with all the abilities of an elite special forces fighter, and his smart car is stuffed with so many bells and whistles, gadgets and other add-ons that James Bond will envy, then all the tasks that fall on their hard lot, they snap like nuts.

Although, sometimes, the main character had no, no, but to get on the beard, as well as his black Ferrari to change the oil and splash the gasoline ...


This concludes the first part of our top 20 best TV series about robots and artificial intelligence. A continuation in which, oddly enough, there will be films even more interesting and fresher than in the previous ten, we are waiting next week.

In the meantime, we say goodbye to you, we wish you more cool films and TV series and, of course, a great mood!

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