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New films and series. Premieres from 1 to 7 August


The Fast and the Furious spin-off: The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw will definitely be the master of the big screens this week, with The Preacher Season 4 premiere. But even despite the overwhelming competition from Dwayne Johnson's "Rock" and Jason State's "Carrier", distributors were not afraid to release eight more feature films, which we will talk about further in our today's material.

There will be new items among the series, but first we will see the poster of full meters.

Full-length premieres

It is clear that in parallel with such a blockbuster as "Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw", no one was going to rent expensive new items, there is too great a chance to burn out on a large scale. That is why on the screens these days there will be last year's and even the year before last films, the purchase of which cost a penny.

But you can also choose worthy ones among them. Although, we will start, nevertheless, with the new high-budget brainchild of Hollywood ...

Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw (USA, England)

Something this masterpiece vaguely resembles the well-known "hit" of the late 80s "Tango and Cash" with Sylvester Stallone and Kurt Russell in the lead roles. There, the main characters were also kind of opposites, and at first they disliked each other.

But as soon as a common threat loomed on the horizon, these two immediately rallied into one team, which helped them survive.

Everything is the same here. When the third force begins to threaten the safety of their families, Hobbs and Shaw push all previous differences into the background and now there is no one to hide from such a duo. As well as escaping retribution.

Correct. It is better not to threaten the relatives and friends of such cool guys. Loss of teeth will be the least that can happen to attackers who decide to do this.

Give Me Liberty (USA) IMDb 7.7

It is unclear why the distributors did not translate the title of the film into USA, although the meaning of the phrase is already clear. What did scriptwriters Alice Austin and our Kirill Mikhanovsky mean by "Freedom", who decided to firmly settle in Hollywood?


As it turned out, the freedom gained by the generation before last of USA emigrants who fled to America was to do what they want, when and where you want. But since, for the most part, they did not particularly like to work, and more and more they hunted for scams and other "free" activities, for which they would have been imprisoned in the USSR long ago, their life at first did not really develop. Because, as it turned out, there was no special development in this field either.

But on the whole, the current generation of past USA emigrants has grown up quite well. Although, the USA soul still lives in them, as shown in the film, which, by the way, was directed by the same naked Kiryukha Mikhanovsky.

How to launder a million (Canada) IMDb 7.20

The overseas film promenade continues with the comedy of Canadian filmmakers about how to wash a bunch of dough without harmful consequences, while keeping your head on your shoulders.


As it turned out, not all professors work abroad in their specialty. For example, Pierre-Paul Dau works as a courier. Nobody needs his philosophy, in which he is a specialist. But delivering parcels is a demanded business. True, they pay pennies for this.

But the young professor, like a crow in that fable, somehow accidentally got lucky. He witnessed a robbery, as a result of which everyone shot at each other, leaving only a couple of bags full of euros in this world.

Without thinking twice, Pierre-Paul hides them, and the police says that he has not seen anything, knows nothing. But not only the police are suspicious of the courier professor, but also the bandits. They also want to return the money. Complicating everything is that he does not understand at all in gang matters, and does not imagine how such a heap of money can be laundered without paleov.

Nothing, a new acquaintance of a prostitute and a new acquaintance of a former convict will still help him with this!

Beelzebub (Mexico) KP 5.3

Another last year's picture that came to our screens from the American continent. And this time it will focus on sectarians and how to fight them.


When one of the priests went crazy and took the path of sacrifice and satanism, he was quickly excommunicated from the church and pretended that this did not happen at all.

Yes, only the turned former clergyman did not calm down on this. With his "anti-sermons", he gathered around himself a bunch of Satan worshipers, and got down to business in earnest as the hour of the Antichrist's coming to our world was approaching. It is ridiculous, of course, to think that on the universal scale of infinity, Satan can be summoned only by splashing here and there on a fountain of blood from a couple of victims on an insignificant planet-grain called the Earth.

But the relatives of those whose children are kidnapped for the sake of bloody sacrifices and whose brains are turned in the wrong direction through satanic sermons, do not agree with this. For them, the entire universe collapses overnight.

The hero of the film is called upon to deal with all this satanic disorder. And everything would have been nothing, but everything for the Mexicans somehow came out blurry, crooked and unsightly.

Little Red Dress (England) IMDb 7.00

Now let's move to our continent. The next last year's picture, designed to create competition for the duet "Hobbs and Shaw", came to us from Foggy Albion. And it will talk about, as you probably already guessed, a little red killer dress.


Yes. Were already in our memory and killer cassettes, and killer diaries, and killer machines, killer dolls and even killer ships. What did not enter the objects around us, and what kind of demons did not turn out to be in them. Why not, after all, take off some of the clothing items.

And by the way, this won't be the first wardrobe item on our list today that will struggle to harm its owner and those around him.

The little red dress is very cool and desirable. Having dressed in it, even the stranger will look his best and will be able to charm anyone. But for everything in our life, as usual, you have to pay.

Takes a fee and a small red dress from its owners for its "services". And what payment will it charge them? Learn from the movie.

Despite its last year, the film is quite good. Just a glance will certainly do.

Welcome to Rome (Italy) IMD 6.40

And this is the masterpiece of the year before last, which was released on New Year's Eve 2018. And he came to us straight from sunny Italy.


Giovanni comes from "prosperous neighborhoods". He works in a successful firm as an analyst and everything would have been nothing in his life if he had not found out that his 13-year-old daughter Agnes had an affair with the scum from the peripheral dysfunctional quarters of Alessio.

What to do? Where to run? Of course to Mom Alessio. Which, by the way, is also not happy with the fact that her little boy chose his girlfriend from the "cute" correct dudes. And it would seem that influencing the course of events (that is, the developing daughter's romance) with its help would be as easy as shelling pears.

But everything turns out somehow crooked and not at all as he expected.

Deerskin (France) 6.90

The next piece of clothing "with character" turned out to be a jacket, made of deerskin and pushing its owner to things that, taking off the jacket, you will regret very much.

Everything here is almost the same as in the case of the "little red dress". For a very long time, the jacket made the brains of its new owner, until it finally turned the cuckoo for him, as a result of which he began to do all sorts of lewd practices that he would not have thought of earlier.

It is clear that this story cannot end well. It looks funny, though. Perky, such, black humor.

Guardians of Altai (USA)

Domestic filmmakers noted this week only with a documentary by Konstantin Serebryakov, telling about the difficult life of the peoples of the Altai Territory, who are doing their best to preserve not only their identity, but also their nature in the primordial state in which their ancestors once lived.


But what films do not shoot, but civilization is slowly but surely making its way into the most protected nooks and crannies. Not even an hour, nature reserves will turn into zoos, and there people will completely forget that animals once lived with them on the planet, and the forest grew not only in park zones of cities.

But so far everything is beautiful. Hopefully this will continue for as long as possible.

Ruslan and Lyudmila: Reboot (Ukraine) IMDb 6.20

A modern Ukrainian rehash of "Ruslan and Lyudmila" in the spirit of Hollywood computer-animated feature films. There are also cartoon villains, beauties fighting like ninja, and funny little animals - assistants of the main characters.


There is only that spirit of ease and cleanliness that is inherent in Western full-length cartoons. Everything is somehow fake, formulaic, pretentious, flat and too straightforward.

Although the kids might like it. There is still no cartoon alternative this week.

TV series premieres

This week will delight fans of TV serials with the restart of the once sensational series "Beverly Hills 90210". We are also waiting for the continuation of the "Preacher" from the AMC TV channel, and Syfy will warm us up with another new fantastic masterpiece. But let's be consistent and get acquainted with the premieres as they appear on TV screens.

We will be tomorrow (Syfy)

August 1, Thursday, series premiere

We already talked about this project in one of ourApril issues, but the premiere date was postponed to August. Apparently, Syfy is preparing something great. Well, we look forward to it.


We will talk about the Earth of the near future, in which our planet will stop rotating and will be turned to the Sun on one side. And all because of a trivial collision with a large meteorite.

How will people survive in such dire conditions? Let's wait for the premiere - we'll find out.

Dear White Men (Netflix) CP 6.6

Friday 2 August Season 3

Continuation of the "intolerant" series, which directly says so, they say that all of us, those who were born on American soil as black, in this country (meaning the democratic and most advanced USA in the world) are subhuman.


Of course, it's still not filmed the way it was in real life. But the theme of racial inequality, no, no, and it comes through in the series so that it hurts the eyes of some "especially tolerant". But this is far from the whole truth. And to find out the whole truth, you just need to be born black somewhere on the outskirts of New York.

There you will learn everything "from" and "to" about the tolerant equality of peoples and nationalities in North America.

Preacher (AMC) KP 7.5

August 4, Sunday, Season 4

The entity named Genesis, who has infiltrated the body of priest Jesse Caster, continues its "light-dark" deeds in this world.

If the entity wants, it can suddenly become among "its own" and be "on a par with God." But is she one of her own among "friends"? After all, half of Genesis is tainted by the unclean. Therefore, he is an unwanted person in both camps.

So he has to look for adventures in our world with the vampire and Caster's girlfriend in the company of his vampire. Where are all of them heading? Of course to God!

Just know the way to get there (sorry for the rhyme).

Beverly Hills 90210 (FOX)

August 7, Wednesday, series premiere

Since 1990, two projects of the same name of a similar type have already been released. The first one stretched out for as many as 10 seasons and was completed in 2000. Then he returned to the air in 2008 on the same FOX channel with a new cast of actors, this time having existed for 5 seasons.


And now, after almost 6 years of hiatus, FOX decided to make another restart. Only in the current project will the actors from the first project take part. Showrunners promise that it will be, as it were, a parody of the first series.

Well, his fans will probably be interested. We are not among them, but we will certainly be glad for them.


That's all, perhaps. Next week, Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood will be the main cash-picker. But we'll talk about this later, but for now ... As always, all the best to you and more worthwhile films and TV series!

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Author: Jake Pinkman