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Who is this super villain Thanos and why does he need the Infinity Stones?


The Mad Titan first appeared on comic pages in 1973. His birthplace was Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. This character is a member of the Eternal race.

He was born with a defective gene, so his skin is dense and has a purple tint, which makes him different from his relatives. Thanos was considered an outcast, not even loved by relatives, and as a child he was very lonely. This supervillain is much stronger than others, as he absorbed the energy of the cosmos with his body, which he could then control.


Young Thanos

In his youth, Thanos became carried away by nihilism, moved away from society, and then became a fan of Death, decided to devote his entire existence to her. In the comics, death is embodied physically in the form of the Lady of Death assuming different guises. The Mad Titan made sacrifices to her, one of which was his own mother. Thanos was constantly improving physically and mentally. He soon became the strongest living creature on his home planet, and he was called the Mad Titan.

In the end, the villain was banished from Titan and began a journey through the universe, gathering his army. After that, Thanos went back and killed almost all the Eternals. So he hoped to draw Death's attention to his person, and he succeeded.

And here in the center is love, but very strange

But the supervillain wants more - the love of Death itself. And for this he needs to find space artifacts with great power. With them, he will be able to destroy many worlds, sacrificing billions to his beloved. The supervillain found out about the Infinity Stones and became obsessed with finding them.


What are the stones of infinity?

These are artifacts of great power. You can do a lot with them.

Stone of Reality - Ether

It gives the owner the opportunity to change reality to his liking. Mad Titan, with just a snap of his fingers, can destroy half of the creatures that inhabit the universe. For example, if superheroes defeat him in battle, Thanos can use this stone and find himself in another reality, in which it was he who won.

Space Stone - Tesseract

He can create and close portals that connect points that are millions of miles distant from each other, and manipulate space. With its help, the villain can transfer whatever he wants and anywhere, even from the other end of the universe. Most likely, Thanos will use this stone to transport the fighting forces. In the comics, he turned an entire planet into a weapon in the battle of the cosmic gods.

Time Stone - Eye of Agamotto

It can be used to influence the course of time, move objects and living beings to the future or past. If this stone is connected with the Stone of Power, then you can stay in all times at the same time. Thanos can become any age, at will, even gain immortality. When the supervillain gains control over the present, past and future, he will become a mega monster that poses a threat to the universe.

Stone of Mind - Loki's staff (hereinafter the stone in Vision's forehead)

It enables its owner to control other living beings, manipulate them, control their minds and behavior, read minds. In the comics, this stone transformed the Mad Titan's outburst of rage into a wave of psionic energy that destroyed planets and stars.

Power Stone - Orb

Characterized by a large amount of energy, its owner, if he wants, can destroy the whole world. The stone multiplies all the strengths of the owner, so the supervillain will become even stronger. This stone enhances the other Infinity Stone on the gauntlet. For example, if Thanos combines this stone with a stone of mind, he can penetrate the minds of enemies, invade the mind of any living creature.


This stone has not yet appeared in the cinematic universe, but, according to some fans, it is in the eyes of the all-seeing guardian of the Bifrest rainbow bridge in Asgard Heimdall. According to other fans, Black Panther's unusual superpowers are caused by the use of this stone. The stone allows you to restore the souls of dead creatures to life. With the stone, Thanos will be able to bring many of the superhero's relatives back to life, and thus he can control them.

In the comics, the supervillain managed to collect all the stones a couple of times, put them in the Infinity Gauntlet and reshape the universe to his liking. But superheroes interfered with his plans.


Mad Titan died a couple of times and returned again. For the last time, the supervillain rethought his existence and decided for himself that he needed power over the universe more than the attention of Death.

Thanos practically did not act alone, he had his own minions, for example, the Black Order. These characters will appear in the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War. In the new comics, the Mad Titan found another object of adoration - Helu, the goddess of death. Perhaps it will be she who will become the love of his whole life, and Lady Death will remain out of work.

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