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Aladdin's first trailer, African Game of Thrones, new Charlie's Angels and other movie news from last week


The past week has been quite prolific in movie news. In our today's material, we find out: what kind of women's company will make up the new four "Charlie's Angels", how Will Smith looks in the role of Genie, what pictures from the world of "Game of Thrones" were thrown into the Internet by HBO, what will be the name of the new film about the terminator and much more. But first, a little about the sad.

The country says goodbye to People's Artist Sergey Yursky

On February 8, at the age of 84 in Moscow, Sergei Yursky, an actor who is mostly familiar to us from the feature film "The Golden Calf" (1968), in which he played the role of Ostap Bender, died.


The actor became ill even before the New Year, and since then he was constantly in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. We express our condolences to the family, loved ones and admirers of the actor's work.

How do you like the Genie as Will Smith?

On Sunday, the light finally saw how the new and improved Genie would look like Will Smith's turned blue movie.


Here is a teaser trailer, which was put up for viewing on the site dedicated to the upcoming movie "Aladdin" by Walt Disney Pictures as recently as Sunday.

The public reaction to this masterpiece of cinema was devastating. People immediately dubbed Will "Daddy Smurf." A huge number of fans agreed that a new and improved Genie came to us from Pandora, the planet on which the action in the movie "Avatar" took place.

But dear admirers and authors of idiotic comments did not take into account the only thing. While the classic full-length cartoon about the adventures of Aladdin was released in 1992, no one really knew about the Smurfs, Avatars and other blue-skinned stuff from the fantasy world. Therefore, rather, these are Smurfs and aliens from the "Navi" tribe should be called "Djinn-like", and not vice versa ...

We, for example, sprinkled from head to toe with blue Will Smith quite liked. Although, in our opinion, there is too much computer graphics in its appearance. In fact, only one face was left from the famous actor. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's wait for the movie. And then we will give our verdict to the fullest!

Game of Thrones: first promo photos of the final season

You shouldn't expect much information from such "photos". On them, basically, faces we already know - Tyrion, Jamie, Sansa and Arya, Cersei, Jon Snow and other company. Those who miss you can take a look.






It is reliably known that the actions of the final season will begin in Winterfell Castle, where Daenerys will appear with his army and the remaining two dragons. The main battle will unfold at the end of the 6-episode season. The united army of men will oppose the army of the dead, which, as everyone knows, by hook or by crook broke the wall and is now marching south.

For those who don't keep track of dates, we remind you that the premiere episode of season 8 will take place on HBO on April 14 this year. Also, we inform you that on the same date the first episode can be watched on Amediatek and KinoPoisk, if, of course, you have a subscription to them.

The rest will have to wait until the pirates record, rip, and post everything on their pirated online viewing services or torrents.

Aquaman has a spin-off

The film will be called "The Deep Ones" and will tell about the creatures that attacked Aquaman and his companion on the way to the place where the Golden Trident was hidden.


It is reliably known that earlier these monsters were inhabitants of Atlantis, but for some reason they were expelled from the underwater world and, in the future, mutated into such ugly, evil and impartial creatures.

The film will be shot in the horror genre, will be less expensive than Aquaman, but hopefully no less interesting. Looking forward to it.

Who will upgrade Escape from New York?

John Carpenter's 1981 upgrade was entrusted to the director of the sensational science fiction film Upgrade last year. Such a funny pun.


As we all remember, in the 1981 film, the role of Plisskin the Snake was played by the unsurpassed Kurt Russell. It is reliably known that Gerard Buttler, John Bernthal, Jeremy Renner and Charlie Hunnam have already auditioned for the role of the main character in the sequel. It is not yet known who the casting specialists decided to focus on. But it is known that the same Johnny Carpenter will be appointed the executive producer of the film.

So the upgrade master Lee Wannell will not be allowed to go too far. Although, there is hope that if these two find a common language, a unique masterpiece will be released.

The excitement around the new Avengers: Endgame teaser

As soon as the passions around "The Avengers" begin to subside, Marvel Studio immediately adds oil to the fire so that the embers of interest not only continue to smolder in the hearts of fans, but also flare up with renewed vigor. This is what the showrunners of the project tried to achieve by releasing another teaser for the film.

As can be seen from the teaser itself, it, like the previous trailer, is completely uninformative. All the same faces that have already set the teeth on edge, only in a new "package". But this does not prevent fans from looking at the footage to the holes, looking for some hints in them.

We hasten to reassure the fans. Despite the fact that trial screenings are already in full swing in America, and the timing of the film is even known (it will be 3 hours and will be the longest of all films in the series), the basics of the film's plot are kept in the strictest confidence. So let's calm down and just wait. Moreover, there is nothing left to wait until April 25th.

Guillermo del Toro and his "Scary Tales"

Everyone knows that Guillermo del Toro is not only a successful actor and director, but also a producer. And this time he decided to produce a powerful horror project called "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark." It will be something likeKing's "Kaleidoscope of Horrors",that is - a collection of "Tales from the Crypt", of which there will be three.

All three collections will be based on horror stories written by Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gummell. These are very creepy novellas that prove that Stephen King is not the only one who can write good horror films.

Well, let's see how Guillermo del Toro's team manages to deliver them.

Oscar without leading

Kevin Hart was originally invited to host the 91st Academy Awards. But after he saw the light on his Twitter unforeseen remarks about people of non-traditional sexual orientation, the specialists of the ABC TV channel were forced to remove the ardent homophobe from the ceremony.


And who was not invited to lead the ceremony only afterwards. Even Rock Dwayne Johnson made the shortlist. But all of them totally refused. Still, who wants to present themselves as another target for lovers of exposure and searches for rotten dirt.

And, as recently as last week, the ABC channel confirmed that, they say, yes, dear sirs, the ceremony will actually take place without a traditional presenter. But this will make it, supposedly, only more interesting.

Will definitely appreciate it.

New Shaft Trailer: Samuel L. Jackson and Superman at 70

The picture has already been shot and is undergoing post-production. The showrunners of the project promise to release it on the big screens on June 14, 2019. Last week, the official trailer for the film was released, which immediately scored sky-high views.

We are talking about a representative of the new generation of Shafts - John Shaft III, who works in the FBI as a cybersecurity specialist. But when he suddenly stumbles upon an insoluble and particularly difficult dilemma, he has to enlist the support of the old generation Shaft.

And, as you know, don't feed with bread, just let someone fix their brains.

What do Mel Gibson and Black Flies have in common?

The common thing is that he will play the main role in a drama with such an eerie title.


The novel of the same name was written by Shannon Burke. Ryan King wrote an adapted script. Gibson will play a seasoned ambulance specialist named Radkowski, who, along with a young and still inexperienced worker in this field, Cross (Tai Sheridan), will have to save people in a city where no one can ever feel completely safe.

Well, Medic Gibson hasn't played yet. Let's see.

Rambo 5, or I'm leaving, slamming the door especially

72-year-old old man Sylvester Stallone decided to put an end to his well-known franchise about the veteran of the Vietnam War, John Rambo. The trailer has not yet been released, and therefore we cannot say how convincing Grandpa will look in the role of the main thug of all times and peoples. But the light saw the pictures of the new Rambo family, in which the veteran lives and works on the ranch.


The film itself will, in its plot, resemble films written for old-men like Liam Neeson ("Hostage") and Mel Gibson ("Blood Father"). Here the girlfriend of the protagonist, still tormented by the terrible ghosts of the Vietnam War, is kidnapped by her daughter, whom Rambo will have to look for.

The name "Rambo: Last Blood" can say a lot. And including the fact that Rambo from this "task" of his alive may not return. But he will certainly destroy the gang that sells young girls. This is how to give it to drink.

Gotham prequel: going to be oh-oh-very hot!

Epix recently informed viewers that the series "Gotham" will acquire a prequel, in which the action will unfold not on the American continent, but in London in the 60s. The main character of the 10-episode franchise will be the still relatively young future Batman's assistant - the butler Alfred Pennyworth. He will be played by Jack Bannon, who will look like this on-screen.


Pennyworth, a retired special forces soldier, will have to grapple with distant relatives of Jack the Ripper himself. But not only they will annoy our gallant warrior. In London of those times, as in today's Gotham, it is full of all kinds of evil spirits. And the city itself looks a lot like Gotham since Batman.

We can only hope that the plot will not be reduced to the banal destruction of unkillable villains with superpowers, which already in "Gotham" began to become boring.

Although it is said that the series will be rated "R" and will be very creepy, hot and sexy at the same time. Let's look forward to it.

New set of "Angels" in the service of immortal Charlie

The full-length "re-sequel" of the series "Charlie's Angels" is promised to be released this fall. And although the filming process of the film has already been completed, there are just one or two photos of the future company on the network. But still, who will be part of the future girls-specialists?


Thanks to the twitter of the project director and part-time performer of the role of one of the Angels - Bosley Elizabeth Banks, we were able to see the full company of girls in full. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska are in the picture with her.

Here all the "Angels" do not work directly, in fact, for "Charlie", but work in a private security company. Such is the alignment. We can only hope that the security specialists from them will come out better than our home-grown PSCs ...

Black Panther and its African Game of Thrones

Michael B. Jordan, whom we know from the lead role in the movie "Black Panther", decided to produce an expensive project called "Dark Star" with his own money.


The picture will be based on the eponymous trilogy by Marlon James, the first book of which has already been published and is called "Black Leopard, Red Wolf". The story is about Tracker's tracker, hired to find the missing boy.

On his difficult path, all kinds of werewolves, giants, necromancers and other monster-like creatures that inhabit this fantasy reality will stick in his wheels. It is not clear why, but the future picture has already been dubbed the African "Game of Thrones".

I remember they also tried to call it “Wild West World”. It all ended badly. Hopefully B. Jordan's project will do better.

James Cameron: It was all wrong in 3, 4 and 5 Terminators!

So the creator of the first two parts of the franchise decided, and began to develop and shoot the sequel to the second part, which brought a bunch of "Oscars".


This is exactly whatNeil Blockump with Aliensdecided. He, too, agreed that everything that happened in 3 and 4 parts of the franchise, as well as in stupid spin-offs like Alien vs. Predator and the like, was complete nonsense. He created an excellent script for the sequel to the second film, which, for some reason, hacked to death Ridley Scott.

But Cameron has more money than Blockamp. And therefore no one decree to him. He is, as they say, "with a mustache." Therefore, in his film, we will again meet with Schwartz and Linda Hamilton. And finally, let's find out the truth about what happened next.

It is already known that the film will be titled "Terminator: Dark Fate" and will be released in late October 2019. Looking forward to it.

The Kingsman Universe is expanding forward and backward

While the filming of a direct sequel to the second part of the Kingsman: The Golden Circle franchise, in which Charles Dance, Daniel Bruelle and Rhys Ivans are already scheduled to take part, are planned for the near future, preparations for the filming of the prequel to the first film are in full swing.


The film will be directed by Matthew Vaughn (Big Jackpot, Lock, Stock, Two Barrels) and will star Gemma Arterton, Tom Hollander, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Matthew Goode. The film will be called "Kingsman: The Big Game" and will tell about the formation of the organization.

Looking forward.

Interesting trailers of the past week

In addition to another Avengers teaser and a shortened trailer for Aladdin, there are several more trailers released that week that deserve to be watched. In particular, this is a video for the horror film "Dark Light", in which an inconsolable mother tries to find her daughter, lost under mysterious circumstances.

Here, as usual, the police, instead of helping, only put a spoke in their wheels. But the mother, having escaped from custody, will figure it out herself. Well, or at least try.

Next in line to be shown is the trailer for the 1988 remake of Children's Games. In it, the spirit of a dead maniac infused a doll named Chucky, after which she began to kill everyone and everything, right and left.

There will be no mysticism. But there will be shifted brains of a technologically advanced toy, endowed with a kind of artificial intelligence.

Hmm. It is better not to buy "such" for children.

The third in the list is the video for the cartoon “UglyDolls. Dolls with character ", which reliably tells where the toys go that have not passed the check for marriage.

As you can see from the video, the cartoon came out of high quality, has a rating of "6+", and therefore it is quite possible to bring your children to it. And it will be interesting for ourselves to see what the figures from the Alibaba Pictures film studio have come up with.


On this cheerful note, perhaps, let's say goodbye. A new week is coming, which means there will be new interesting movie news, which we will surely sanctify in our next issue. In the meantime, all the best to you, happy week and, as always, more great movies and cool TV shows!

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