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Insider № 8.07: about two Samsung devices; HongMeng OS; about the new Apple logo


Another insider news release is devoted to information about three modifications of the Galaxy Watch Active 2 and information about the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note10. We will also tell you about the new logo of the US company and the possible appearance of the HongMeng OS operating system.

Samsung smartwatches will receive three kinds of models

Many users are eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphone. However, this is not all positive news from the Korean manufacturer's camp. It is expected that at the beginning of next month, the range of products of this company will be replenished with three models of smart watches Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.


This information appeared at the facilities of the SlashGear resource. According to him, an LTE version of smart watches and two modifications with Bluetooth will appear. Under Armor allegedly took part in the development of one of the latter. This modification comes with a special wristband and a six-month subscription to the MapMyRun service. It is also known that the cases of these modifications will have diameters of 40 and 44 mm.


Before that, there were leaks, according to which the Galaxy Watch Active 2 was equipped with cardiogram recording functionality. However, not all users will be able to use it due to the lack of certification from government regulators. No other additional software is available.

Galaxy Note 10 camera will be equipped with a new sensor

One of the famous Ice Universe insiders recently reported that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 smartphone will receive a camera similar to the one installed in the Galaxy S10 +. The only exception is one feature called exclusive.


Experts assume that the device will receive a triple module S5K2L4. Most likely a nuance of the Galaxy Note10 is the presence of a 3D ToF sensor.

It is also said that the Note10 will be the last gadget to be equipped with a 12-megapixel 1 / 2.55 "sensor with a pixel size of 1.4 micrometers.

The updated line of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note will be presented on August 7.

Apple will start using a new logo for its products

According to Macrumors, Apple may start using the multicolored logo that many users used to call rainbow logo. This information was kindly provided to this resource by one of the insiders, whose name is not mentioned.


Prior to that, between 1977 and 1998, the six-color logo was already used by the company. It was created by renowned designer Rob Yanov. This master was brought in by the founder of the company, Steve Jobs.

There were a variety of rumors about the multicolored logo of the enterprise, up to and including the support of the ideas of the LGBT community by its leadership. However, this image appeared long before sexual minorities chose the rainbow as their symbol.

The goals of the logo author were to create an emblem that would be modern, simple and recognizable. The result was an image of a bitten apple (to distinguish it from other fruits), where the colors symbolized the scope of the company. At that time, the PC display could only show six colors.


There are seven of them in the rainbow, so the associations of this plan are inappropriate. It is currently unknown which Apple products will receive the new logo. There are no comments on this yet.

HONOR TVs will receive a new operating system

Not so long ago, confirmation came from the HONOR camp that they were developing TVs. Almost immediately, insiders from China announced that Huawei's latest HongMeng operating system will be used in these products.


Resource Gizchina announced that HongMeng OS will be presented in the coming months. At this stage, she passes various tests. This data was indirectly confirmed by the head of the company in an interview with French journalists. He said the new "operating system" is capable of functioning in a number of enterprise devices, including routers, tablets, computers and even data centers.

Nothing is known about the announcement date of this product yet.

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