Insider # 7.11: Nokia smart TV; ColorOS 7; Harmony OS from HUAWEI; Intel Xe architecture (Topic)

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Insider # 7.11: Nokia smart TV; ColorOS 7; Harmony OS from HUAWEI; Intel Xe architecture


In the seventh issue of November Insider Data, we will tell you about some interesting events from the world of electronics. First, let's talk about the prospects of Nokia's smart TV. Then we will discuss the creation of the proprietary OPRO shell and the new HUAWEI operating system. At the end of the review, you will find information on the latest Intel GPUs.

Nokia Smart TV will run on Android 9

Mobile device manufacturers are trying their hand at developing televisions. Another such company is Nokia.

Finnish Nokia has entered into an agreement with the Indian firm Flipkart, which also specializes in electronics development, to manufacture smart TVs. Insiders said that the device will support intelligent technology, 4K. Its LED screen will be 50 inches or more.


To provide better control over contrast and black levels, the new line of TV receivers will be equipped with Intelligent Dimming technology. OS Android 9.0 was selected to manage all systems, with access to Google Play. Sound capabilities will be presented by the famous JBL brand speakers.

At the moment, nothing more is known about the technical equipment of the new item. It is highly likely to have HDR, Atmos and other smart features.

This news was commented on by a high-ranking representative of Nokia. He said his company was delighted to have entered into an agreement with the tech giant Flipkart. Together, they will unveil the first Nokia TV in India.

So far, nothing is known about the plans of the developers regarding the geography of deliveries of the smart TV, the sales of which will begin in India. Its announcement is scheduled for December this year. It is believed that the product will not be sold anywhere else except India.

ORRO will release new firmware soon

On November 20, a press conference of the ORRO company will take place in Beijing. It is already known for sure that it will feature a new proprietary shell of the company ColorOS 7.

In this regard, a teaser appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo, from which the internal name of the program became known. In the development circle, she received the nickname "Killer Whale".


In his interview, one of the creators of the firmware said why such a name was chosen. As you know, a killer whale is a killer whale. In nature, unlike sedentary and amorphous common whales, he is fast and impetuous. Thus, the creators of ColorOS 7 show that their creation combines lightness, power, wisdom and elegance.

Nothing was reported about the exact characteristics of the firmware. Insiders predict a significant change in the interface of the new program compared to the previous shell.

In any case, everyone will soon find out how much "Killer Whale" corresponds to the epithets it received from its creators.

HUAWEI will release its smartphone operating system next year

HUAWEI Senior Vice President Vincent Pan spoke with journalists the other day. In his interview, he said that next year the company will present a version of Harmony OS for smartphones.

The Vice President said that it will take six to nine months to adapt the program. In his opinion, the expectations for the company are now like a recession in development.


Recall that due to the trade war between the United States and China, HUAWEI came under sanctions. Their result was the refusal to cooperate with Google. With the departure of this giant, the Chinese have lost access to its services.

One of this year's flagships, the HUAWEI Mate 30 no longer supports Google services. This affected his commercial success. Therefore, the company's specialists began to develop their own operating system, which is designed for a wide range of products.

Which smartphones will receive Harmony OS support is not yet known. The date of its announcement was not disclosed.

Intel launches production of processors for supercomputers on new architecture

Intel's new GPU architecture was named Ponte Vecchio, after one of the bridges in Florence, Italy. It is assumed that chips of this type will function using the CXL interconnect.

In the future, all supercomputers will receive processors based on the new Intel Xe architecture. One of the company's events is scheduled for November 17. During it, representatives of the company will disclose information regarding the Aurora project and the graphics of Ponte Vecchio.


Intel Xe chipsets will feature increased cache size and high memory bandwidth. Ponte Vecchio processors adapt for double precision computing.

The segment has already been identified, in which new Intel products will most likely be in demand. These are resources that require high performance cloud computing. These at the present stage of development include, in addition to cloud systems, various gaming and learning computers, ultra mobile and mobile PCs, devices with AI.

From this it is clear that the manufacturer's new graphics will be in demand almost everywhere. This is one of the most promising developments of the company, which will surely become successful.

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