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Bounty Hunters in Fallout 76: Kill Anyone for a Good Price


Fallout 76 is getting more and more interesting every day. No, it's not that Besezda releases patches or additions. On the contrary, due to the catastrophic lack of content, players are constantly inventing entertainment for themselves. We recently wrote a piece describing how Fallout 76 fans entertain themselves. In it, we mentioned the EATT group - a community of cannibals who attack other players in order to eat them. This week, Polygon spoke to members of another equally interesting community called Fallout 76 Bounty Hunters.

Killing Team

Three armed men are standing near the camera. The prisoner inside her looks at them and hopes that they have come to help him. He has no idea what these people want from him, but he is ready to do anything not to be touched by them. For a second, it seems to him that they decided to spare him and open the cage, take him away.

The trio takes the poor man out into the yard. He sees two huge pointers that let him know what will happen next. He sits down in the electric chair in the center of the signage stage. One of the spectators waves goodbye to him, and the chair starts to work. The character is shaken as the sound of electricity echoes throughout the theater. Fourteen seconds later, his body falls from the chair to the ground.


The hunt is over. The Talon Company of Appalachia received 4,000 caps for this spectacle. Each such murder is recorded on the Twitter account of this company, as proof that they fulfilled the order, as well as to promote their movement and advertise it. The client needs to see the assassins work and understand that Talon take their business very seriously. Even if it takes a week or a month, Talon will still find and eliminate the target.

Murder Agency

Talon Company of Appalachia is named after a faction from Fallout 3. Its members spawned randomly on the map, and chased a player with high karma to eliminate it. In Fallout 76, Hunters are an illegal organization that puts caps above human life.

However, in reality, these are just players who keep finding more and more new ways to have fun. This group is the brainchild of a player named Christopher Wright. The idea to create a society of professional assassins in Fallout 76 came to him in January this year after he was kicked out of another thematic group dedicated to the Enclave.


“First of all, I appointed a reward for the guy who kicked me out of the last group,” said Wright. After that act of revenge, players began to pull themselves into the newly formed killer community, and its population reached 200. Anyone can join them, but completing an order is not so easy.

The hunter took the trail

The bounty hunter must find the victim himself - in most cases without any detailed information about its permanent location - and then complete the order with the selected weapon.

Fallout 76 multiplayer brings together 24 random players in one world, and the user cannot change the server at will. Having to join another person's game can be problematic since the hit man does not personally know his goals. However, Talon found a classic trick. Her name is a bribe.


They look through the lists of friends in search of their target, find informants with whom they exchange cool gear or weapons in exchange for information. Bribery is the best way to get to any server. One of the Talon members told Polygon that he once spent about 25 thousand caps until he got to his goal to kill and get several times less for it. The main thing is not money, but wagering.

It happens that killers contact their victims directly and pretend that they are vagrant traffickers. They send a message from the category: "Hi, I heard you were looking for good loot at an affordable price, let me in the game and you can see my goods."

Sometimes the victim is contacted on Facebook and asked to arrange a meeting in the game. However, this is a pretty creepy way, as players start stalking their victims in real life. It's funny [not really], but this is the way the vast majority of hunters use it.


Another way is to provoke the target with insults in order to get into the game. These methods do not always work, or rather, not immediately, and tracking a target can take from one week to a month.

When it comes to killing, most hunters use a shotgun, but some members of the Talon Company of Appalachia like to put on shows. Trisha Moon is one of those. She is part of the trio that staged the electric chair performance.

My favorite thing is to use mini-nuclear weapons on people and then watch their bodies fly away into the air, ”says Moon.

We dug on Reddit and found one of the hunters' victims, under the nickname S Wilcox, this is how he described his pursuit:

“They sent me messages on Xbox repeatedly asking for 1v1 and trying to confront me. I run a store and mostly just do agricultural materials. Now I'm at level 200+, and this player said that 5 thousand caps were assigned for me. Over the course of the week, I was chased by more than three different teams.


The first time one player came to my camp and broke the lock on one of my water purifiers, I mean the other three were unlocked. I took a weapon and went to kill them, but they were a little better than me. Okay. They decided to go to my camp. I just logged out quickly. They followed me to another server and tried to pick up my mutations to get me to start PvP with them. ”

They also made two more attempts, but after the third user just blocked them.

Cute little circle

What drives people to do this kind of thing? The culture of bounty hunters has developed thanks to the fact that other thematic communities function, like the same cannibals - common hobbies. When people start playing together, they get to know each other better and create such-their-own clubs of interest, but it is better to call them factions.

Faction wars bring big profits. The community now receives about one major reward per day for such orders.

“I've seen people often leave orders for gifters and trolls, and there are orders from players who are losing PVP and want revenge,” said Talon leader Timothy McGian. “Or my personal favorite is rewards for friends just to troll them.”


McGian says the largest amount paid for the bounty is 50,000 caps, and it was paid in exchange for someone who kept attacking another player's workshop.

The strangest task that a bounty hunter received is to kill another player's brahmin. Christopher Wright believes that someone appointed a bounty for the Brahmin only because his master built a large fortification to protect his pet.

“Getting to the Brahmin was not easy. He was locked behind a power door in someone's camp, ”Wright said.“ AJ Zapanta, who took over the job, says he had to bring the super mutant to the camp. And so our giant green friend destroyed the brahmin's safety net. So the hunter made his way inside, and the two-headed cow only took one shot to die. ”

The fact remains that Fallout 76 is the game with the most creative community. However, as we can see, the victims of this organization have a hard time. These are the harsh realities of gaming.

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