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AI-controlled cat shelter in China


China's largest search engine Baidu has unveiled its own mobile outdoor cat shelter project. The basis of his work is artificial intelligence, which helps to identify a living object and contact volunteer organizations if the animal needs help from people. The smart system is able to recognize the cat when it approaches the shelter, inside which it can warm up, eat and rest.

Baidu is geographically located in Beijing, where in winter the temperature can drop to minus values. According to statistics, a large percentage of street animals do not survive in the cold. For this reason, the company decided to approach the issue of rescuing four-legged with the use of modern technologies, based on its own developments in the field of AI.

The Shelter's Intelligent System identifies over 170 species of the feline. For this, a camera is placed at the entrance of the mobile room that can see objects not only during the day, but also at night, so that animals can get into a warm shelter with water and food at night.


In addition to recognizing feline representatives, the use of artificial intelligence is also used to detect common diseases. If the artificial intelligence system identifies a problem animal, it will contact the nearest volunteer organization that can help the four-legged via a mobile application. The shelter protection ensures that the doors close automatically as soon as the animal enters the premises. The security system prevents other species from entering, even if they turn out to be the size of a cat.

In the implementation of such a mobile shelter project, where artificial intelligence identifies animals by their faces, the most laborious task was how to make the animal look at the entrance camera. In the situation with the project of a shelter for feline representatives, the structure of the room has a rather miniature entrance, so the cat will collide with the camera anyway if it wants to get into the shelter.

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Author: Jake Pinkman