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“Exactly What You Expected to See” RDR 2 PC Experience


Finally, a year after the release of RDR 2 on PS4 and Xone, the game made its debut in PC e-commerce stores, including the new Rockstar Games launcher. And while the studio itself does not consider the port to be an achievement, many Western gaming media claim that there are many new things in it that we have not seen. We decided to analyze in detail the main impressions of RDR 2 on PC. But one thing is certain - this is exactly what we wanted to see.

New Old West

According to IGN, the main difference of the new version of RDR 2 for PC is the unlimited frame rate of 60+ FPS, which does not drop throughout the gameplay and support for resolutions up to 4K, along with HDR settings and multiple monitors.


“The PC version comes with enhanced volumetric lighting, which means lots of beautiful beams. Improved tessellation means more detailed terrain and extremely convincing dirt. The improved draw distance means you can see the sparkling lights of Saint Denis for miles at night. There are also small but nice details: you cast a longer shadow when the sun goes down, ”says PC Gamer. You can capture these details in the new Photo Mode, which is a great addition to a game tuned to create a cinematic feel. It has all the features you can expect.

You can move the camera up to 25 meters away from your character, tilt, zoom, pan, change focus and choose from many filters.


Photo mode is available from the pause menu by pressing F6. Similar to similar photography modes in games, such as Marvel's Spider Man, you are allowed to pause and adjust the photo settings during this time until you create your perfect image.

But for all this beauty, when we are able to literally feel that we can reach out to Arthur and wipe the detailed dirt from his face, ray tracing has not been introduced into the game and, according to the studio, it will not be added as a future update. The company decided to take the time to adapt the game as much as possible.

However, no one says that fans themselves can do more graphics improvements, because Rockstar has confirmed that their position on mods for a single player company is unequivocal - they do not consider them an infringement of intellectual property, so they are not against experimenting with their game.


If you are already wondering which colossus the game should run on, then you shouldn't worry if suddenly you've already started doing it. The game could be optimized for almost any system with 8 gigabytes of RAM, a processor not worse than Intel Core i5-2500K / AMD FX-6300 and a video card Nvidia GeForce GTX 770 2 GB / AMD Radeon R9 280 3 GB. The game weighs 150 gigabytes. However, a wide range of graphics customization features were added to the game, consisting of about 40 metrics, including separate level of detail settings for geometry and grass, but it also provides a coherent top-level slider between "quality" and "performance".


That's what we wanted

Now that the game is out, the studio has confirmed that such a weird release was their original plan. Therefore, they continued to develop it, adding different details, and it is they that amaze. Playing and exploring the world from a first person perspective with a mouse without limits is a completely new experience. For example, a PC Gamer journalist describes the following situation:

“After I was nearly hit by a tram, I wandered into the salon and ordered a whiskey. As I walked by, a wealthy clientele muttered comments about my appearance, and I suddenly remembered that I hadn't washed since my dirty fist fight in Valentine. Wherever I go, NPCs notice me, mumble "good afternoon" and warn me afterwards so that I will no longer cause trouble after a fight on the street. ”

The game will start with several add-ons. Most exciting is the addition of three new bounty hunting missions, one of which asks you to capture a man named Bart Cavanaugh, dead or alive, from his outlaw camp. There are a couple of new gang hideouts, new treasure maps, new weapons [some carried over to single player from Red Dead Online] and some great new horses.


As for Red Dead Online, it is present in the game at launch. However, there is no need to wait for a cross-platform game, and everyone will have to start all over again - unlike GTA Online, where it was possible to transfer existing characters from versions of PS4 or Xbox One.

On the other hand, the PC version of Red Dead Online has all the updates at the moment, including Frontier Pursuits. The online component will now receive updates on three platforms in the same way.


Basically, if you have already completed the game on one of the consoles and are thinking of buying the game on a PC, the developer says, you should understand that you will only be offered continuous 60 frames per second and the ability to install mods on your PCs.

To summarize, Rockstar did an amazing job of bringing their game to PC, leaving all the good stuff behind and polishing it up a lot, while also adapting the controls for PC. The gameplay changes significantly and it feels more alive. Well, all that remains is to start playing this masterpiece of last year and plunge into it headlong.

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Author: Jake Pinkman