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5 mobile games to help you better understand science


Psychologists and educators have long proven that any information is absorbed better in the game. That is why online libraries are updated daily with new entertainment applications. Most of it is designed for unpretentious leisure, but now we will talk about those that not only help pass the minute, but also benefit the brain.

Dragonbox Algebra: Math for the little ones

It may seem to you that there is no need to teach math to a preschooler, because all the work in a year or two will be done for you by school teachers. You are mistaken: the earlier the child begins to comprehend the mathematical basics, the better his logical thinking will be developed in the future.

This means that it will be easier for him to understand your arguments, and already at a young age he will amaze you with reasonable behavior. DragonBox Algebra is an educational game designed for children from 5 years old. It starts with simple logic puzzles in which the player must free one side of the screen from elements.

New rules are gradually being introduced and the process is becoming more complex. The game teaches an intuitive understanding of mathematical calculations and patterns, but this does not mean that you should stay away: 10 game chapters and 200 puzzles will give you a lot of reasons to talk with your child about logic. Operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and equation solving are presented.

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Touch Surgery: for the strong in spirit

This is an incredible application that allows users to feel like a surgeon and perform real operations right on the smartphone screen. The application was developed as a study guide for surgeons and students, but quickly attracted a wide audience.

If you are not a doctor, but just an inquisitive patient with strong nerves, you will learn a lot about anatomy, surgical instruments and procedures. Realistic 3D scenes will help you understand what it is like to hold a person's life in your hands.

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Little Alchemy: for those who want to understand how the world works

In early versions of Android, a game called Alchemy was extremely popular. Little Alchemy is something similar.

You also start with four elements (air, earth, water, fire) and combine them to create different phenomena and structures. There are many more items available for crafting than in the original Alchemy: there are over 500 of them, including French fries, a flashlight, the Internet, a meteor and a spaceship.

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Atomas: For Beginner Chemists

The universe originated from hydrogen atoms. That's where you start: combine them first into simple structures, then into more and more complex structures, until you get heavy elements like plutonium.

The playing field is your universe, and it strives for balance in everything. Be careful: if you create too many heavy elements, a black hole will form that will swallow your entire virtual world. Atomas is a kind of analogue of Alchemy, which will appeal to everyone who is curious about discoveries in the field of chemistry and physics, but does not have deep scientific knowledge.

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Current Flow: for those who know nothing about electrics

A working electrical circuit is what you get if you solve the puzzle correctly. Before you will be a set of hexagonal platforms, modules, power supplies and light bulbs.

The platforms can be rotated by changing the direction of the current. If there is a trap on the way, you will have to be smart to get around it. The game has a minimalistic design, has about a hundred levels and is accompanied by light relaxing music.

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