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Apple officially revealed the new iPhone 2019


At the next September presentation, Apple demonstrated its new products of different classes of devices. All of them are interesting in their own way, but the audience most of all expected the new 11th iPhone family of 2019, which, as usual, included the three newest smartphones. Each of them has become a replacement for one of last year's iPhones. So, the new iPhone 11 became the successor to the iPhone XR, and the predecessors of the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max models were last year's XS and XS Max smartphones.

Many characteristics of the 2019 line were known even before the official announcement, so no special surprises were expected from them. The iPhones, as mentioned many times earlier, are in many ways similar to the models of previous years, although they also have fundamentally new specifications.

Appearance first

In comparison with the families of previous years, the new iPhone distinguished itself by the configuration of modules with photo lenses. The sensors are located in a square compartment, although its borders are not so striking: the edges are not additionally highlighted, and the lines of the corners are smooth. In addition, the iPhones were given colors. So, an unusual version of a dark green smartphone was added to the classic black, white, silver and gold.


The most popular of the new iPhone 11 line is available in six colors . In addition to black and white, the smartphone is offered in red and yellow, and there are also options in purple and green. The Pro models are available in gray, gold, dark green and silver. The famous "apple" logo now adorns the back panel exactly in the middle.



All iPhones received updated camera capabilities. Among them, one can single out the main innovation - each of the three models has an additional ultra-wide-angle photomodule with viewing angles of 120 degrees. Thus, the new iPhone 2019 has three 12MP cameras. All of them support 4K / 60fps shooting.


Among other features, the presentation showed the Deep Fusion option. With its help, the camera of the new iPhones combines multiple frames into one for an optimal image with many details. Smartphones also received a night mode function. Similar to other competing smartphones, it also works by transforming a dark photo into a colorful, bright image.

The camera editor itself has been updated. So, its capabilities now allow you to view several images from each camera in one window and choose the best one. And to switch to video mode, you no longer need to switch - just press the photo button.


Apple has worked on the front camera as well. Its photosensor also has a resolution of 12 MP, and more people (more precisely, faces) can now fit in one frame. In addition, the new iPhones' selfie camera supports slow motion.

Technical specifications

The basis of all new products is the new A13 Bionic, which performs 1 trillion operations per second. Like the A12, the processor consists of a pair of high-performance and four energy-efficient cores. According to the manufacturer, all structural parts of the new processor interact more efficiently, increasing the overall power, performance and efficiency of the chip.


In terms of screens, the classic iPhone 11 features a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD. Older 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are equipped with OLED screens of 5.8 and 6.5 inches, respectively. Every iPhone in 2019 is IP68 rated.


Among other features, the new 2019 iPhone stands out with a redesigned Face ID technology, which now features faster speed while covering more angles at a greater distance. All three smartphones in comparison with their predecessors have increased the battery life: for the iPhone 11 it was supplemented by an hour, the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, according to the manufacturer, will work for 4-5 hours longer.

And, finally, no less interesting - prices. The cheapest way to buy a new iPhone will be no less than 60,000 rubles . We are talking about the iPhone 11 and its simplest assembly with 64 GB memory.


Other modifications of the smartphone are estimated at 65,000 rubles . (128 GB) and 74,000 rubles . (256 GB). iPhone 11 Pro in 64/256/512 GB assemblies is estimated at 90,000/104,000/122,000 rubles . respectively.

The premium iPhone 11 Pro Max with 512GB storage was the “winner” in price. Its cost will be 132,000 rubles. Modifications 64 and 256 GB are estimated at 100,000 and 114,000 rubles.

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