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Another type of gadget has been created - a tablet in the form of a scroll on sensors


For a long time, scientists at Queen's University in Canada have been working on the creation of an original device. It is touch sensitive and combines the features of a smartphone and a tablet. However, in fact, it is neither the one nor the other.

The developers were impressed by the ancient types of writing - scrolls. They were made of papyrus or parchment and had the ability to roll up into small roll-type cylinders.

The same property is endowed with their invention - MagicScroll. This "magic scroll" has a 7.5-inch touchscreen and a cylindrical body. Each end has a control wheel, the rotation of which allows you to quickly switch contacts on the screen.

To get more information or to perform a deeper dive, you can expand the screen to increase its area. It's flexible enough to work at 2K resolution. Like a mid-range smartphone.


Remember the ancient Egyptians?

According to scientists, the specified standard of the scroll is the most ergonomic when making telephone conversations. It adheres well to the user's face and is pleasant to the palm of the hand. When folded, the gadget can fit in your pocket. If it is not very small.

True, the creators agree with the opinion that the device is bulky. It resembles mobile phones in their early days.

MagicScroll has a built-in camera that allows it to be controlled with gestures. The functional additions don't end there.

The spinning wheels have robotic drives that allow the screen to rotate on its own when needed.


One of its creators, Roel Vertegaal, expressed his opinion on the design of the gadget. He noted that the design was inspired by the ancient scrolls and Rolodex systems. An expanded scroll allows you to get a more complete picture of the information available. This form of presentation ensures a better perception of charts and maps.

In addition, Roel Vertegaal noticed the following. Work on this device has proven that screens can take the form of anything. They don't have to be flat. The form can be different, it does not depend on matter and its structure.

The scientist also expressed his hope for the creation in the future of an analogue, but much smaller, similar to a fountain pen.

The inventors, for advertising purposes, have created a small presentation of their brainchild. The product will be on display at the next MobileHCI conference in Barcelona.

Despite the existing prototype, it is too early to talk about the start of the MagicScroll serial production. So far, none of the commercial structures have shown proper interest in the product.

Similar developments are currently being conducted by Samsung. However, its specialists are still far from the completion of the project. Experts agree that the device of this company will have a clamshell design. Its two flat screens, when opened, will form one. This will undoubtedly affect the resource of the product, since users will be forced to often open - close it.

The widespread use of "clamshell" is also questionable. They may be interesting to a narrow circle of people. However, due to the complexity of the design and inconvenience in handling, most gadget lovers will not buy such a device.

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Author: Jake Pinkman