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Analysis of the plot. Universe Bioshock. Part One: City in Heaven


Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite are unique games of their kind. These are representatives of smart shooters who try to convey the story in an indirect way. To fully understand what is happening in each of the games, you need to listen to audio diaries, look closely at every little detail and think sooooo much. We will analyze the action of the trilogy chronologically and put all the details on the shelves to figure out what Bioshock was about? And yes, the rating of the material is S, it is teeming with spoilers.

Quantum physics for dummies

Despite the fact that the first part of the game is about Jack and his arrival in Rapture, this is only the middle of the chronology. The opening events of the series start in the third part of Bioshock Infinite. We will start with it. But before that, gentlemen gamers and gamers, I will give you an excursion into quantum physics, which is so important for understanding what is happening. I will try not to get bored.

The events of the game are directly related to portals and movements to other realities. According to the theory of the multiverse, when you are faced with a choice, for example, to enter the red or blue door, grabbing the handle of the red door, somewhere a parallel universe is created where you have chosen the blue door. So there are billions of parallel realities, where events develop in their own way, depending on your choice.


You can move between these realities in two ways. The first is to open a portal from one reality to another. Returning to the door example, imagine that the rooms behind the doors are the same color as the doors. You are tired of the blue room, and by opening the portal, you seem to return from the blue room into the common corridor and enter another, red room. However, since you are transported to another reality [not back in time, but to another reality], you will meet a second self in the red room.

The second way is when you are too lazy to go back into the corridor, and you decide to break through the wall into the red room, and break it. Then the two realities merge into one, a new universe, the red and blue rooms turn green, and your versions from the two universes merge into one person. When merged, physical objects can behave strangely and be in a new reality in other places. But the most interesting thing happens with the memory of two people who merge into one - it mixes, and you have memories from two different realities. And if they are significantly different, then there is a possibility that the head will be a bobo, and as a result, you may have a nosebleed.

Worse, if you died in the reality into which you moved - you will be Schredenger's cat at the same time dead and alive, which can go crazy.

And the Messiah will build a city in heaven ...

And so, the plot of the Bioshock series begins long before the start of the game itself in 1890, when the talented scientist Rosalind Lutes finds a way to make the atom soar. This technology helps create flying objects of all sizes, whether it's a paper clip or a damn city. In the same year, in December, a major clash occurs between the US Army and the Native Indians. Instead of the planned disarmament of the Indian rebel army at the Wounded Knee River, there is a massacre. One of its members is Booker DeWitt.

Booker cannot accept the fact that he killed so many people and decides to leave the army in order to find a way to make amends. In 1891, he meets a preacher who invites him to be baptized and reborn, washing away all sins from himself. And then a split occurs. In a universe where Booker agreed to be baptized, he takes on a new name, Zachary Comstock. In the world where he refused, realizing that it is not so easy to fix his deeds - Booker goes to work at the Pinkerton detective agency in 1892. He meets his love, and after a while they have a child. Alas, during childbirth, Booker's beloved dies, which finally finishes DeWitt and he goes into a binge, quits his job and somehow cares for Anna - his daughter.


Comstock lives a righteous man and also finds a wife. In 1892, he was informed that he would become a prophet and build a flying city, and his child would cleanse the world of sinners. He learns about Rosalind Lutes's research and begins to fund them with a well-known industrialist and his friend Jerimiah Fink, planning to build a flying city.


Rosalind herself at this time is experimenting with moving between parallel realities, as a result of which she meets with her twin, Robert Lutes. It is not known exactly who Robert is, but most often he is perceived as the male version of Rosalind, from the universe where she was born a boy. There is also a version that this is her deceased twin brother, but she is far-fetched. And so - there are two of them.


They, looking into parallel realities, help Comstock predict future events, so he gains the title of an American prophet and with the financial and technical support of Jeremiah Fink and Rosalind's research, he begins to build a city in heaven that embodies the American dream of those times. The city, named Columbia, is taking a world tour as a symbol of America's greatness.

Lamb of Columbia

The Prophet wants to conceive a child, but it turns out that he is infertile due to the experiments of the Luteses. They offer him to buy a child from Booker DeWitt from a reality where he was not baptized and did not become Comstock. Given that Zachary was once Booker, genetically Anna is his daughter.


Robert takes Anna from Booker and carries her to the portal, at which time he realizes that this is not correct and pushes Lutes, trying to snatch his daughter from Comstock's hands on the other side of the portal. The portal closes and at this time Booker releases Anna from her hands, but she does not have time to go through it completely and cuts off a part of her little finger. But after that, Anna receives the strength to independently open portals and connect realities. In the future, to control this power, Rosalind builds a device called a siphon, which restrains the girl's powers. She is given a new name - Elizabeth, and is locked in a tower with a siphon.


Booker goes to the bottom and tries to displace these memories with alcohol, but he brands himself and carves the letters AD [Anna DeWitt] on his hand. Over time, he blocks the memories that he had a daughter at all and opens a private detective bureau.

When Lady Comstock gets a baby in her arms, she thinks that Zachary cheated on her with Rosalind and is going to get rid of the girl. Comstock cannot allow the alleged mother of the Lamb to abandon the child. He orchestrates her murder, and dumps the blame on Daisy Fitzroy, a servant in the Comstock house.


In 1901, during the Boxer Uprising in China, Comstock learns that American prisoners are being killed there, and Colombia attacks Beijing from heaven.

After this incident, the American government demands that he transfer his air fortress under the control of the authorities. Comstock, in the guise of a prophet, separates Colombia from America, and lifts the city high into heaven with all its residents.


Elizabeth grows, the Lutes predict to the false prophet that Booker will one day come for her. He begins to impose tales on his people about a false prophet [Booker], with an A.D mark on his hand, who will come to destroy their paradise. However, in 1909, the Lutesa twins realize that Elizabeth is too dangerous and want to get rid of her. Comstock finds out about this and orders an attempt on their lives. However, it failed, the killer planned to detonate the portal invention and kill the twins, but the Lutes did not die, but scattered across millions of dimensions. They can be simultaneously in any chosen time point or reality, but they cannot physically change it.

They hatch a revenge plan to destroy Comstock. Robert and Rosalind contact Booker DeWitt ...

Bring the girl and we are in the calculation

But not just Booker. They decide to collect all the Bookers from different realities, and send each one back to Elizabeth so that there is a better chance of completing the task. So they visit 122 realities and in 1912 in each of them they send Booker to Colombia! Why 122? There are so many realities where all circumstances more or less have developed in a similar way. Remember the scene with the coin and the Lutes? It is there that they count how many Bookers have arrived in Colombia. For them, Booker is not just a weapon of revenge, but also an amazing experiment.


Booker himself is mired in debt, so he thinks that the Luteses are one of his creditors. Remember, DeWitt doesn't remember who they are or that he had a daughter that he sold. The twins carry Booker to a boat that sails towards the lighthouse. In it, he sits in a capsule that takes him to the flying city. Like all newcomers to the city, Booker symbolically has to accept Baptism and be baptized.


Over time, he gives himself out as a false shepherd and they start hunting him. With a fight, Booker breaks through to Elizabeth's tower and saves her from there, escaping death from the clutches of a nightingale - the girl's guard. For Elizabeth to go with him, he is lying that he will take her to Paris [a city about which Elizabeth read a lot and wanted to visit there]. As we progress further through the story, we see the true face of a racist paradise.

The heroes are going to fly away from Colombia on an airship, which is controlled by the populists - an organization that fights against the racial oppression of Comstock. It is headed by Daisy Fitzroy [the same cleaning lady charged with the murder of Lady Comstock]. She promises to give up the airship if they bring her weapons for the uprising, which is produced by the Chinese Chen Lin.


Alas, he has already been tied for his connection with the revolutionaries and killed. Elizabeth finds a parallel universe where, because of her powerful wife, Chen Lin is not killed and she connects the two realities together. However, it turns out that here the equipment for creating weapons was confiscated, and the master himself went crazy, as he remembers his death in another world.


The heroes go to the police station to return the equipment, but it is too large to carry. Elizabeth decides to once again reconcile realities so that the equipment can move to Fitzroy. They succeeded, but it was only in this world that the populist revolution was led by the local Booker, trying to free Elizabeth, and died as a national hero. As a result, Fitzroy sees in our DeWitt an impostor and naturally does not give up the airship, inciting his people. Having fought back, we see Daisy going to shoot Jeremiah's little son Fink, but Elizabeth saves the child by killing the revolutionary ...


What happened after the heroes got the airship - we will analyze in the second part of the analysis of the plot of Bioshock infinite.

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Author: Jake Pinkman